Lady Gaga - Always Remember Us This Way (from A Star Is Born) (Official Music Video)


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    Music video by Lady Gaga performing Always Remember Us This Way (From A Star Is Born Soundtrack). © 2018 Interscope Records

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    1. Jennifer O’Toole

      Love like THIS!! Is it only in movies?

    2. toa xk



      Everytime we say goodbye it hurts 😍

    4. Luciana Cangini

      La dedico al mio Amore ti amo tanto

    5. Kevin Derbas

      The best song ever!

    6. seawardbnd

      Watched the movie with my daughter. She told me that it was Lady Gaga. I had no idea. I had never heard any of her music. This song is beautiful.

    7. Ahmad Hadi

      This movie is thousand much better than titanic.. in there

    8. Luke Go

    9. Gagatloml

      i just love this song so deeply... this is the song that i discovered lady gaga, extremely incredible and beautiful artist who makes my life so much better, who makes me faithful about my future and myself. She is the only person who can make me smile even though i'm in a very hard situation... i'm so happy that i discovered this angel and i'm here now 🥺🥺🤍 it's so unbelievable sometimes...

    10. Willian Pereira

      Aqui está o comentário em português que você estava procurando 😌🤝.

    11. Eva Emanuella De Souza Santana

      I love this music!!!!

    12. Revolution wake up the new Lady gaga and her songs

    13. Marta Duda


    14. Cristian Repetto

      Tendrías que grabar mas temas así con el piano o con una banda y no tanto shows estrafalarios que prácticamente no se puede disfrutar tu vos.-

    15. Frank Mosterd

      The part of me thats you will never die!

    16. Lucas Junior

      Gaga é tão Incrível

    17. bledi xhaferi

      I cant believe this song has only 252 milion views. This is the best song ever gaga have done.

    18. Alexei NoName

      Мне нравится, что у Леди Гага внешность такая, какая есть. Она не похожа на барби. Эти чувства такие живые,такие натуральные.

    19. dolon roy

      Why this song has only 252😑 insane

    20. Jaydee Kollwitz

      She's beautifully talented and so genuine not to mention stunning!!!! Love Lady Gaga

    21. Teru terubutzu

      I really love this song..the meaning so deep to the heart..tq for maked this song..

    22. annarita vaira

      Sei un fenomeno della natura 😍😍 Hai una voce straordinaria 💯💯💞😘😘🇮🇹

    23. Syifa K

      Why did you send me this song ka henz :( i miss you so much. I can't finish the movie cuz you're all i think about along the movie and that make me sad cuz you're no longer here bubu :') muddanika

    24. Gurpreet Kaur

      Lady Gaga is the best female singer in the whole wide world, no matter what. Her voice is so beautiful. I love her

    25. Sc Barbour

      I like the songs that she song on this movie it was a good movie

    26. Leila Castro

      Fantástico 👏

    27. Jesus Villanueva

      The best song

    28. Pedro Granzer



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    30. Baking N’ Cooking

      I can't still move on in this Movie :( it always makes me Cry ... I hate the Ending😭😭😭

    31. Steve Desjardins

      Who is the man in that relationship?

    32. Noe Tartara

      Y love you❤️Pali

    33. Lucas Corbitt

      Damn she can sing. Sexy AF too

    34. Paul Airkin

      I will always remember you this way s.k 😊

    35. Lygia Montano-Pereira

      She's Amazing. Love her

    36. My MNBrian Jonas

      Tonight's I'll always remember us on Christmas Eve day I'll never forget you Nate I love you Nate I'll always carry A torch for you 🇺🇸😎😎😎

    37. Suzanne Pauw


    38. Jasen Dees

      She is amazing an that was a really truly amazing movie for sure

    39. Tiago Pereira


    40. throi padilla

      I wish Lady Gaga found a guy truly for her and make their own Family ❤❤🇵🇭

    41. Rui Ribeiro

      Vou era a Yasmin Ryder e o ü Yuki a tua u iugoslavos York te ver ó eu fiz í urbanos e o mano vou ai te viu e o Yan u. ue vc Yan Lopes York, í yuyiiy iiyyi ü manos de u iugoslavos York te viu o que quiseres itu ti-ti-ti a tatu a menina í Rui jessica alba u te fiz ü manos uiuiu e que tem trás terreno t uiuiu ui que te viu o t a menina Yan urubu tu que sabes o

    42. Anthony vv

      Such a desert vibe I love it so much

    43. Zohming sanga

      That's me, Everytime we say goodbye baby it's hurts... 💔💘

    44. Martin Harcarik

      Top top top👌👌👌

    45. Jayne Oliveira


    46. Viling Chu

      why can't i like it more than once 😂

    47. Jbf53176

      I don't give a damn about the movie. This song is absolutely amazing... Beautiful...

