Lady Gaga - Star-Spangled Banner (Live at Super Bowl 50)


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    Lady Gaga performs “The Star Spangled Banner” at Super Bowl 50 (February 7, 2016)
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    1. David Rose


      1. David Rose

        From the UK, you boys, and girls are welcome in our country anytime.

    2. Daniel McFall

      Being able to sing the star spangled banner at the Super Bowl is like the highest honor for a singer

    3. Andrew Rodriguez


    4. Owen Beam


    5. Owen Beam


    6. Tstipho _

      Who knew this would be so offensive right now?

    7. Adi hd

      2:44 is a perfect picture

    8. brendyn gibbs

      God bless the souls that sacrificed their lives in war for America and it’s citizens

    9. brendyn gibbs

      God bless America

    10. Caro LINE

      Hands down the best performance of our National Anthem

    11. Michel SPIEVAK

      Un immense respect ✊ la France 🇫🇷 vous salue 🇺🇸

    12. Jorge Faro

      The best 🇺🇲🇺🇲🇺🇲🇺🇲💪🏼💪🏼🔝🔝🔝🔝🔝

      1. Jorge Faro


      2. Megumin

        Nah not really, they messed up the anthem to make it a pop song, search up US anthem 1945, the real version of the anthem

    13. Shit米霏


    14. David Ubay

      stop killing my family in palastine

      1. Amanda From Wisconsin

        How many of your family members has Lady Gaga killed?

      2. Cobbiant Miguel


    15. ChiefsRoyalsSporting

      Super Bowl *50* Just think about that. The *50th* national championship of the most popular sport in America. And they picked the perfect location. The young phenom vs one of the greatest to ever play the game. Perfect preformer

    16. ChiefsRoyalsSporting

      I'm proud to be American. Trump 2020

    17. Chris Brown

      I used to think she was all auto-tune.....oh how wrong I was.

    18. Danbi Kim

      0:39 doesnt that look like red skull im just thinking hail hydra!

    19. Bishop

      If Fergie was Bin Laden than Lady Gaga was SEAL Team Six. She just killed it.

    20. Avren Song

      My best by far =DDD

    21. Hogan Prim


    22. Alison Kalustian-Delk


    23. Alert Q

      No soy gringa y les juro que cada que veo este video lady gaga me hace llorar 😢

    24. Teanchai Ploytum

      Yes thailand

    25. akiyoshidai1231

      Beautiful notes and belts for a contralto. I love gaga, beyonce and of c whitney!!!!!

    26. Rylan Navarrete

      The last game before they took a knee during the anthem

    27. amy garces

      Her voice is so beautiful

    28. hao yang

      feeling patriotic and i'm not even American

    29. nathan phillips

      Trump 2020

    30. Nells

      Nuts to see nobody’s kneeling during this

      1. Cobbiant Miguel


    31. Luis Nicks

      I feel so goddamn patriotic only by hearing this, i'm not even american, xd.

    32. Muhammad Ersan Nurizha

      i'm not even an american and this performance gives me chills. impressive

    33. Gabriel Ignácio Lopes

      She is sooooo good

    34. Philip Kingesman v

      V. Philip Raja Bose Very nice

    35. syed Pigeon Greece

      Hi my new friend nice video 🇬🇷🇬🇷🇬🇷🇵🇰🇵🇰🇵🇰🇵🇰🇵🇰🇵🇰🇵🇰 🤗🤗🤗🤝🤝🤝🤝🤝🤝🤝 like 25

    36. Vicki Whetsel

      And now they kneel in protest; shame shame 😢

      1. Cobbiant Miguel


    37. Carolyne G

      There was a time when Americans proudly stood together and sang their anthem and flew their flag. What the hell has happened to the WOKE Americans...they now bow to BLM and Antifa their new God of America. Very sad to see from across the other side of the world. I liked the proud to be an American times.

    38. Cad Bane

      She freaking nailed it

    39. DragonChild460

      At the end she's like "bitch you know i'm a queen"

    40. Janelly Serrano-Gomez

      that was amazing

    41. Márk Sipos

      Good old times when the players were stood for the anthem.... :(

    42. Angel Fernandez

    43. Chairman Meow

      NAILED IT.

    44. John Rohlfs

      🇺🇸thanks from John Robert Bruffett Junior of United States of America!


      *She is who sing to national anthem the most creative and amazing I know. Like she was singing a hit song about her love. It's addictive, soulful, and interesting*

    46. Rafael Fonseca

      Nossa eterna diva! Muito linda e maravilhosa!! Que voz poderosa!!

