Lady Gaga - Joanne (Where Do You Think You’re Goin’?) (Piano Version)


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    Music video by Lady Gaga performing Joanne (Where Do You Think You’re Goin’?). (C) 2018 Interscope Records

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    1. Gus Villafañez

      Seriously i don't understand 10.000 unlikes. Can anybody explain me please?????

      1. Jacob Prince

        Conspiracy theory idiots think she’s part of some new world order and spam dislike everything she does

    2. Gus Villafañez

      OMG I can't stop thinking in my little sister, who passed away in 2012 cause leukemia 😢😢😢😢😢. This song express exactly how I felt when she passed away. It's like this song it was wrote for my sister. Thank you Gaga. I love you!!!

    3. Chromatico


    4. Tati Ane

      Angel's voice

    5. Felipe Vinícius


    6. Off the Grid

      One of your best girl , beautiful. Look after your self we want to be still listening to your music decades from now

    7. Oscar Lopez

      Arte ❤

    8. Sue Ohlin

      Siempre que veo lo talentosa que es Gaga me pregunto que dirán sus compañeros que le dijeron que nunca sería famosa

    9. Carli Santos


    10. Jean-philippe cestmoi

      Cette femme.. est un miracle

    11. Diego Sabino

      *[Lyrics of "Joanne (Where Do You Think You're Goin'?) [Piano Version] by Lady Gaga]* [Verse 1] Take my hand, stay Joanne Heaven's not ready for you Every part of my aching heart Needs you more than the angels do [Chorus] Girl, where do you think you're goin'? Where do you think you're goin', goin', girl? Girl, where do you think you're goin'? Where do you think you're goin', goin', girl? [Verse 2] If you could, I know that you'd stay We both know things don't work that way I promised I wouldn't say goodbye So I grin and my voice gets thin [Chorus] Girl, where do you think you're goin'? Where do you think you're goin', goin', girl? Girl, where do you think you're goin'? Where do you think you're goin', goin', girl? [Bridge] Honestly, I know where you're goin' And baby, you're just movin' on And I'll still love you even if I can't see you anymore Can't wait to see you soar [Chorus] Girl, where do you think you're goin'? Where do you think you're goin', goin', girl? Girl, where do you think you're goin'? Where do you think you're goin', goin', girl? [Outro] Call me Joanne XO, Joanne XOXO, Joanne

    12. Zohming sanga

      This beautiful songs made me cry over and over, knowing echo my little sister who passed away age 4yrs in 1984. Heaven hold her soul with Joanne. Now they're perfect and happy for forever.

    13. Wow wow Lulu

      When I was little. I thought gaga was a man. Big mistake

      1. Wow wow Lulu

        @Jacob Prince I’m not gay.

      2. Jacob Prince

        Now you’re gay

    14. Alexis

      When my daddy passed in away in 2017 on the to the the ground this song was playing it the most hardest for me to hear. I was also wearing my Joanne T-shirt the day he died. When we can’t say words you always help with your song 💜

      1. Wow wow Lulu

        I’m sorry. My brother died

    15. Carol Gates

      Just over here waiting for her all piano, Little Earthquakes album. She's an amazing piano player and I wish she would showcase that more.

    16. anne bianca

      Homenagem lindaaaaa ❤

    17. Felipe Vinícius

      L ♥️

    18. Felipe Vinícius

      O ♥️

    19. Felipe Vinícius

      V ♥️

    20. Felipe Vinícius

      E ♥️


      Just discover this song..❤ All i can say is Lady gaga song writing is exemptional❤❤❤

    22. Kobe Serinas

      My Mother died when I was just 10 years old in 2013 due to cancer. Everytime I remember her miseries while she was still alive while suffering with that kind of illness, I just listen to Joanne. Gaga is a queen. Triconic, me thinks.

    23. Kobe Serinas

      the fact that this song kicked every other Best Pop Vocal Solo Performance nominees. Joanne in heaven literally said: *MOVE BITCH*

    24. Marco Martinez

      Fun fact: I'm not crying you are😭



    26. Emili Walter

      Lady Gaga has such a beautyful voice, so soft and sensible. She's a real talent.

    27. Rendaculur

      Her vocal cords are the Harp Strings of Heaven.

    28. Valerie Ain

      Such a beautiful, haunting it so much 😍

    29. Gabriel-silvs

      Ja chorei muito

    30. ᄉMarcin

      Who watched gaga five foot two (on netflix)?

    31. Felipe Vinícius

      Beautiful ☮️

    32. Isabel Díaz Rey


    33. Daniela Ardizzone

      Xo Xo Joanne.

    34. Ryan Depauw


    35. Andrea mejia castaño


    36. Mitch Johnson

      This is so beautiful 😍

    37. Davinson Emilio Jaya Conforme

      Por músicas como esta Lady Gaga siempre va ser mi cantante femenina favorita

    38. Davinson Emilio Jaya Conforme

      30 M 8/10/20

    39. Monica Ferrajolo

      so emotional 🤩

    40. Nathan Romyl Gequillana

      My mother's sister just died due to cancer a day after my birthday a week ago. My mother is heartbroken and I am too. This song is really helping me cope.

    41. Kenzie Mertell

      A week and a half since my sister passed away and i just thought to listen to this song 💔💔💔💔💔💔💔😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭 rip kourtney

    42. Lauren McCullen


    43. Amaya Rin

      How beautiful :')

    44. Eric Mc

      Such a beautiful song, fun fact.

