Lady Gaga - Chromatica III (Audio)


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    “RAIN ON ME”
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    Music video by Lady Gaga performing Chromatica III (Audio). © 2020 Interscope Records

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    1. Javier Blanco

      Pasen por 911

    2. Javier Blanco


    3. Armazi Monster


    4. Armazi Monster


    5. Armazi Monster


    6. Armazi Monster


    7. Paul Gregg

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    8. Armazi Monster

      Love 🦄

    9. Armazi Monster


    10. Armazi Monster


    11. Armazi Monster


    12. Armazi Monster

      Underrated Art

    13. Aviation Jaden


    14. Tony Fox Tarot


    15. Salam Əliyev

      ultimate air❤🌌🔥👁

    16. Edson henrique da silva

      Lady Gaga foi indicada a 7 categorias do prêmio EMA2020 E vamos votar. Gaga tem que levar esses prêmios

    17. Joelle meaning Jehovah is God

      Youpeople need to stop idolizing these people. Go back to Jesus and stop being lukewarm. Repent for your sins and seek Jesus as your Lord and personal savior.

    18. Alice Kazami

      Chromatica 3 is charting now instead of 911 because interscope messed up credits and video streams weren't counted.They did Gaga dirty as they always do

    19. Rachel Jardin

      This is the end of 911 💖

    20. Storytelling by

    21. Anjali s


    22. sushi 寿司

      the beginning sound like a windows error- xD

    23. Jhon Cuenca

      Next singles : 🍬 Sour Candy (oficial video) 🐇 ALICE (promo) 👽 Enigma 🔄 Replay * 🙏 Sine From Above* 🔚 Babylon * *songs that's probably come out with sure.

    24. Wevertton Vieira


    25. Paula Murta

      Don't know why but the last 5 seconds brought tears to my eyes

    26. Batın Berk Çevik

      It has a serious "a series of unfortunate events" vibes and i'm lovin it

    27. YouTube User

      wait! Chromatica II and III was played in the 911 mv. Chromatica II at the beginning and Chromatic III at the end. I guess you learn something new everyday.

    28. Zhenis Ahmet

      This is played on 911 video end...


      who is here for the 911’s new video by Lady Gaga?

    30. Thomas Félix


    31. Josh Gavin

      This is at the end of 911

    32. Maximillian Strauss

      Just passing by after 911 video

    33. Antonio Ruiz Cruz


    34. Irven Tano

      Who’s here again after watching 911’s mv?

    35. Luz Moran

      Now that I watched the 911 video this foreshadows the Sine From Above MV.

    36. kengsengwo

      came here because of the 911mv

    37. Antonio Juan Jiménez González

      Who did come from the ending of 911 videoclip?

    38. Pri Heintz

      911 terminou com Chromatica III e vem sine from above de single

    39. enzmondo

      I’m here after 911 short film

    40. Dracarys. 7182

      Who came here from 911 vid. THERE MUST BE A TRANSITION RIGHT? SINE FROM ABOVE? HELLO? 🇵🇭

      1. Blackpink in your aReA

        Opo 😭

      2. Daniel Villwill

        Nah, we didnt came for that video. This soundtrack is still fire before the video came up.

    41. Alberto Enríquez

      Amo esa canción

    42. Tiago Souza

      My fav interlude 💖💖💖

    43. Anna Grimm

      why does this remind me of the sims 4 lol

    44. Jefft Alves

      Sine From Above

    45. Jeremy Knifley

      I certainly cant wait to hear Chromatica 4

    46. jesus of suburbia

      legend of zelda type beat

    47. du vhx

      old que a gaga faz tudo

    48. WakingRibbons

      Honestly, this album deserves a full feature length movie. Gaga + Sci Fi = Amazing!

    49. andrea cadeddu

      i love beatles u2 hendrix the boss dylan marley but this music is just shit for babies

    50. • S H E L L •

      Pixar vibe

    51. vinicius gomes

      Underrated. this intro is the best!

    52. Matt Justice


      1. Király Márk


    53. Armazi Monster

    54. Syl

      Super ♥️💜❤️💞💪💯💯💯💯

    55. AHS Universe Slays

      I've got a *VERY EARLY QUESTION* for all of the Little Monsters around the globe: So far we've had Pop Gaga, Soft-Rock Gaga, EDM Gaga, Jazz Gaga, AHS Gaga, Stripped Down Country Gaga, ASIB Gaga and with Chromatica we got a Nostalgic Gaga, so... What on Earth do you guys think the next era/album era of Queen Gaga could be? Cuz I'm kinda running out of ideas....