    47. Riordan McMonagle

      Ireland forever

    48. Praise PUMA

      Yessmam I loved the "oh say does that star spangled banner yet wave" part best rendition yet

    49. Iza Beatriz Barbosa Camargo


    50. Mario

      My list goes like this: 🇺🇸 ❤️ 1. Beyoncé 2. Lady Gaga 2. Demi Lovato


      she sucks

    52. Madelyn Schweitzer

      It's 2020 and her performance still gives me chills

    53. Azlie John Soliven

      Whitney Houston is the Legend.

    54. Dream Gamer

      I am from India and I love this national anthem

    55. Teboy Gunvarongkon


    56. Call Me By Your Name

      I'm so happy I witnessed this video way back with only 1 million views

    57. Mr Awkward

      Played this loud in my house, American soldiers came over to overthrow my non-democratic parent.

    58. Jackieee

      Why is that one guy shaking at 1:57 and 2:05 he looks like he’s 🤜🍗

    59. Braddah Brad

      Nah guys, She IS the fucking queen ❤️

    60. Sarah Middleton

      Beautiful beautiful just perfect love it

    61. Zahory Cornish

      La mejor presentación del Himno EUA , ademas de Demi lovato , increible ♡

    62. Mipselled

      wow i can't believe lady gaga wrote the national anthem

    63. Aust Gaming

      Living waters outreach ministry

    64. Luis Sandoval


    65. Mits Kanakiss

      just dance

    66. radiohisteria9

      They had a super bowl match in the Lady Gaga’s concert!

    67. Cil Dagout

      My grandfather got killed, my uncle died on the way to the US , my mom gets terrize in the hospital, I was beated 20 times, stole my benben dogs, chicken all stole, sprayed the whole my coffees.. cursed me each day in vn.

    68. Cil Dagout

      When you will bring vn to the highest court?

    69. Alejandro Echeverría

      Gaga amazing I love USA

    70. ArianatorX blink


    71. Jovana Maric

      Her voice ❤️❤️❤️

    72. Jovana Maric

      I love her voice so much ❤️❤️❤️

    73. Visconde da Jandaia

      I'm brazilian but I love the American Nacional Anthem and the American Patriotism, Brazil need this!!! 🇺🇲🇧🇷

    74. linda dashiff

      love her eyeshadow...

    75. Alex Flib


    76. Brenda Morris

      Lady gaga more like lady caca

    77. Galatic Agency

      No one: Not even lady gaga: Narrator:OUR national anthem *USSR ANTHEM STARTS PLAYING*

    78. Selvirazhra

      This so cool, omg I wanna cry:(((

    79. Melon Musk

      @2:04 What’s the guy on the left doing????

    80. Jean Thunwarat

      MAMA I need you now

    81. Tonetwisters

      Take it from someone who has been playing guitar for 58+ years, who played out for 35 years, who had opportunity to engineer and produce in a 16-track studio in the '70s ... this lady is one of the most talented performers on the planet, and this performance is stellar, second to none.

      1. Horacio Gonzalez

        Great Contralto together Adele😱

      2. Horacio Gonzalez

        Lady Gaga is LEYEND🙌🙌🙌

    82. D Bravo

      4 years later all of a sudden this anthem is considered racist. Unbelievable turn this country has taken.

    83. The real Yoshikage Kira

      nah nah nah fam change the anthem to the pillar men theme or im leaving america :/

    84. william stelmar

      Wow, this is seriously beautiful to hear

    85. Brandi Marie

      Song of Solomon 2:4 “He brought me to the banqueting house, and his banner over me was love.”

    86. Lauren Schofield

      God almighty. That woman is one of the best talents this world has ever seen.

    87. Yan Tiu

      I still can't believe Gaga wrote this anthem.

    88. Lord Angel

      Le doy gracias a Dios por haber nacido en la misma época de Lady Gaga 🌈💛🎤

    89. Emilio Kenn Kierza

      Came here to recover my ears from Fergie's version

      1. Ghandi Venus

        Lordd hahahha

    90. saltyboynice government

      Lates face is lady gaga cant sing

    91. 신예은

      Home of the brave..... I almsot crying

    92. Серге й

      I was 14 when she sang this and now I always have some sort of nostalgia about this performance

    93. Global Feet

      Only whitney outdid this. I'm sure she'd agree. Wonderful stuff.

    94. Dan Stennis

      That is the voice of FREEDOM!

    95. Marat Zulpuev

      She is really a great artist. Conceiving inner idea of anthem and transmit this to the audience by perfect voice. She made a sacrificial ceremony as it to be.

    96. Sergio Choque

      Es increíble lo patrióticos que son estos estadounidenses. Ojalá mi país fuera así.

    97. DK rodriguez

      Omg 😭

    98. Marco Brianzino

      Scusate ma solo io ho sentito il “brava Lady” a 0:22?😂