Lady Gaga - Applause (Official Lyric Video)


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    Lady Gaga performing Applause (Official Lyric Video). © 2013 Interscope

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    1. Yassin Benbachir

      Gta feeling

    2. Rahul K

      Tbh when it came out I wasn't that gay ("it's just a phase") and didn't appreciate it enough - was kind of put off even! and now I AM IN LOVE WITH EVERYTHING ABOUT THIS INCLUDING ALL THE DRAG QUEENS. Personal growth for me over last 7 years, and of course GAGA been championing for LGBT rights /drag culture wayyyy before it was mainstream. I C ON .

    3. Storytelling by

    4. Willi2.39

      Mejor el rap de fernanfloo

    5. Alby Star

      Yoooo this explains why Gaga was on Season 9 of Drag race she really is a Drag Enthusiast!



    7. dorina lulea

      Stupid Love?

    8. Leighann Ott

      Biggest crush on Peter Pan. 😍

    9. Chris Papageorgiou

      it will be at gears and glory special in 2021

    10. Chris Papageorgiou

      its a parody of my song witch is hearts as good as racers from christos car and plane tales when christos sings it

    11. ThyMemeGuy

      Just visited this masterpiece after Gaga and Ari's VMA performance!

    12. Andrés rv

      Omg, I can't believe why people slept on this. She was giving us art and pop

    13. Guilherme Costa

      Gente, tem Queens do Drag race 🤧❤️

    14. Pixxel 144

      Gta 5 Radio non stop pop ? 😂

    15. yatin srivastava

      Brought some rainbow 🌈 cheer from India 🇮🇳

    16. kabir

      All these years later, and I still don't know who is the queen dressed as Peter Pan 💀 I can't sleep at night without knowing... Help

    17. Gravitation3Beatles3

      the font is difficult to read :(

      1. Gravitation3Beatles3

        Jelly Jack haha true! i mean they’re a pretty font, they just blend in a bit too much and they’re a tad too elegant

      2. Jelly Jack

        Gravitation3Beatles3 u think this is is bad.... try reading the cure official lyrics lmao

    18. xDagger

      Is that Landon Cider?

    19. Paulo Brificado

      GTA V!?!?!? ^^s2

    20. Tim Cook

      Is this the root of her relationships with Shangela and Willam?

    21. DonMrLorDJairo lml

      Why those dislikes? D:

    22. ty beck

      Does anyone know where I can find the font she uses?

      1. yuhuuuu

        she wrote them off

    23. Luis Javo C.

      Applause for this beautiful era, I reas the ARTPOP leaks and feeling a little bit sad :(

    24. Rue Rue

      Good Morning, how are you? 2:42

    25. Ruby Tat

      you constantly feed the Demond Cybelle the Castrated Goddess ...hope you find comfort in your demond #DemondWhore

    26. Camilo Chávez González

      Nostalgia. 💗

    27. starman 5000

      the moment when shangela won her role for asib

    28. David Tuazon

      At the end of the song, Lady Gaga spells out the name of the album this song is from. It's my favorite part in the song.

    29. The Life of Melanie Banks

      She released this on my 20th birthday

    30. The Life of Melanie Banks

      This my favorite song by her .... I live for the APPLAUSE! I wish RuPaul would use her songs for lipsyncs on his show

    31. Gregory Love


    32. 2012iwanttogohome

      DADDY LANDON!!! I ❤️ YOU!!! 🐺

    33. Pancho Flores

      who else came on here after watching shannel on LOOK AT HUH

    34. daniel barrios

      Seriously just heard about this video from Shannel's Look at Huh video. Great to see all these Queens including the King Landon Cider!!

    35. Victor Furtado

      we weren't ready for this, just iconic

    36. David Rodríguez

      Did someone notice yet that the drag king is nothing more than Dragula's winner Landon Cider?

    37. Cottonwood Crow

      Thank you for the lyrics! So thoughtful! Every artist should do this. Gaga! 😍🙏🏼😚♥️

    38. Doug Pierce

      2019? 👏😙

    39. svntos c

      Landon Cider!! Winner of Dragula!❤️

    40. Francisco Rodriguez

      i don’t remember ARTPOP :(

    41. Jaymhen B

      Ok for 0:50,was she fighting with them or what lmao cause I was hella confused 💀

    42. MAKO BELL

      yall are truly going to hell for sleeping on the fact that landon cider is in this video

    43. Laughs With Lulu

      Who else came here for Landon Cider? 🥰

    44. Audioandlyrics

      If you look at her website it doesn’t say “Koons”.

