Lady Gaga - Look What I Found (from A Star Is Born) (Official Music Video)


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    1. Celina brown

      My favorite ✋ down🤗🤗🤗❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

    2. Mike González


    3. Fly With Amarri

      I didn't know she can sing like go girl

    4. Kevin Fernandes

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    5. Yaniv Lazar

      AMAZING AMAZING she has an amazing voice and great talent

    6. Sascha Thoma


      1. Sascha Thoma

        me too

    7. Géraldine Maigné

      My absolute favourite as it displays her beautiful voice so well.

    8. Feli Navarro

      Voz inigualable ,se meten en los poros de tu piel ,te hace vibrar,volar en nubes de algodón,bravo mil veces brsvo

    9. Felipe Vinícius

      L ♥️

    10. Felipe Vinícius

      O ♥️

    11. Felipe Vinícius

      V ♥️

    12. Felipe Vinícius

      E ♥️

    13. Hagiel

      This is a gem!

    14. Dixie Normous

      I never really listened to any of her work before I watched the film. Now I’m hooked, line & sinker 👌😀❤️

    15. Samuel A.

      Real music

    16. Mate Jishkariani

      Looove youu

    17. Tiago Pereira

      this deserves so many more views

    18. neda marandi


    19. Ana 17

      Ohhh my God!!!...😎🎹🔥❤️🎧🎶🌟

    20. Marco Aurélio

      I am a young Brazilian writer and this film's soundtrack has contributed to my numerous texts. A pity that at the end of the film he committed suicide. And here is an ALERT. SUICIDE IS NOT THE ONLY EXIT. Seek help and mostly open up to someone. But, value the gift of life. Jesus can help you! OK!

    21. Claudia Mera Vilchez

      Very sweet Gaga

    22. Gioia N.

      You are a legend Gaga, love you!!!!

    23. Marcia Cristina Constantino Ferraz

      Jogo tudo pro alto quero saber de nada quero sumir desse mundo

    24. marina

      Hello from Germany💃☕

    25. Kindly help me to reach 50K subscribers with videos

      2 years later, if you're watching this you're a legend.

      1. Angelou Jane Quirante

        @C. Malsawmkima Oh! I didn't mean it that way. I guess we have the same sentiment about the song. 😍

      2. C. Malsawmkima

        @Angelou Jane QuiranteDont fcking say about 2years and legend word this song is evergreen!!!😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

      3. Angelou Jane Quirante

        Is it 2 years already?

    26. Tilly Vincent

      I’m alone in my room

    27. Niki Happy Show


    28. Emma Pierson

      I love and I know by heart all the songs of a star is born without exception😍

    29. Mitch Johnson

      Wow I love you both 👌🙌🙌🙌🥰🥰😍😍💋💋💋💋💋🥰🥰💜beautiful ❤️💜Michelle Australia 🇦🇺

    30. Zonunsiama Zonunsiama

      Oh my god ,,, so good

    31. The Fallen Phoenix シ

      Ngl She looks so much better without a full set of make-up

    32. Luciana Araújo

      Meu filme😍

    33. Princess Cataleya

      we love you lady gaga!!♥♥♥♡♡♡

    34. Neide Matos


    35. Leandro Rodrigues

      Lady vc e show canta muito!

    36. Manon Davignon

      Éric Lapointe

    37. plolololololoo

      67.022.926 visualizaciones

    38. Jérôme jéjé

      They reminds me Johnny Cash and June Carter

    39. Felipe Vinícius

      Love ♥️

    40. Juka

      Turn around to Jesus Christ before it ist too late. As time is short, there is no time for procrastination!!!!

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    42. Adriana Carvalho

      Que energia maravilhosa quando você toca piano!!!a cada segundo me encanto 😍 com sua capacidade!!! você é muito essencial...te adoro 😍

    43. Putra Wahyu S

      underrated along with is that alrght?

    44. Neha Ram

      Gaga is love ❤️❤️❤️

    45. Teddy Martinez

      Love this!!

    46. dim

      (⑉• •⑉)♥️

    47. Patricia Fitch

      Love it what a voice beautiful inside and out

    48. Storytelling by

    49. Maricruz Gutierrez Trevejo

      beautiful song⭐️

    50. FERA BR

      Algum Brasileiro ouvindo 🤩

    51. Jose Adilson Araujo

      Eu ja acha ela linda com os figurino que ela usava em seus clips, agora vendo ela assim sem maquiagem forte, mais aquila maquiagem bem basica atuando nesse filme , me encantei mais ainda a beleza dela. Muito linda.☺☺☺☺

    52. I was here

      Bright eyes 💕💔

    53. Leanna Smotherman

      So cute.