    56. Javier Blanco


    57. Russ D

      My 🌈What a body 🐞 🍯

    58. Mel Naiara

      It ended up so abruptly

      1. Nahum Rodrigues

        It's a transition to the next song of the album: Sine From Above

    59. turu bom

      Is like this music is from hollow knight

    60. Lyla Macleod

      The instrumental, removing the violin, it's alike the instrumental of Dark

    61. Armazi Monster

      Amazing ❤

    62. Ema Sesa

      Government Hooker the remix

    63. Fernando Moreira


    64. Sun Flower

      Please check out Davina Michelle's new original song My own world!!!!! Its amazing!!! And its written by Davina Michelle and Sebastian Brouwer I'm you're newest hometown breeze I'm you're newest wannabe I'm a product, I'm material It changed the girl in me Eyes come closer in isolation I feel lonely in crowded places My emotions get me frustrated I'm the new girl with lots of faces Sometimes when I get lonely Dream of somebody who is not only physical Help me with my fucked-up mind state I'm insecure, it's keeping me up late I'm lost in my own world (I'm lost in my own world) I'm lost in my own world (I'm lost in my own world) I'm that boss millennial But maybe more traditional? Oh, I get shy being around the cool kids I'm unpredictable, oh Eyes come closer in isolation I feel lonely in crowded places My emotions get me frustrated I'm the new girl with lots of faces Sometimes when I get lonely Dream of somebody who is not only physical Help me with my fucked-up mind state I'm insecure, it's keeping me up late I'm lost in my own world (I'm lost in my own world) I'm lost in my own world (I'm lost in my own world) I'm a lonely girl Lost in my own world My head's written this song I'm up way too late Lured in by clickbait Tell me, what did I do wrong? I need someone To help me figure out Who this girl is And what she dreams about Who won't judge a bit Talk all deep and shit Welcome to my own world Sometimes when I get lonely Dream of somebody who is not only physical Help me with my fucked-up mind state I'm insecure, it's keeping me up late I'm lost in my own world (I'm lost in my own world) I'm lost in my own world (I'm lost in my own world)

    65. Naomi Davis


    66. C D

      Adrena chroma we see past u gaga u shill

      1. C D

        @Király Márk she is a big player in pizzagate.go look for yourself

      2. C D

        @Király Márk haha believe what u program ur self from the nonce sense

      3. Király Márk


    67. Mykael Viana

      Esse álbum merece ter um Chromatica Film

    68. Joshua Bemiss

      This album is already one of my favorites of 2020. And dare I say the new decade.

    69. Marcelo Mikael Munhoz Lady Gaga Child Voice

    70. XVX BB

      pure ART 💗

    71. MitchRai Diano

      love my house please....

    72. Amanda

      We just ignore her album is named after HER FAVORITE DRUG ADRENOCHROME

      1. Király Márk

        You just ignore the word Chromatic.

    73. Logan C

      Burn white hot Lady Gaga 🔥 adrenochrome

    74. Ivenylon Onglais


    75. Su GaGa & The Crow Kingdom

    76. miss blue sky


    77. M & M

      Sensor sensor you can’t stop this.

    78. M & M

      The Turkish News is reporting this. Guess who one of the celebrities is 🤔 ya lady pig herself. The Turkish News also reporting about the Adrenachrome blood drinking sick pedophiles. Some of the pictures the Turkish News showed were LADY PIG, THE POPE, GEORGE BUSH SR, GEORGE BUSH JR, JOHNNY DEPP, BRADD PITT..... THE LIST IS LONG. 💥NOTHING CAN STOP WHAT IS COMING💥 JUSTICE SHALL PREVAIL

      1. Király Márk

        It's not about adrenochrome.

    79. M & M

      Adrenachrome junkie. These sick people torture children so horrifically that the child releases adrenachrome into the blood and these sick celebrities politicians religious leaders drink the blood. Justice shall prevail.

    80. M & M

      Go ahead take down my comment again. NOTHING CAN STOP WHAT IS COMING

      1. Matt Justice

        Little Mons†er what charities are we talking about; global citizen, Red Cross, world health organisation? These aren’t charities, these are money making machines for the elite and social engineering constructs. Lady gaga is the master of deception like her god alister Crawley “do what thou wilt”

      2. Király Márk

        @Matt Justice Oh yeah Gaga is pure evil. She raised 35 million dollar for charity, fights for woman and gay rights, saved lives, inspire people.......

      3. Matt Justice

        Little Mons†er there’s still evil, and it still roams the earth in the form of your favourite celebrity

      4. Király Márk

        @Logan C There is no God, no Satan. There is no hell, there is heaven

      5. Logan C

        You have no idea how happy I am to see this here. There's a special place in hell for these mfers

    81. Adriana Cortez

      Make another album like Fame tracks like poker face.dammm

    82. El DORADO

      Shakifans ❤️

    83. Martín Gallegos


    84. Sara Lexa


    85. Nio siok Hoey

      Collaboration display results go too far in the display without collaboration. black pink beats the collaboration between Lady Gaga and Ariana. pure black pink 1 day 100 million.

    86. Nio siok Hoey

      without collaboration, the fans are stronger.

    87. Nio siok Hoey

      Albums of the year black pink 1day 100 million.

    88. JOJO GL

      Armi Biljink

    89. Lavko


    90. kriss cola


    91. Roxi Foxi


    92. Roxi Foxi


    93. sanfran91

      These interludes prove that Gaga needs to start writing film scores STAT.

    94. Fatima Faheem

      I hate you lady gaga

    95. Shelah White

      Why do these Chromaticas have get shorter and shorter? :(

    96. Charles Harbarger

      But Ik what u have done and I seen the video of wtf u have done to kids

    97. iu asc

      Este audio me recordó la serie Dark

    98. Jose Maria Hernandez Ortiz

      Mónica naranjo and Lady gaga divas pop.

    99. Pamela Williams


    100. Marcos Alonzo Aguayo