Lady Gaga - Gypsy (VEVO Presents)


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    Lady Gaga performing Gypsy live at #VEVOartRave in Brooklyn, NY on Nov. 10, 2013.

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    1. Watcharaphong Singtana

      Omg i just can realized that this album is fcking beyond it should be 2020' music !

    2. sneekypanda

      I've never seen her so happy performing #justiceforartpop

    3. Storytelling by

    4. Steve Elliott

      I’m a Gaga massive fan, and still this performance is top of the top.....she’s something else.

    5. Lazaron Colin

      Amo a lady gaga

    6. Paul Arentsen

      I remain stream some Lady Gaga songs. It's really not cool to thank a dutch homophobic minister.

    7. Thank you for being a friend

      Gypsy ❤️❤️❤️

    8. Gypsy Baterna

      When My name is the song itself. Hart

    9. Cristian Padilla

      She deserves all the love on the entire galaxy

    10. Cine De Todo Tipo

      This song is so underrated

    11. Iván Moreno


    12. IanRM

      Im not crying 😢

    13. Saif Yusuf

      Someday in Jakarta :)

    14. Bill Shuey

      Where was this filmed? I'm noticing the Koons logo in the background. Big car dealer in MD- VA. Is that an ad?

      1. thetree666

        Navy Yard in Brooklyn. This was her album launch party for ARTPOP where she collabed with Jeff Koons (artist) for the sculptures

    15. Alondra N.

      This gave me goosebumps 😩

    16. SADJI


    17. 50K subscribers challenge

      I’m so sad that people call this a flop it may not be as big as her previous albums but it did well on worldwide charts. What I’d say rather is that it was under appreciated. This should have a been single better than G.U.Y Million times. What a haunting ballad. Deserved so much attention. ARTPOP actually sounded very Expensive and has an amazing production comparable to Born This Way. I would kill to watch ARTrave Concert!

    18. Ramona Badescu

      It's like this song was written for me! 😂 ❤️

    19. ThyMemeGuy


    20. Kourtney Fox


    21. Halp Me

      Why did you guys let #ARTPOP down! :( T_T

    22. Cobbiant Miguel

      She wipping away her tears...

    23. Cobbiant Miguel

      This song always makes me want to cry.

    24. jso

      1:54 wondered if she would do this high bit. YEP DID

    25. treefted


    26. Aleksander Czech


    27. Raphael Lazaro

      this song is illegally too goo(L)d

    28. 方仙寶

      Hi sia

    29. Joshua Pinlac

      2020 ❤️🥰

    30. Tree Ant Lee

      I listened to this song in 2013 and I initially cried for this song in 2020

    31. ThyMemeGuy

      It's June 2020, and I'm back here--again. :)

    32. Aby Campos

      2020 y la sigo escuchando 😍😍😍😍

    33. Mike Ling

      I want her to release this song as a single with MV even without the album cycle!

    34. Erica Lauren Horn


    35. Erica Lauren Horn



      It sounds like old song to me. But its dope

    37. Kybele Kordax

      Who else is listening to this during the 2020 lockdown and imagining you're travelling across the world, free like a gypsy spirit?

    38. hellvetica

      omg gypsy was my pop song played for my gcse music analysis exam

      1. Edu D

        What did you had to do?

    39. Jancarlo Morales


    40. ev aomine

      she trully the best

    41. Mitchell -

      Gaga always gives her everything. Periodt

    42. Dane Hart


    43. Carlos Blanco

      This song always makes me cry but at the same time makes me feel so happy 🖤

    44. Shyla Renner

      she wants to just dance so bad but she is playing the piano and cant XD

    45. Fernando Castillo

      the audience sucks

    46. Samukinha K

      Amuuuu ❤️😻😻

    47. Milagros Gomez

      Imaginate odiar ARTPOP jaja dios no la merecemos

    48. matias wonko

      te amo gaga









    53. Josefa Ana

      I ilstay with you not scare

    54. Romain B.

      Imagine hating Artpop era lmao she was too much for this world

    55. Samuel Barba

      Her outfit is one of my favorites ever

    56. Guilherme Dantas

      Ainda acho essa música uma das melhores da Gaga

    57. Christopher Tullius

      Her absolute best album. She poured her heart into this album when everyone profiting from her and around her abandoned her.

