Lady Gaga, Bradley Cooper - Shallow (From A Star Is Born/Live From The Oscars)


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    “RAIN ON ME”
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    1. Der Freiheitskämpfer

    2. hairul Alif

      Love this song

    3. Rafael Eustáquio

      Sem auto tune, que foda!!

    4. Vanessa Leopardas

      Amazing performance!!! I wish you guys were real couple. 😍😍🤩🤩

    5. Оксана Никитина

      Beautiful ❤️

    6. rodrigo oliveira da silva

      Só eu que achei esse cara ruim de mais!

    7. thee legacy

      Bedroom eyes

    8. carlos gonzalez castillo

      I think i just felt in love

    9. Юра Каджая


    10. Rey Ban Amacna

      It's not even the Oscars season yet i'm here.

    11. Felipe Souza

      3:29 Kiss

    12. tom trevor

      why you so

    13. Alysson Vinicius

      Porra 😢❤️🤩

    14. jaqueline vivo

      Simplesmente lindo

    15. Santiago Vera Moran

      Casense xd Ajajajajjajajajahahahahhahshshahahahhahahahagahahagahhagahaha LA ESPOSA DE BRADLEY CUPER ESTA CELOSA😎👍😈 XD

    16. McSh0rtie

      The way they look at each other......

    17. McSh0rtie

      Love this

    18. TeenDust

      Vozerão da poha

    19. Christopher Jensen

      Amazing performance.

    20. Philippe Dorier

      sataniste trump va te juger,tu peux demander ton exil

    21. David Shull

      Should have stuck a tongue in that. And apologized to his wife later... 🙄 (You had one job)..

    22. Robert Lincoln

      B. DddccbFec b. Be

    23. Vitória Marina

      Que voz 🥰

    24. Guisell s

      What a power couple Love them

    25. Дима Никифоров

      you are the best of the best )))

    26. Celia

      Hello of Spain 🖐🖐🖐

    27. mani mani

      ვერ ვიჯერებ რომ ბავშვების მჭამელია 👎👎👎👎👎👎👎🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮

    28. Thomas Corsini

      number one lady gaga !!!

    29. John Pilar

      Hey 👋 wake up, this song saved me.

    30. Алекс Беляев

      Смoтрите Что тaкоe Трaнс, и кaк ввести сeбя в Трaнсoвoe Сoстoяние

    31. jchawks08

      If they didn't actually fall in love during the making of this movie, I'mma be pissed to ever find out.

    32. ᴀᴀʀᴏɴ ғғ

      Who's listening this in October?

    33. NBLP7001

      Gaga is an Iron Maiden fan. Gotta love her for that alone.

    34. Mari Maru

      So Beautiful!

    35. Gabriel Schmid

      Oh good evening my darling...i love you so much...missing you

    36. Ianto Lyczak

      I cried

    37. Ник х

      мне кажется или они фальшивят?

    38. Leyla Kobachidze


    39. Juliana Rodrigues

      juntos e shallow nauuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu

    40. K_C KH

      Come on!!! They wanted to kiss! I know it, you know it, they knew it 😭 ❤️

    41. Laetitia Lefebvre



      Take care of the water:

    43. Lopamudra Sahoo

      Ohhh it just melts my heart 😭😭😭😭😭❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️😍😍😍😍😘😘😘😘😘🤗🤗🤗🤗

    44. mile higher boyz mile higher boys

      I hope you know we love you no matter what and equality is something we all value now change is finally being accepted and not so freakish and shocking thank you for shocking the world for me your my spark tonight.

    45. The Home Cinema Engineer

      yikes "THE CRINGE IS STRONG WITH THIS ONE!" also pretty sure she was in love with him

    46. Axel Rodríguez


    47. Natalie Zayas-Bazan

      It’s crazy to me How in the movie her voice does not Overpower but in real Life it does. How did she dial back?

    48. melonhead34

      Kenny Rogers and Dolly Parton Islands in a Stream 2.0

    49. Paula Guevara

      Omg,This song is sensational!!!!

    50. Ryanne Barlow

      Bradley Cooper 😍 enough said... Ok, Edit.. Not enough said.. He's a crazy talented, sexy actor, and he can sing.. 🔥

    51. Ming Xiao

      Favorite Oscar performance ever

    52. GT 43

      She had to hold back to try and keep him from sounding any worse than he did.

