Lady Gaga - #VevoCertified Part 4: Lady Gaga on ArtPop


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    #VevoCertified Part 4: Lady Gaga on ArtPop
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    1. Calvin Wager

      What is your favorite song on ArtPop

    2. Veronica Abero

      Her make up here is so nice she's beautiful ILUVU MOTHER MONSTER!

    3. hanaw tehrni

      Shes really beautiful

    4. hanaw tehrni

      Its soooooooo gooooodddddddd

    5. The Life of Melanie Banks

      I Stan ARTPOP idc of she did 1 million first week with BTW, ARTPOP stands next to that album any day impeccably

    6. Delaney Elias

      Honestly though, this album was so underrated by so many people for such a long time! I absolutely love this album!

    7. Delaney Elias

      Back when she remembered it... 🤣

    8. Gillian CN

      shes not even touching the ground i can't HAHAHA QUEEN MINIATURE LEGEND OF POP

    9. Juan Hernandez

      But what happens with the pop? ... I really miss the pop part of u

    10. Pabl0 Steve

      ARTPOP ♥️♥️♥️

    11. Free Bitch

      Gaga you are the best ❤️❤️❤️😍😍😍

    12. Erika Marinelli

      you Is beautiful😄

    13. Erika Marinelli

      you Is beautiful

    14. LPSbeks TV

      Idk why people say this album is a flop. There is nothing wrong with it! ARTPOP will always be my favorite album.

    15. Alex James


    16. Louis Felice

      12th January 2018 : 3 Years !! 588 088 Views 13 731 Likes 432 Dislikes 641 Comments

    17. A I

      i love her hair

    18. Bashfully Basher

      When I heard MANiCURE, I started singing and I didn't pay attention about what she was saying XD

    19. Alex79

      I wish I was at the artRAVE

    20. Zak Mik

      Sia copying lady Gaga style with short wig

    21. Artrageous

      My God. When I Heard This Album. I Literally Wanted To Become A Songwriter And Music Composer

    22. мадина абдулаева

      каефная тян

    23. Felipe Cazale

      i forgot how lame that album was

    24. Mehrad

      Who's watchin this and miss the artpop era in 2017

    25. Alejandro C.t

      Artflop= reductive

    26. Louis Felice

      12th January 2016 : 2 Years ago !! 565 998 Views 13 108 Likes 420 Dislikes 655 Comments

    27. Lo Ris

      i am fan

    28. Lo Ris

      love artpop ❤

    29. Bunker Fruitcake

      god she looks like that

    30. Shaggybro

      G.U.Y. is her Best Song ever

    31. Laura Alejandra Sánchez Celis

      In spanish please!!

    32. Deniz

      how her entire face looks diffrent right now in a good way

    33. MDShadowMan FTW

      She is so beautiful here!!!!!

    34. bacterie 006

      yeeeeee i lovit ledy Gaga

    35. Jay Gonzales

      "It's just this wild explosion of an artist that is trapped in a castle, and she so badly wants to go back to the night club where she fell in love with it all." -- Lady GagaAnd she's doing that now. With her new album Joanne, she's gonna start the tour in dive bars across the nation with Bud Lite sponsoring the events. She's going back to her roots!

    36. AnthonyT50

      I'm not sure why she is so intent on surgery to change her looks. She was beautiful before and now looks like someones Barbie doll. I worry she is becoming Elvis or Michael Jackson and the dissatisfaction of her fame withering is messing with her head.

      1. 27cricket27

        AnthonyT50 I believe that she is fine. The lip injections and cheeck fillers are only temporary from what I have heard. Also, lady gaga is one of the last people that I would expect for fame to get to their head.

    37. Olya Shevelenko

      классс я тоже кожу петь

    38. Roz

      She is so completely right, each album of her's gives me a totally different view of her, her personality and her artistic being. Each one also represents different times in my own life and gives me different feelings! She is amazing

    39. Kosta Chatzialexiou

      I literally love the whole album every single song

    40. Spartannyt

      😟 are u a Shemale?

      1. 27cricket27

        Spartannyt No...

    41. jadensensation

      What was that song in the beginning playing in the background, anyone know? :3

    42. Woodsstories

      I'll be super interested to see what kind of music GaGa is making at age 50.

    43. Notorious Ray

      She was hot in American horror story

    44. Tidus Sims

      I listen to artpop always whilst doing art because it gives me such an intense rush, like a rich burst of creative passion.

    45. Stupid Love

      ARTPOP: This album changed my life, is my second favorite after Born This way

      1. Zak Mik

        yeah and why a lot people hated even her fake fans

    46. maria papaxristou

      Lady Gaga is so beautiful here

      1. Badd Productions Inc.

        she's always beautiful.

    47. Lady GaGa Legendas


    48. Inferato 530

      i love you LADY GAGA

    49. tumblr diy


    50. ARTPOP Canon

      ARTPOP = Amazing album

      1. Delaney Elias


      2. ruan

        ARTPOP Canon yeeees

      3. Verting Booster

        Yeees!!! I love

    51. ARTPOP Canon


    52. Александр Басов

      я первый русский фонат леди гаги !!!!!!!^_^

    53. Daniel

      Life without Lady Gaga would be a big mistake ! Thanks God she's here and she's the queen of music !

    54. Cat Gag


    55. Andjela Petrovic

      SHE IS A QUEEN 😋😗

    56. Alisha Fairbairn

      I adore this woman. She's the reason for every positive thing that has ever happened

    57. Rujira Supsuk


    58. ARTPOP Canon

      LG5 please

    59. Susan Ackerman

      I am able to get through long days thanks to Gaga Applause makes me feel faster thus it's my coffe (Hate coffe)

    60. withchanwoo

      12,000th liker.

