Lady Gaga - VMA Performance 2020


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    1. Joa Kim

      Gaga on the pole was all of us when this record dropped. 🧞‍♀️

    2. Massimiliano a

    3. Stephen Carmichael

      This is soooo amazing!!! Love it!!! This is the clip which inspired me to create my CHROMATICA MEGA MASHUP! I just uploaded it, see what you think?

    4. Gregory Lessing Garrett

      I like how they have a lot of fat awkward back up dancers so Gaga does not look as horrible as she actually is. In The Roaring 20s of elegance and gorgeous women, Gaga would have been given the job of janitor for the cast.

    5. Gregory Lessing Garrett

      Lady Gaga: fat, stupid, awkward, and crude...the worst performer the world now. Hello 2020.

    6. Love Yourself


    7. Josefer Oliveira

      Lady é única.

    8. fannys urreta

      ermosa ariana

    9. Michael Wozniak

      They need to give mileena a lady gaga skin for when she comes to mk11

    10. Bill Buffett

      This is a historic moment not only two legends are performing live, but they are performing live while wearing face masks and not by fashion choice but by public health reasons.

    11. Rodrigo Montiel

      Vieron las tiras de los barnijo de Ariana Grande?

    12. Blury Russia

      armenia.... azerbaijan

    13. amir csrter

      i loved it yall did an amazing job and keep up the work

    14. Monica Moretti

      Artista spettacolare!!!! Unica!! Grandiosa!! Fantastica!!! Quando la guardo sento di esplodere dall'emozione!!! Potrei andare avanti per ore.... TOP!!! LA ADOROOOOOOOOO!!!!

    15. Ann R

      Can’t wait for GUCCI ❤️

    16. daniel blardony


    17. saulo henrique

      🥰😍Lady Gaga sempre a melhor.

    18. Lucas Hoult


    19. 幸福百年

      Blockbuster! The audio recording of Hunter Biden acknowledges his business partnership with the Chinese communist party's "spymaster!

    20. Mary Barbosa

      Eu amo ela maravilhosa

    21. John Raykos

      GaGa " love yourself," "love is brave",and 'I want loving every night" Explosive artistic eye candy

    22. 浩輔!


    23. Blue Velvet

      my little sisters loved this especially the ariana part edit: dont worry y'all i didnt show them the stripper part

    24. Jeff Plays Disc Golf

      After ari went into the whistle Gaga said don't u pull a Mariah Carey on me! Or no counter melodies in this bitch

    25. eLem3nT

      Wherever i see Lady Gaga dance i get nervous she's going to fall because she's wears heels 👠

    26. taku jii

      🇯🇵wow‼️MASK MASK MASK 😷GAGAGAGA❣️【Nyaon Hamanako 】🐱🇯🇵Takujii

    27. Santi Guergar

      Diana Ross makes me think about “replay”

    28. Christina Ferreira

      Gives so much hope to this chronic pain warrior that maybe I’ll dance again. Knowing she fights too gives me strength. Thank you Gaga for giving this crippling disease so much awareness.

    29. Atendimento Orange Locadora

      Is not 911

    30. Teddy Martinez


    31. Jeff Lester

      The dancing on all 3 songs are 🔥!!!!

    32. Patrick Neves


    33. bebukiny

      Reina del pop 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

      1. Josh -gigijas

        Del cuelgue jaja

    34. Master_MindCraft

      GAGA you are our queen you are so talented amazing and beautiful

    35. Adeline Garcia

      Ma déesse 😍❤👏🏽

    36. Jakob Whale

      *Hello, LGBTQ+ community!*

    37. Jessie Ho

      unik performance

    38. yoom

      When I listened to her voice only, didn't even know she was dancing QUEEN GAGA

    39. Renzo G

      I was part of this video clip, it was beautiful !!

    40. Grc Crg

      Wow ! Now they can lip synch without even so much as moving their mouths because of those ridiculous masks. And am i going crazy, or are they in front of a live audience or is that just some fake special effects thrown in to make it look like a real live performance ... How creepy can it get ?> Wait, did she say "Mask Up" ? Bitch please.... how much did that special effects mask cost you ?

    41. Skynet Genesys

      but this is a mentally retarded dance, live song is just bad, but what 911, they must call the madhouse, W Elettra Lamborghini e Baby K

    42. Phoogle

      ariana and gaga work quite well together

    43. Tamires Pereira


    44. Nepartinis

      God Bless Gaga!

    45. Javier Blanco

      Gaga win 2 BreakTudo Awards

    46. Javier Blanco

      Sing in emas Gaga

    47. Javier Blanco

      Two queens

    48. Javier Blanco

      So iconic

    49. Marvin Mktavish

      Damnit baby ... call me for christ sakes . You know you want me for your bass player already .