    58. Neil randolph

      a fucking star

    59. Sira

      No one: Corona virus infecting country one by one: 4:04

    60. J.D problems

      Ehhhh.. some old gold music 😍🥰💙

    61. Gdalf

      I cant believe Lady Gaga invented the art of miming!

    62. Ummm What?

      My favorite song of the album 👌🏿 👌🏿

    63. Cynthia Corcoran

      Lady Gaga going into Sia. We did this for them to see the transition.

    64. Francisco Fuentealba

      Her high notes in this song are FIRE 🔥😍

    65. Melanie Murczak

      Gypsy hieß mein Meerschweinchen....

    66. Melanie Murczak

      Manchmal denke ich, dass die Geschichte kein Ende nimmt... Mein erstes Buch war die unendliche Geschichte.... Von Michael Ende.

    67. Josefa Ana

      Atripin Egyptyogether Excelent idea

    68. Netflix ADVs

      Artpop is my gaga’s fav album, It’s so crazy, i love it much i love she, Gaga is amazing!!



    70. Raul Aquino


    71. Joopy Jellopy

      I ALWAYS cry listening to this song

    72. Zoe meow

      Those guys are so hot 🔥 lady gaga can i have one hehe 😘💞💖🔥🌟✨✨✨✨💞💖

    73. Soledade Cantanova de Maio

      NICE VIDEO MUSIC. LADY GAGA. SUPER FANTASTIC. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    74. Monkey 2005

      I don’t speak German but I try

    75. vampirexorcist

      amazing vocals better than studio version. she was so underrated back then.

      1. vampirexorcist

        @ck ck she was underrated in artpop era. everybody thought the album was a mess and lack of vision. nobody cared about her performances even though they were beyond amazing. im 30 btw.

      2. ck ck

        vampirexorcist lol excuse me?? Are you 8? gaga hasn’t ever been underrated her whole public career. maybe a tiny bit before the fame monster but she’s always been heralded as a visionary

    76. Marcos Souza


    77. burn

      1:35 that stare tho

    78. junior costa

      Cadê os defeitos, meu pai?

    79. Marko

      She wipe here tears 1:59 😢

      1. Cobbiant Miguel

        And this song always makes me cry... 😞

    80. Abdim

      Rainha 💟💟💟

    81. well

      Every bit as fucking flawless as the studio.

    82. Flavio Almeida

      sempre que quero chorar venho pra cá

    83. Kate Fox

      ARTPOP was soo underrated it's a shame that people are appreciating this album now and not when it came out...

    84. Kemas Tommy

      someday in Jakarta. Still hoping.

      1. Cobbiant Miguel

        😭😭😭😭😭😭😭she was censored there right? ❤❤😭😭😭

    85. Rachel Hoffman

      After watching Five Foot Two, which I watched before I even got into Gaga, I feel like she’s my big sister. I love her

    86. Eddo Toscani

      Un'altra perfezione della natura

    87. Kashief Y

      I think this is the best song she has ever composed

    88. Phantomtized112

      This performance was amazing. She has great stage presence. Her voice is incredible. Such an amazing person!

    89. Alice Serrão


    90. Mateus Vicentini

      6 years and I still listen to this on a daily basis

    91. ihate mylife!

      Ok I don't care what people say but I'm gonna say it, I love ARTPOP, in that era I became Little Monster, I can't still figure it out why many people think it was a complete flop. This album brings me so many memories because I used to sing her songs with my friends, so for that reason ARTPOP is my favorite Lady Gaga's album 💖

    92. emilia baniel

      Mogła bym słuchać i słuchać 😍🤗

    93. Ana Grbac

      Fabulous! Touching performance! Love it.

    94. Craig Naert

      Ready for that gypsy life

      1. Craig Naert


    95. Jake Bercades

      Everyday I speak “Lady Gaga”

    96. scarjo indo

      4:14 someday in jakarta 😭

    97. Ivenylon Onglais

      How I wish she would add this to her setlist in her Enigma show . She might change her setlist in Oct.

    98. Rati Phoenix

      Some people don't understand and won't understand ARTPOP.

    99. Kathy Buscarini

      The best Lady gaga’s song.