Lady Gaga - Plastic Doll (Audio)


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    “RAIN ON ME”
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    Music video by Lady Gaga performing Plastic Doll (Audio). © 2020 Interscope Records

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    1. Isael Nieves


    2. Jervon Brown

      I don't understand why this song was not bigger! BIGGER!!!!!

    3. Mehmet Zengin

      This is song the same THE FAME ALBUM... Amazingg

    4. Ana María Quispe Flores

      This banger is in my top 5 of ChromARTica!!!!

    5. Sleazy Whore

      I love this

    6. hejlik samco


    7. hejlik samco


    8. Pedro Lima

      Plastic Doll REMIX - Lady Gaga feat. Rina Sawayama 🥰🥰💥💥💥👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

      1. Ana María Quispe Flores

        No, Rina is perfect for Alice imo.

    9. miriã borges


    10. Marla Schäfer

      Wow This is AMAZING

    11. Little Monster

      When I sing "Dont play with meeee" it always off key.

    12. Alex Alex

      De mis favoritas La amo 💓

    13. Willian Lima

      My Mather monster

    14. P H


    15. The StormBolt 2021

      Sounds like yeah 3x and boomerang from JOJO

    16. Krzysztof Szymaniak


    17. Armazi Dundua


    18. Abel Barroso

      Merece vídeo

    19. BúhoBlanco

      The very first seconds of the song, sounds like a Bomberman Music. Zone 1from Super Bomberman Series (≧▽≦)

      1. Abel Barroso

        Es verdad

    20. Rafael Andrés Pabón Rojas

      Third single from chromatica?

    21. Sebas Escobar

      I'm I-E-I-E-I-E-I-E-I-E-I p-plastic P-plastic do-o-o-o-oll P-plastic, technologic Open me up and cut me loose I come with a purse and new shoes Am I your type? Am I your type? (Oh-la-la, oh-la-la, oh-oh, oh-la-la) I've lived in a pink box so long I am top shelf, they built me strong Am I your type? Am I your type? (Oh-la-la, oh-la-la, oh-oh, oh-la-la) 'Cause I'll have spent too long Dancing all alone Dancing to the same song I'm no toy for a real boy (Oh-la-la, oh-la-la) If you're a real boy Don't play with me, it just hurts me I'm bouncing off the walls No-no-no, I'm not your plastic doll (Your plastic doll) I've got blonde hair and cherry lips I'm state of art, I'm microchipped Am I your type? Am I your type? (Oh-la-la, oh-la-la, ooh-ooh, oh-la-la) 'Cause I'll have spent too long Dancing all alone Dancing to the same song I'm no toy for a real boy (Oh-la-la, oh-la-la) If you're a real boy Don't play with me, it just hurts me I'm bouncing off the walls No-no-no, I'm not your plastic doll Don't play with me, it just hurts me I'm bouncing off the walls No-no-no, I'm not your plastic doll (Your plastic doll) Tell me, who dressed you? Where'd you get that hat? Why is she crying, what's the price tag? Who's that girl, Malibu Gaga? Looks so sad, what is this saga? Oh Don't play with me, it just hurts me I'm bouncing off the walls No-no-no, I'm not your plastic doll (Your plastic doll) Don't play with me, it just hurts me I'm bouncing off the walls No-no-no, I'm not your plastic doll (Your plastic doll) I'm I-E-I-E-I-E-I-E-I-E-I p-plastic P-plastic do-o-o-o-oll P-plastic, technologic I'm I-E-I-E-I-E-I-E-I-E-I p-plastic (I'm not your plastic doll) P-plastic do-o-o-o-oll P-plastic, technologic

    22. Nalva Venâncio


    23. July Nascimentto

      Pra mim essa música podia ser da Britney!