    50. CrackyNate

      I’m so happy . Cause I know she’s happy 💗

    51. •Blizzy Ice•

      Time stamps not funny jokes 4:03 me tryna catch a flying roach be like: Gaga:I want your love Me:**thinks of bad romance**

      1. Icy Takaqi 9ën

        It looked so pathic

    52. bruna Dantas

      gaga vc e tudo pra mim

    53. Equestrian_Lexi

      I love all of the other songs without auto correct thing for her voice but I'm not to sure about 911 without the auto correct voice thing

    54. marian castillo

      yass gaga

    55. norbdelarosa

      👁 👁 👁 👁 📟 👄

    56. tyrell solomon

      She's a beast

    57. Ariel Bosch

      I wonder what lady Gaga told ari????

    58. Gemima Buttercup

      She's pregnant here, yes?

      1. Javier Blanco


    59. Dividenden Hai

      Every Performance Lady Gaga does my mouth always stays open of pure shock that she really does these crazy stuff, it even gets crazier every different show she is on. Nevermind thoo i love it the more i see her

    60. Jero49

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    61. Amy

      Mommy Monster forever 🖤🥰

    62. P H

      GaGa 911

    63. Caio Oliveira


    64. Ami mama


    65. Roxi Foxi

      Me encanto!! ♡♡♡

    66. Syawal Ibrahim

      Beyonce - Gold Ariana - Purple Taylor - Red Katy - Green Doja, Nicki - Pink Cardi B - Yellow Lady Gaga - Rainbow

    67. Romy Vasco

      I like her 911 performance more than the music video

    68. Toya Harris

      Tf is this shit

    69. Dicky Aditia

      Aneh asli

    70. Robert Pipkin

      madden 20

    71. Jean Uzcátegui

      Am I the only one who thinks Chromatica sounds so much more amazing live?

      1. Javier Blanco

        Yeah! All the songs she sing

    72. Genilson Lima

      Oh my god! she's a goddess.

    73. Carolina Almada

      You are the goddes of pop from a since day 1💋💋💋

    74. Jcestradag

      Me encantó esta presentación. La voz de Ariana es increíble. Lady Gaga pfff este último album fue de lo mejor desde Born This Way.

    75. Jamaican Kidd

      Wonder what lady Gaga said 🤔

    76. Noah Strange

      the way every one of her vma performances are instant classics. like wow truly a living legened

    77. Los Parketos

      How tf can anyone say this is lip-sync?!!! I mean... r u all deaf or what?! It sounds way different then album version. F U haters!

    78. thebestfuckin-thing

      eres humilde mi chiquita dios te bendiga

    79. Silly Swastika

      Thank you.

    80. Leslie Fincke

      eessssh that was rough n not her style at all, r u sure it’s Gaga in those outfits?

    81. flor perez


    82. Yong S

      Even with mask, they are amazing!!!

    83. Kim Jon


    84. Timmothy Villa

      Did y'all meet her new piano Brian?

    85. Ze Buonarroti

      how did she change so fast

    86. 老夏


    87. Hanne Gautefall

      Gaga is my favorite artist, but her voice sounded kind of rusty when she sang 911. The rest was beautiful, i love you Gaga.

    88. They Call Him COREY COREY

      Y-E-S! Periodt. I remember being in the (NYC) clubs with GaGa before she was the mega-star that she is today, she was so shy but even then she ALWAYS captured others’ attention.

    89. Holly Davidson

      If they can do this performance in masks, Karen can wear one at the fucking supermarket

    90. Anastasia333

      Fucking masks

    91. Khalid Harag

      Khalid 1982/03/12 ~~

    92. jordin bramley

      i wonder how many takes and shoots it took? i mean ariana grandes mask changes shape at the sides several times look at 3:45 and then 3:54

    93. Sinara Beauty

      Amazing performance and very good everyone wearing mask.

      1. Sinara Beauty

        @Phil Fry 😛😛😛

      2. Phil Fry

        @Sinara Beauty Defensive now. Glad you have nothing of use to counter me with hahahaha

      3. Sinara Beauty

        @Phil Fry ok you just wanna fight with someone, go take your medicines and calm down.

      4. Phil Fry

        @Sinara Beauty I feel so sorry for you. You are one of those typical brainwashed people, thinking their own OPINIONS are better than everyone else's. Thank god people like you don't run our country. Lol

      5. Sinara Beauty

        @Phil Fry sure 😂

    94. Bella Bradley


    95. Atluangtea Pieces

      I wonder is her mask available to buy

    96. Cameron Gellineau

      "Let me change real quick"

      1. circe

        @Kim B, that's me They pre record the performances imo. Not sure the others but i think lady gaga performance is

      2. Kim B, that's me

        I watched that part a few times...still confused lol. (I'm guessing a time out, changed and then timed back in and continued...if not, then I'm totally confuzzled!)

    97. Daniel Conant

      Wow every time I rewatch this I’m still blow away these are 2 icons, a power duo they need to collab again