    45. mikeparez

      This is better than the oh

    46. Broken_Clock

      0:24 Landon Cider deserves some love. He's killing it in the new season of Dragula

    47. Nathan CM

      Yaasss Gaga & Willam together!!

    48. chroma tica


    49. Crystal Potter

      What does "koons" mean?

      1. happy life

        Crystal Potter it's a family name of an artist Jeff Koons

    50. Hannah Josett

      I love Gaga, but I came here from Landon Cider's performance video. This is so badass

    51. Jeins Castro

      Queen of pop

    52. TroyZz


    53. Irem Turkay

      best. lyrics. video. ever.

    54. Tati Heinbecker

      Yaaas Detoxxxxx

    55. Jardim Sideral

      Haus Of Mãe Joanne!

    56. Get Real


    57. Lucas Rowi

      This is better than the music video.

    58. Mishaal Abdullah

      I forgot how iconic this video is

    59. Ashley

      Detox 😂😂

    60. DutchieWen

      Anyone else still watches this video in 2019 ??? I came back again to see all our beautiful Drag Queens!

    61. Yoshi

      _Raven has left the chat_

    62. Srishti Sarkar

      Who's here after Shangela's buzzfeed video?

    63. Füsun

      2:41 Emerald in A Star Is Born?

    64. Sophie

      2:05. Who’s the guy in the suit?

    65. Amino Mega Pop

      Shangela, Detox 😍

    66. Ethan Vo

      When this video was released... #comeonseason6letsgetsickenin

    67. Oh Honey

      2:42 casting for a star is born LOL

    68. watermelon sugar high

      Anyone just came in here from Shangela's interview on Buzzfeed?

    69. Hail Holy Hwasa

      Shangela's Buzzfeed First Time video brought me here.

    70. OOF

      Here from Shangela mentioning she was in this video and I never realized


      Ew what is this

    72. Robbie

      Imagine being raven and turning down a Gaga gig 🤢

    73. Doug Pierce


    74. Eira Baccay

      I'm here from Shangela's interview for A Star Is Born

    75. Farrah Coulee

      I came here again because of Shangela's ASIB interview 😂

      1. JanuskaJang2

        Farrah Coulee me!

    76. Thomas F

      Shannel Morgan McMichaels Detox Courtney Act Shangela Willam

    77. Barbara Kuntlicker

      Came here after seeing A Star is Born. This reminds me so much of the scenes in the drag bar. Shangela and Willam! Gaga’s Edith Piaf look in the movie looks just like how she did here. Just goes to show Gaga’s been with the queens forever, long before they were well known or popular.

    78. Ethan Vo

      When this video was released...

    79. Kimberly

      I came for Shangela moving the camera LMAO

    80. C. A. N.

      I didnt know this video existed! Yaaaasss to the drag queens!

    81. Bramusic 98

      Detox looks amazing 😍👑👍🏻

    82. Tonio

      Who came here after Shangela said it on her Instagram 😂

      1. bananhataren

        Me 😂🤚


      Ew gross

    84. Luring Chandelure

      Yaaas Morgan

    85. Caique Suguiyama

      Melhor que o clipe ate

    86. Caique Suguiyama

      AMO esse lyric video

    87. Daniel Tavares


    88. Mariano Spears

      the best era of GAGA

    89. Thalles

      5 years

    90. Louis Felice

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    91. Santi

      this video its all

    92. Fernando Banzi

      2018 and still loving in it from the minute 0:01 💗

    93. Good Bye

      Good vid gaga but whats Peter pan doing here

    94. boi ifyoudon't

      I can't believe Lady Gaga invented gays...ICONIC !

    95. Taylan Gumus

      does anyone have a list of all the drag queens in the video, i cant keep count!! :D

    96. Terri James

      Raven sent me here

    97. Angel


    98. Kazim ALPER

      whats the name of the club?

      1. Angel

        Mickey’s WeHo

    99. May

      Shangie ♥