    24. Kids Cut Production


    25. Anirudh Moudgil

      Just stop hating ❤️❤️❤️

    26. Roberto HM

      Skrillex & Lady Gaga = best song

    27. Լիլիա Տոնոյան


    28. #-just me

      1. Ana María Quispe Flores

        @#-just me **Mad army linking his own comment**

      2. #-just me

        @Ana María Quispe Flores كلزق

      3. Ana María Quispe Flores

        We don't need this, go alone.

    29. #-just me

    30. ARMY


    31. Rozha Army


    32. Patrick Moreira

      aged as great as a good wine

    33. danilo germanotta

      meteme toda la plastic doll vlv

    34. B. Rocca

      Puedes sentir a Skrillex en cada melodía en la que hace parte.

    35. Alexis Azpeitia

      this song is my favorite on the album♥️😍

    36. Caleb Keith

      Does 2:30 sound like Miley Cyrus wrecking ball to you ?

    37. doug thompson

      When I play's the only album I ever put on anymore...I crave to hear this song. I like side B over side A, though am thrilled when I put side A on (I think of it as side B). Anyway, Plastic Doll is one my ears crave when I think, "which side do I want to listen to?" (well, Enigma and Replay and all the rest on that side are fantastic, too)

    38. A C

      AN EPIC BANGER 🙌❤🔥

    39. Emma Harrison

      The beginning of the song sounds like jojo siwa- boomerang

    40. MegaJess83

      🎶I spent too long dancing alone. don’ meeeee.i built enough meeeee🎵

    41. Little Monster


    42. HARU M

      Love this music and voice and lyrics⚡⚡

    43. That's goofi

      This song is such a bop 💞💞💞

    44. Deborah Romano Camhi

      It sounds like Madonna's Material Girl o Barbie Girl by Aqua

    45. Anna

      Hands down, my favorite Lady Gaga song of all time.

    46. Bob Rellik

      This starts off so good and then just falters :/ why does she put on that nasally voice so often in her songs?

    47. Kenneth León

      2008: Somos plásticos y seguimos divirtiendonos 2020: No soy tu muñeca plástica Todo un ícono 👑❤️

    48. yenny diaz naval


    49. Daniele Paschoal Ribeiro

      A tecnologia estar a mil! Você está correcta! Existe remédios que torna a pessoa robótica!

    50. Daniele Paschoal Ribeiro

      Gente, essa menina existe mesmo?

    51. Daniele Paschoal Ribeiro

      Oi! Alguém pode me dizer se essa menina que estar cantando existe? Alguém pode me passar o endereço?

      1. Daniele Paschoal Ribeiro


      2. Daniele Paschoal Ribeiro


    52. Daniele Paschoal Ribeiro

      Olha o batidão da música 😮😮😮 arrebentou! 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏

      1. Daniele Paschoal Ribeiro

        Gaga você é divertida! 👍👍👍

      2. Daniele Paschoal Ribeiro

        Lembro das meninas da clínica famosa antes de tomar remédio da noite catingavam queimado, lembro da Lucilene, ficava super estressada, logo querendo remédio, ri das meninas apelidando-as de robô. 😅😂

      3. Daniele Paschoal Ribeiro


    53. pheba100

      please GAGA just give us a new single !!! even "plastic doll" who clearly is a bad choice for a single....!! But from nothing at least will get something !! PLEASE WOMAN !

    54. Fadl Elrashedy

      why is this not a hit

    55. Michelle Fernanda

      I identified a lot with this song, the moment I'm going through, thanks Gaga!

    56. Michelle Fernanda

      Im crying with this music , sooo good!!!

    57. M j


    58. Joana Cavalcante


    59. yenny diaz naval


    60. Jay Cee


    61. Camren Sketch

      I love this song. Also at first inthough "oh la la" what "whatevah" either way works. 😂

    62. MacArthur Radio

      This could have such a sickening and conceptual music video I'm crying internally just thinking about it...

    63. MacArthur Radio

      I don't think I can ever get tired of this song

    64. Fathur Fathirra

      artist : plastic porcelain me : melted plastic 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    65. Tharindu Prabashwara

      Skrillex and Lady Gaga.. An amazing song !

