Lady Gaga - Applause (VEVO Presents)


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    Lady Gaga performing Applause live at #VEVOartRave in Brooklyn, NY on Nov. 10, 2013.

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    1. Barbara Vanin

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    2. Matta

      She is a fuc*king GENIUS!!!!!!!!!!! I adore GAGA !!!!!!!!!!!

    3. Gerardo Velázquez

      She's crazy 😍🤩

    4. Daisy Jacobs

      Is that the chrome hearts look that bella wore to the met?

    5. Natalie


    6. Richard Morales

      She had a bump somewhere during an outfit change... lol

    7. SigmaKapa RL

      Ok that performance was produced by coke...not cola

    8. myshowandnotyours

      2:29 The person in the bottom left corner KNEW!!! they knew what was coming also #justiceforartpop

    9. Steve Ramirez

      It's this performance that tops it for me. The raw energy of everything going on,,,, May not have known it then but this truly was a performance of a lifetime. I too would like be to this lit. Iconic.

    10. Danilo Teixeira

      fuck, she has an amazing energy

    11. Julian Staal 5C Hedelyskolen

      It isnt Human!!! It’s impossible to change that Quick ( gypsy to applause) sorry for my english

    12. Bhad Bozo

      Bruh she did not want bro to touch her

    13. Skinny Legend

      thumbnail at 3:28

    14. Storytelling by

    15. plolololololoo

      4.058.234 visualizaciones

    16. K For V

      Aplause applause applause 👏🏻👏🏻

    17. Cléo sabino

      Caraca, que artista amo.

    18. Prince McQueen

      nobody: power rangers turbo trying to morph: 1:51

    19. Stephanie

      Is she wearing Chrome Hearts? Bella Hadid’s 2018 Met Gala dress looks very similar

    20. sara diana

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    21. D J

      No offense, but she looks drunk or on drugs here...

    22. UMICL

      Chromatica is her best album, but ARTPOP will always be my favorite. This era was just too iconic.

    23. NOPA ANOPA

      I play with is sound in gta5😄😆😂

    24. Leonardo Gama

      Whats dancer beside gaga in 0:26 ?

    25. Tony劉智樑


    26. Johni Baffle

      She looked like she was in ecstasy feeling the crowd hold her.. she even popped her foot up and closed her eyes as if she was in a meditative state lol. No wonder she got pissed at security for pulling her out. She wants to be an artist.

    27. Yo an

      ARTPOP isn’t a flop, we’re still here 6y later, supporting and listening to this album. Gaga has fans and a real community behind her, still love her ❤️

    28. Swiftie Foreverandever

      She lip synced at some points

    29. Michael Lawinsky


    30. SoundOFmusiK

      damn can we just hold on one second for this band, these are f*cking playing great!!

    31. fê

      a mior

    32. Melissa Fischer

      I can say it over and over Lady Gaga is a very smart and talented artist and knows this industry very well. The critics will always have something to fuss at. Her true fans are the ones that count and understand who she is.

    33. Donnie D

      Lady Gaga is the shit

    34. Amaury Chaparro Hernandez

      I really wish the original record would sound like this version

    35. Paweł Maksymiuk

      I love Lady Gaga

    36. Paweł Maksymiuk

      I Love It jaka

    37. Lisa Milliken

      Koons is my son's name in Ojibway and means "little bear" (we dropped the M which is kind of silent some dialects emphasize the Mah in Mkoons). It's just super cool for me to see my sons name up there with Gaga! Though I realize it's the sculptor's name. Still tickles me!

    38. SS TT


    39. Nicolás Ramírez Quiroz

      Katya never looked this good

    40. Miky Gaga


    41. Dra Quinzel

      Te adorooooo

    42. Kid73

      I thot she had a gun jesus christ

    43. Cassidy Yermal

      For us performers, there is nothing like the adrenaline rush of performing music for an audience. We live for the applause. I know it's wrong, but it feels so right when you're doing it.

    44. Joe Bermudez

      Art asf

    45. fabbgrat xcx

      the thumbnail looked like Sia went cuckoo 😭😭

    46. Marko Mendoza

      "get off my fucking stage!" I C Ở N I C

    47. gagapop

      that piano is...

    48. Sarah '93

      Who would be her ultimate collab.....that is the Q?