    61. Aldair Oviedo

      ARTPOP NO ArtPop 7n7

    62. Emily Coleman

      i love your hair gaga

    63. Saleem

      Lady gaga Trinidad 🇹🇹🇹🇹🇹🇹

    64. MyHoloAddiction OK?

      Dope gets me cringing every time.EVERY time.

    65. Carolina Nery

      I love you gaga 💜💜 VENUS \o/

    66. Maribeth Jones

      I love her so much more as a brunette...

    67. Rodrigo Oliveira

      My fav album

    68. Jade Sally

      I agree, when i heard Artpop i was so truly in love with it i didn't quite realize how sick people were of my addiction to it at the time and that i cried when the last Artrave finished online, that i paid twice to see the show and traveled the UK which i never thought i was capable of doing even with the money i was earning... Artpop set me free but when i look back it's like i was possessed because i never listen to it anymore unless the binge urge comes... Music is Magical.

    69. Rebecca Exconde

      gaga you rule youtube

    70. Joli Anya

      jaj a lada

    71. Acilegna River

      Dios mio que hermosa

    72. Charlye'Charleston

      Love this story! It's exactly what I felt with the album!

    73. BigJetPlane13

      I love her so much!!! ARTPOP is my favorite album. It really does wake me up and can change my mood in minutes! Gypsy is LIFE!!!!

    74. Kelvyn Castro


    75. hika midge

      People might not care yet but when they know the whole shitty liar story and how Gaga has been threatening Ysan Roche and a few other less known artists to oppress them from revealing the truth, PEOPLE WILL CARE CACA. And then you will have to deal with KARMA

      1. 27cricket27

        hika midge Not everyone has to mention someone when taking inspiration...

      2. hika midge

        +Kashi Sinha if you get inspiration from someone you mention them, or you did plagiarize them to get credit for what they did

      3. Kashi Sinha

        You're literally overanalyzing the whole ysan roche thing. Sure she might've gotten inspiration from her but she didn't "copy" her. And don't start with the karma crap pls. Lol just stop...

    76. Jovana F

      i want back my mother monster

    77. Sabrina Stavola

      MANiCURE is so underrated ! And I love that. A hidden gem, it is. Yet... I am so happy that was the opening song to this video.

      1. creative planet

        MANiCURE & Judas are my fav songs :) my mom got amazed whn she listen to manicure for d first tym & now she's also a Little Monster :v

    78. she wolfter

      I love you gog I am 9 it was my birthday December

    79. Tachibana

      Damn that's deep

    80. Gday mates

      The Artpop album makes me feel full of fire. It is an amazing album.

    81. Dark Angel

      Lady gaga, we love you, but if you let it be taken for its fama.voce was designed by his fans, his monsters, and you never answer us when we need to, we are always with you and it is not simply by you being famous that you can just leave us alone and writing are read what we write and you never responds. then please be kind enough to write me because I am waiting for this since 2008 .I love you know? and sad when you love someone and that person pretends not to know that there is someone who loves you then you are close to it, does not correspond to my love . please talk to me and proves to me that you are there because to me you is not more than an imagination. I know it's a waste of time to write to you hoping for a response from you but I think so, "where there is a will to a path" and I'm here, I prove its the existence because even "katy perry" wrote me in an app android. love lady gaga have an app that you should have also "whats app" +5527988606344. and why I'm here looking for a chance to talk to you or add me on jeimmygaga instagram "I know that the impossible can not be just impossible but the possible everything what we think is the impossible" blame us even for not trying the possible the brain commands. me this Christmas present for please! sorry for the mistakes if in my .xoxo English

    82. TOJO J

      Continue the genre of Art Pop

    83. Mariano Spears

      shes da queen

    84. Yola Ve

      I love gaga but, I need to now is that a wig or her real hair

      1. bibiannnuh

        she should dye her hair like this omfg it suits her perfectly

      2. RJ Merritt

        this is a wig... her real hair was black at this time , but she bleached it blonde a few months ago

      3. nur izzaty

        @Yola Ve welcome

      4. Yola Ve

        thanks girl

      5. nur izzaty


    85. Shirley Sampaio Gomes

      #ladyGaga love

    86. Sammy Lopez

      is she saying goodbye :( or something cause when she said when you look back at my career and look at the videos and the fans growing and look at the tour and photo graphs and really understand who i was why does it sound like she's say goodbye :( :( :( what if she is :( :( i like gaga she needs to stay !!!!!! shes number 1

    87. Jonathan Salazar

      Her real name is stefany

    88. Crystal Grace

      shes so precious

    89. Kaitlyn Simmons


    90. Vỹ Spirit

      ARTFLOP 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 just for fun 😂 I'm fan Lady Gaga ❤️

    91. Clint Stratan

      your like zzzzz

    92. -tammy -

      Damn she's prettier that I thought

    93. Ross Nelson

      Fuck ahaha has matured!

    94. Slovoda Giborich

      this has as much dept as a pile of dog shit

    95. Miss Stina

      there is something about her voice when she's talking... it's the kind of voice that keeps you calm and makes you feel just good.

      1. Miss Stina

        +Lu Li Hi! are you on Instagram ? im marianacavenish

      2. Lu Li

        +Miss Stina Can i make a friend with you? I come from China.

    96. God Dam Problem

      i love you and natalia kills, both are artpop

    97. gretel !!

      When Gaga records a new album I'm going to scream beCAUSE YES QUEEN SLAY

    98. Tommy Luthardt

      I like her long hair.. Looks really pretty 💚

    99. coffee8300

      Can i MARRY lady gaga uGHH

    100. Turma B Ensino Basico

      I like this music