    53. Marcy De los santos

      Me encanta

    54. Lucas Warren

      3:29 Lady Gaga was turning for a familiar kiss and caught herself or I have two left feet.

    55. Elizabeth Guimaraes

      Que maravilha,que vozes 👍

    56. Cynthia Grosz

      A melhor performance do Oscar que ja vi

    57. Justin White

      Gaga a little rascal , she needs stop staring at cooper like that !

    58. Patrice Gaudicheau

      C'est juste Beau

    59. Kim Seok

      이노래로 레이디가가 팬됐음ㅋ

    60. Donna West

      Sexiest duet ever! Beautifully executed!

    61. Piotr Morawin

      Jest w tym moc, jest siła i porywa i zrywa. Super wykonie, niesamowity Vocal. Dużo radości, super mocy w realizacji przyszłych wystąpień :)

    62. Alex Nowaka

      Soon this will be the live with the most views in history 🥰😏

    63. john gacy

      such a beautiful song

    64. john gacy

      I felt like in heaven

    65. Iśvari DeviDasi

      Magical 💗🙏

    66. salvatore frenda

      Stupendi come stupenda la canzone

    67. lyndon johnson

      the ASIB ending we deserve

    68. Becky Hall

      emma chamberlain

    69. Felipe Amaral

      Os dois juntos são perfeitos 👏

    70. Kane Edgington

      How does that voice come out of a tiny woman? Amazing

    71. Cristiane Fantini

      Lady Gaga demais ♥️

    72. Султан Султан

      Если ты русский или казах лайк

    73. Луна- лунтик

      Бравоооо!! Если и русский, то ставь лайк

    74. Monica Barb5

      Bradley Cooper I love you !!!

    75. Neiva Marino

      I love you lady gaga

    76. Motog Lte


    77. Minakshi Kumari

      What the fuck I'm just gonna die what's that chemistry what fuck man fuck

      1. lisa durkstra


    78. Carol Phillips


    79. İre. Tiryaki

      I love you so much Gaga

    80. xpusa123

      Wow Hammer 😍😍😍😍

    81. Bojan Djurica

      At 3.30 it is clear she wanted to kiss him in the mouth but seemed she remembered she can't do it in public ...

    82. Jonas Legend

      One of the best and strongest voices world ever seen? Yes

    83. DirceuBraz

      Tristeza Amazônica - Compositor Dirceu Braz ! ESTA MÚSICA E OUTRAS MAIS DESSE CASSETE, ESTÁ SENDO RETRABALHADA E DIGITALIZADA EM FORMA DE CD... Tristeza Amazônica. Komponist = Dirceu Braz DIESE MUSIK UND DIE ANDERE AUS DIESE KASSETTE WIRD ZUZEIT BEARBEITET UND DIGITALIZIERT ALS CD. BALD AUF MARKT ! Dirceu Braz, Heidelberger Trompeten Ensemble - Tristeza Amazônica (1990)

    84. Nellie Quinones

      j cole middle child

    85. Matt Landis


    86. Agatha Alves

      Posso ouvir todo dia que ainda assim não deixo de me arrepiar

      1. Pa Nuss

        Pode crê...

    87. Salomao Gomes

      Sim amados a performance do Oscar mais icônica de todos os tempos 😌

    88. Christian S

      Gaga is incredibly beautiful when she isn’t dressing up like a crazy person

    89. Mario Luna

      wait is this the most viewed live performance on youtube??

      1. i3

        @Mario Luna it has 500m cause it also acts as a music video

      2. Mario Luna

        nevermind i believe it’s second to set fire to the rain at 500 something million, though this might out-view in a couple of years 👀

    90. Loud Music

      Brazil is also here...

    91. Diego Martin Ho

      Desde el corazón

    92. Diego Martin Ho


    93. Diego Martin Ho

      Que temazo

    94. Matthias Wehrlein

      If you ever find a woman that looks at you the way she looks at him; don't let her go.

    95. Phoiai Konyak

      We all thought Gaga and Cooper will be in relationship after this..its oct 2020 Irina u simply left for no reason. Come back

    96. Lyndell Lenane

      After the film I just love these two. Lady Gaga, what a strong spirited woman. What a role model. Much love, strength and feeling. My themes song now. Thank you, much respect.

    97. Monique v. Jaarsveld

      So beauthiful this song. Wonderful .

    98. Bára Nyklová

    99. johnny bala