    49. PITTLUCONDE Conde


    50. Octopus Vulgarys

      Artista cristalzinho 🥰❤️

    51. Derill Troy Tacang

      What do you call when the performer was swimin to the crowd? That would still be epic, if the audience weren't taking a photo or video while enjoying the concert.

    52. robinfalcon

      This song deserves an official video!

    53. xX NoWay xX

      This is so wild guess I have a new favourite video😂😂

    54. Макс Земля

      Гагыдла лучшее снотворное! Усыпила,утомила...

    55. Gresly Aponte


    56. Terrell Skrine

      I hate the ARTPOP era. She was trying way to hard. Visually she was more artistic during The Fame and Born This Way era. I felt bad for her cuz it almost killed her music career. Forced her to dive into acting

    57. Jaemir Walker

      She honestly did good on art pop she was drunk on this but that’s what made it special she’s does things no one expects and people should’ve known that when artpop came out

    58. Sam C

      lmao what was she on here???

      1. Király Márk

        She was depressed.

    59. Diego Perez Granados

      Wey pensé que era la gagis y la britni britni Jajajaja lo juro

    60. Noelle Coleman

      Did Bella Hadid wear this dress after to the met gala???

    61. Kingyo_Dragon

      Her hair when they pulled the hat off 😂.

    62. 1618한윤서

      머리에 쓴거 목이 버섯같다..ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

    63. Daniel Stool

      En la miniatura del vídeo pensé que era La Gagis jajajaja

    64. tEa '


    65. Roiy Lopez

      Anybody from 2020?

    66. Ivan Amper

      The performance looks great but also it feels disturbing because of the lighting and gagas state during the time.

    67. tEa '

      ♡Love this♡

    68. Naruto Uzumaki

      3:26 Katon Gokakyu no jutsu

    69. Naruto Uzumaki

      You're actually on Non-Stop Radio FM Los Santos

    70. Darel Flores

      Lady Gaga and Nicki Minaj pls

    71. celliHRO

      A queen

    72. M64 Serrano

      Such a performer!!!!

    73. Des

      Was she high?

      1. mel's tea

        shes performing

      2. Hallo


    74. Ethan NO

      She is my mood omg.

    75. Silly World


    76. Amaranth

      And here I am thinking about Sia and Lady Gaga collab. I love the both artists.

    77. Ginko Mioda

      ¿Que hago viendo esto en la Chromatica Era? No sé

    78. Jerome Marquez

      OMG, I didn't expect her too yell at the security. O.O

    79. Duny

      Meu tio era um dos dançarinos aaaaaaaaaa

      1. Daniel Jerônimo da Silva


    80. o canal é meu eu eu posto o q eu quero

      Pensei que era a menina da sia

    81. Tianrun Li

      Gaga’s biggest flop is the greatest hit of other artists

    82. 이시현

      Omg she bear foots so cool

    83. M3 N!NN0

      Cara essa mulher é muito Loka.. amo ela!! S2

    84. ALICE


    85. Carltony PH

      Am lady gaga burn thno hahaahahaha

    86. Isaac Dibbens

      Lady Gaga is the only modern pop artist who is a committed musician. Her talent and energy is unmistakable

      1. Xx

        There’s a lot of committed musicians around the world but they probably will not have the chance to be known because they’re not singing in “English”

    87. Jhayro Salazar

      hermosa Gaga un sueño serie a ir concierto 🤣🤣🤣

    88. ayangjibrut

      it's so sad that we can't have a concert full of spectator like this anymore

      1. Hallo

        You mean of those filming zombies. huh

    89. j. nita

      Slay it Queen!

    90. Itsbestforyou

      The lightning on this show tho

    91. Kiamo Sky

      Her smile when she crowd dived

    92. Joseph

      I’ve watched this over 50 times

      1. Wellington Rodrigues

        Same lol


      Esa está más loca que mi abuela

    94. jonata Almeida

      i love you gaga #Ladygaga

    95. carmen ma

      This era is was one of my favorites, I don't get it why everyone say it's the worse, for me was amazing, every song of this album it's beautiful

    96. erickmojojojo

      From the thumbnails I thought it was Miley Cyrus

    97. Alexander p


    98. Ignacio Aguila

      Simplemente arte hecho musica

    99. Will Tusing

      Her 6 years ago is like 1 day ago...She will never fade