    45. Fran Santoro

      I can't listen to this song without crying

    46. John Stoll

      I love how you can hear the pedals being stepped on and released on the piano if you listen closely

    47. Thiago Anjos

      xoxo, Joanne.

    48. P N

      Lady Gaga ❤️ 911

    49. Kiy Velez

      Crying so much...

    50. Dionne Eckstein


    51. The Great Mel

      Can't still understand those people calling it fake. They just can't grasp the idea that you can be emotionally connected to someone who you've never even seen in your life. It is called family bonds, and is't it magical that someone's connection can be so strong to give you support even 40 years pass?

    52. Yalena Sorokina

      I feel your pain death 😭 where is your victory where is your sting hold them in your heart forever

    53. Daly Thompson


    54. Carla aparecida Santos

      Vem pro Brasil linda beijos tudo de bom pra vocês

    55. Isaac Zare Zumaran

      She's so beautiful

    56. Kayla Brooks

      I will forever be obsessed with this album. Joanne was one of my favorite songs from it. This is my first time hearing the piano version. I honestly didn't know it was possible for me to love this song more than I already did.

    57. ΕΙΡΗΝΗ Καρναβα

      This song my mother singing to me when sleeping

      1. Alfredo Acosta

        y’all making me cry 😭 i love this song so much

    58. jane showman

      Lady gaga is such an amazing talented woman!! Her work is beyond beautiful!!

    59. André Mesquita

      Eu amo tanto ❤️

    60. Storytelling by

    61. jake monster

      I actually cried first time hearing this song in the first minute and didn’t understood why🙏🏼😭❤️

    62. ΕΙΡΗΝΗ Καρναβα

      Joanna zoan

    63. jake monster

      We all had have or will have a Joanne in our lives. In my experience this song represents my grandmother. The woman who raised me and the only one from my family who did fight for me to grow healthy and loved. She left last year i was never expecting the way she left but her health got worst and all happened so fast. A part of me left me. I love her so much and this song represents her to me.

    64. Jorge Antonio

      A maior de sua geracao

    65. AJH219

      Joanne is her 3rd best album after BTW and Chromatica but the fans with disgusting basic taste aren't ready for that conversation.

      1. Gacha Heretica

        ​@AJH219 omg dont insult ARTPOP like that we all have different taste ARTPOP and Joanne r both different in their own way

      2. Alfredo Acosta

        AJH219 lmao why the language? we all have different opinions. my ranking is artpop, joanne, chromatica, fame monster, btw, the fame, cheek to cheek

      3. AJH219

        @i3 I don't know anyone besides a bunch of losers online who like that goddamn disgusting album. Go fuck yourself

      4. i3

        You're the basic fan lol. Everyone's favorite album is ARTPOP.

    66. Flávio Brito

      my brother just passed away today, i can't explain my pain

    67. Danilo Bernardo

      2020 fun tonigth

    68. Andrew Pearl

      Fun fact. Watch roughly 33.04seconds into Nurse Mildred.

    69. Sara Luna Escobar

      Artista completa

    70. THE geop


    71. Dead Inside

      My aunt died in October after Liver Cancer. Gaga just put my words into this song

    72. Adrian Knecht

      Was für eine Hübsche Frau

    73. Andrew Simpson

      Beyond perfection. She is amazing. Extreme talent.

    74. Andrew Newme

      Can we just take a moment to realize how she look alike to Dua lipa

    75. flytojoan flytojoann

      She was my big crush I have ever met. I loved her so much as we spent time together. I still love her although she left me alone. If the world is ending, I’d come over to see her. Joanne.

    76. misti102

      omg... have just discovered it...

    77. Jocemara Nepumoceno

      Como tem fdp que tem coragem de não gostar de uma homenagem tão carinhosa? Essa canção é linda.

    78. Ruben Vazquez

      wow! What a voice, what a beautiful tribute, God Bless!

    79. Roseli Win2


    80. Vander Good

      Who's here after watching Lady Gaga: Five Feet Two?

    81. ARi

      😭 This song made me break out in tears

    82. Beatriz Mazeti

      This song it's soooo beautiful 😪😔 Brazil loves u. ❤

    83. miro karevski

      This girl is a goddess The rest can only serve her drinks

    84. Karl Klawatsch

      Ich liebe Ladys natürliche schönheit 😙❤🍀

    85. Марин Марина


    86. Teteu Lopes

      Quando perdi minha irmã para o sexto AVC, eu escutei muito essa música em 2018,2019 e até hoje ela faz lembrar minha irmã que se foi.

    87. Татьяна Горносталь

      Когда ты просто поёшь- ты божественна. Хочется разделить с тобой твою творческую осознанность

    88. Erik Turn THIS Gaga Drawing!!!🤩🎨🌾

    89. D. N.


    90. Junior Costa

      Porra! Não acredito que essa música "flopou".

    91. jaz galeano

      Es un ángel esta mina

    92. Lamia Yaya

      This is my favorite song by Lady Gaga. I used to listen to it every morning and sing my heart out after I lost my grandma. And now every time I miss her I come back to this song 💕

    93. plolololololoo

      30.007.065 visualizaciones

    94. Dieunlson Pierre

      Joanne mw renmen vidéo a