    48. Márcia ms love

      Lady gaga, I Love you and your songs 👍🤗🌹

    49. Antônio Júnior

      this film started in music and ended in music, showing that music is immortal. I will always remember this movie, because it was the first one I watched alone, just with my company and it was amazing ❤️

    50. ALVIN仔

      This song is my favourite on the soundtrack....maybe even among all of her songs, this mean so much to me the song is so related

    51. sofi.

      a favorita dos caminhoneiros

    52. Denilson Queiroz


    53. Poppy Gumbrell

      I’m addicted to this song and shallow

      1. Joshua Tochhawng

        me three

      2. Horacio Gonzalez

        Me to 🥺🥺

    54. Preety Nirvana

      Lady gaga most underrated and most talented.. and most controversial too.. love her..

    55. Sandy Tan

      This song evokes so much feeling, every single time. She is amazing!

    56. Rui Ribeiro

      Conhecer gente conversa com o

    57. Jacqueline Martin

      I SO love her stage presence!! ❤️ And her voice is So Amazing!!? Beautiful song~

    58. Murat Öztürk

      Until this movie Miss Gaga was no one but a Madonna wannabe for me, I saw a mature and a sensitive part of her in A Star Is Born and Iiked it.

      1. Murat Öztürk

        @Mik Mak 😏👍

      2. Mik Mak

        Madonna can’t sing 😂

    59. Vicky Choi

      너무 좋아 ...

    60. Senti Mental

      You will know if the song is good if you read a comments written 1 day ago.

    61. lynchryche567

      When i heard this for the first time, i wept.

    62. jontesjoe

      Harley Breakout that Bradley guy has really good taste!

    63. Jen Pilette

      Im IN LOVE with @LadyGaGa and @BradleyCooper 😍 they're the most perfect people on this planet and I believe god made them for each other.

    64. LunaLondon

      One of the few new songs I really like!

    65. Rob Roar

      Cryyy ❤️

    66. Loving Rhyss

      I subscribe to this channel because of this song....


      son pocas las actrices que me sorprenden , pero ella me dejo sorprendido y me llego al corazon.

    68. Angélique Pleiades

      Heloo good morning Lady Gaga!!! Very good song from very much talent of you!!!

    69. stanislaw oliveira

      Ce ta doido a melhor musica..

    70. Haryanto Tomy

      Dear everyone that's reading this, we don't know each other but i wish you all the best in life and happiness.❤️

      1. Marilyn Russell


      2. Napat K

        Thank you :-) I hope you will always be fine❤️

      3. Gagatloml

        i wish you the best too! take care of yourself ♡

    71. Dark_Kane

      love you :)

    72. anbil vinoth

      bad guy billie eilish

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    74. cheyenne frohjist

      taliesin and evitel

    75. Frank Mosterd

      The part of me thats you will never die!

      1. Horacio Gonzalez

        LEYEND 🙌

    76. Leana Timmer

      Was ook een prachtige film, heb hem tig keer gezien😍😍

    77. Felipe Vinícius

      L ♥️

    78. Felipe Vinícius

      O ♥️

    79. Felipe Vinícius

      V ♥️

    80. Felipe Vinícius

      E ♥️

    81. Jacira Lobaque

      También foi cuando vi ela naturalmente cabelo ropa como canta mulher linda

    82. Jacira Lobaque

      Ama essa música me ajudo superar uma fase mal da minha vida adoro leyde gaga

    83. Caio Oliveira


    84. Jeremy Keller

      I'll always love you Linda Binegar, no matter what for the rest of our lives

    85. Marie Jose Mazzarolo


    86. Black Magic Shiva

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    87. AAASERO Be honest

      Lady Gaga is a blessing to be in my life.

    88. zothan boihtlung

      Remember us this way 😭

    89. Francisco Celio

      Vendo aqui no Brasil love you

    90. Dorin Zaharia


    91. Lucas Santana


    92. Rictus


    93. Jericho Kharpyngrope


    94. Auria Pedrosa

      Pense em amor lindo. Ótimo filme ♥️ música linda 🎶💖

    95. rc che

      I don't why they auto tune Gaga so much. Her voice is perfection.

    96. Vanessa ja


    97. Julius S

      I'll always remember us even if there's never really an us. Just the thought of your existence, is already a beautiful present. If I have to die and live again, I'd still choose you, for there'll be nothing, nothing, in this time and space that compares to the love I deeply have for you. I wish you well and will always remember you-every day, come what may. ❤️🙏

      1. Julius S

        @Michael Timothy Thanks, 🙂

      2. Michael Timothy

        That was beautiful.❤️

    98. Arman Memon