    54. Cairele Caudilla

      idol gaga

    55. 20K Subscribers Without Videos Challenge

      I used to be a fan, but after hearing this masterpiece, I'm a whole air conditioner

    56. Dimitri Nefedev

      You found love

    57. Наталья Ступникова


    58. Ferenc Szász

      Megőrülök Lady Gaga ért Ennyi idős az én lányom is mint a Lady Gaga Imádom ahogy Lady Gaga énekel nagyon szeretem a dalait álmomba is az ő számait hallom nagyon jók

    59. asbullah melan

      25 sept 2020..from malaysia...🤩

    60. jake mosnter

      This song is such a mood

    61. Sebas Escobar

      100 MILLION VIEWS?

    62. Sean Curran

      This song is so fucking goddamn 10000000000 % perfect

    63. Karina Ruiz JimDandy

    64. Teacher Bia

      Bradley Cooper é sortudo em bicho

    65. Emma Solari

      Voce divina..... Ti Amo

    66. Evelyn Lima Malheiros

      Love Love Love

    67. Rosemeire Marques ferreira bezerra

      Gaga voice is so power

    68. Porettob70

      Een grandioos topnummer van Lady Gaga in een star is born. Zij is zelf de allergrootste ster. Wat een openbaring haar stemgeluid. Het is van grote klasse!!

    69. Daniel Offer

      The best song of GaGa in thr last years.

      1. Horacio Gonzalez

        A star is born Soundtrack priceless

    70. tatiana roveda

      I love Bradley's face - "how do you hear it? dadadadad- lololol that smile..

      1. tatiana roveda

        And when she can't record- he gets her a piano..the only way she knows how to play this song- He always gave so much more than he got..And so a Star is Born..What a great scene in the movie! She isn't a professional musician yet..til Bradley comes along..Have to see tis movie again.

    71. Tia Rose

      Such an underrated song i swear 😭💜

    72. Luca Di Buono


    73. Luis Gustavo Gomes

      I'm alone in my house I'm out on the town I'm at the bottom of the bottle I've been knockin' 'em down I can't get back up on my feet See the lights on the street like stars But look what I found Look what I found Another piece of my heart Just layin' on the ground Under the foggy day I'm lookin' for a light And my only friend Is workin' tonight I can't get myself out of bed Hear these voices in my head like a song But look what I found Somebody who loves me Look what I found Somebody who'll carry 'round a piece of my heart Just layin' on the ground When I met you I was blown to pieces Heart all over the floor Ever since you put me back together I can't believe it won't believe it Uh Look what you found! Yeah baby Look what I found Someone who'll carry 'round a piece of my heart Look what I found Whoo! C'mon! Look what I found Somebody who loves me Look what we found Somebody who'll carry 'round a piece of my heart Heart just layin' on the ground

    74. אמיר פרץ


    75. אמיר פרץ


    76. Mirian Leite

      Beautiful music

    77. Felix Handpan

      Anyone know the release year of this song: Thanks for help

      1. Gino Solla

        It was released in October of 2018

    78. Jana Vanderheyden

      I love you for this song... So much... Brings soooooo much happiness in my heart🙏🏻❤️✨👌🏼

    79. Go Gogle

      I love this song.

    80. Agatha Valadão

      It reminds of "You know I'm no good", Amy Winehouse! ❤

    81. Franziska Bäcker-Lehmann

      She's Look so blonde......hmmmm......I like it,if she's looking like a bitch.......

    82. Eumeamo mais

      Eu espero que a paula fique longe dessa kkkkk é brrrr

    83. Nadia Donolato

      Alovio ladi gaga 😍😘

    84. Yoni Parnas

      Anyone watching in September 2020?

      1. Noneqxd

        Yes i fell in love.amazing movie

    85. Ana Maria Minisale

      Hermosa vozzzzz.

    86. Callen McManus

      How is this not more popular?? I'm halfway through this movie right now and God damn is she good

    87. Rick Heusdens


    88. Davinson Emilio Jaya Conforme

      Lady Gaga eres la mejor

    89. Reynaldi Widjaja

      I was just looking at this song since a star is born i playing on my tv 0:28 when I look at my tv its the same scene crazy

    90. Aditya Acharya

      I love her handwriting

    91. אמיר פרץ


    92. Arnel Aquino

      Lady gaga is so beautiful without make up

    93. POP DATA

      this movie has amazing songs

    94. Shannon Monahan

      Excellent song

    95. M P

      Satanic Bitch link below 🤢🤮🤮👹💯

    96. Jackie Psicologia e Música

      WOW!!!!! Fantastic movie, perform and magic songs!!!! Love!❤⚘🌹🌼🌻💐🌷👏👏👏👏👏👏🌬😘❤

    97. just love

      67 000 000 million views

    98. just love

      More more more views guys