    66. Valdir Sousa Sousa

      Top mil vezes top demais ✌️🎶🎧🎧

    67. Danilo Germanotta


    68. Stacey's Girl

      I think Lady Gaga is an alien.

    69. Lucas Neto


    70. Jack

      rest in paradise sophie

    71. Daniele Paschoal Ribeiro

      Essa música é sensacional!!!

    72. Robby Steltz

      I desperately want a music video for this song. What I embrace so much about this song is what it states about women, but I also relate to it as a male who’s been through a lot of domestic and sexual abuse as also an LGBT person. When you think about it, this song could apply to a male victim as well, the plastic doll would be almost like KEN instead of the female BARBIE. Sometimes that’s how I feel it applies to me, I relate to this song a lot, especially the line “I’ve got blonde hair and cherry lips” because I do :)

    73. Silver Moonlight

      I mashed this song with The Cure which is also by her. It turned out really pretty.💜

    74. Storytelling by Noblesse

    75. Peyton Kassin

      I love your music

    76. Flávio Pereira

      I want videoclipe. Brazil want videoclipe. This is music is the best 🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷💖💗 plastic Doll 💗💖. ✓

    77. Katarzyna Brzuska


    78. Levi Asher

      Franklin Condon (My Ex) open me up and cut me loose cause I’ve spent too long dancing all alone, dancing to the same song. IT JUST HURTS ME!!!!!!

    79. Mr YouTube

      Some parts resemble the song "monster" (the fame monster)

    80. Kelsey Secor

      Imagine Doja cat on the remix

    81. Russ D'AMOND


    82. yenny diaz naval


    83. Jaziel Gonzalez

      Skrillex 😌😎🎧 the best

    84. NormanJ Gomez

      Eres maravillosa mí reina divina 👸🥀🎼☕💙

    85. Anti Bunny

      Do you ever feel like a plastic doll, like a plastic doll, like a plastic doll, like a plastic doll?

    86. JorgeCalderonVEVO


    87. Nico Hoff


    88. Simply Speculation

      I absolutely love the 80s Syntho-Pop vibe. GREAT!!!

    89. SLove

      Why isn't this a single yet?

    90. kukidzklan

      My second favorite song on Chromatica ⚔️ love yuh LittleMonsters ⚔️

      1. kodi

        I love you too

    91. Gaga In Chromatica World

      My top 1.-911 2.-Sine From Above 3.-Plastic Doll 4.-Replay 5.-Fun Tonight

    92. marcos lúa

      gostei. mas as partes que mais gostei foram do início e do final quanfo tem a voz robótica plaastic dóól plastic doll 🎵

    93. Adriely Lima

      Eu amo tanto essa música

    94. Trevor Bayers

      This entire album is very bland. Does NOT live up to expectations at all. Isn’t modern sounding. Not revolutionary or original at all, unlike her previous The Fame, Born This Way & ArtPop. No creativity here at all which is very unlike Gaga. It hasn’t lived up to the hype. And its no wonder why this album has greatly underperformed compared to her previous albums. Her singles have gone no where. Stupid Love was a flop. Rain on Me was ONLY popular because of Ariana Grande. I don’t like Grande but she’s the hottest pop star right now and carried this song to popularity. 911 might not have been a traditional single but it was released as a single with a music video none the less and it too was a huge flop. And it seems odd that there hasn’t been another official single/music video. In my opinion, the albums already run its course and it collecting dust. Shame. Hope Gaga tries harder on her next album than she did here. This was NOT the comeback to Gaga’s Pop Superstardom that everyone was hoping it would be. With its lead single Stupid Love flopping faster than a dead fish that washed up on the beach, this album did nothing to rejuvenate Gaga’s pop popularity.

      1. Hamlet

        i do respect your opinion but pasting it on every song on the album??

    95. Bel Thomas

      That high note when she says "Me" teleported me to the planet of chromatica

    96. Skyfall Sy


    97. Skyfall Sy


    98. José Salazar