Lady Gaga - Til It Happens To You (Official Music Video)


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    A portion of proceeds from the sale of the song will be donated to organizations helping survivors of sexual assault.

    “Til It Happens To You” available for download now:
    Google Play:

    “Til It Happens To You” written by Diane Warren and Lady Gaga; performed by Lady Gaga, from the film THE HUNTING GROUND, available now:

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    1. Quiana Urias

      “Why did you wait over 10 years to tell me?” Because I was afraid you’d abandon me and choose the father of your kids side over what he did to me and my side of the story.. Eats me alive every single day knowing he’s still out there in public 😭

    2. Damary Moreno

      Growing up my parents led to believe that they were my heroes, but the sad part is I believed that. When I told them I was touched by someone they know, SOMEONE I THOUGHT I COULD TRUST, they told me not to tell anyone and that I was overreacting. It's been about 3 months and I still cry about it. They told me they would protect me, but when it came down to it they were more worried about saving his reputation. I'll never see any of them the same way again.

    3. Alayna Warren

      my dad still doesn’t believe me.

      1. Alayna Warren

        @Nika Horváthová 🥺❤️

      2. Nika Horváthová

        I believe you ❤️ I'm so sorry for what happened.

    4. JYJnKumi

      "Why would anyone want to touch you?" I was 9. It had been going on since I was 5. "Look how you dress. What'd you expect?" I was 23 and was almost raped by a coworker. I was dressed in baggy pants and a hoodie. He still has his job.

    5. Official B.A.M

      “Get over it” You won’t know I feel

    6. Hailey Gerry

      I’m so happy this is a song love it it helps me a lot

    7. AERIE

      So this is what Bill Burr thinks is a joke? Thanks SNL. There is nothing funny about the issues women have been fighting in recent times.

    8. Sophia Silva

      So sad to read all these comments about rapes and abuse 😭

    9. Emily Malik

      Aw f*ck. I did not expect to get triggered from this video, I’ve only ever listened to the audio.

    10. Honey No

      “why didn’t you tell me?” I thought he was tickling me at first, I was too young to understand.

    11. Harley Quinn

      "I'm sorry your son is not normal like most boys" my teacher told my mother. Forgive me if I am not "normal" like other boys, it's just that I don't know what normal means

      1. Harley Quinn

        @Sophia Silva aw, thank you for the support

      2. Sophia Silva

        You were born this way ❤

    12. bodymod b#tch

      I was shamed and extorted for reporting my assualt. I was 14 he was 19

    13. Alia Khraisha

      Omg 5 years later and I still cry every time I listen to this song

    14. XVX BB


    15. Tamara Merritt

      This made my skin crawl

    16. oH MaRìA-

      "All he did was touch you... It was wrong of him but it wasn't tht bad right? It could've been worse" I was a kid He didnt 'just' do anything. Don't blame me for not trusting anyone ever again lol.

      1. Nika Horváthová

        It was really bad. No one had the right to hurt you. I'm so sorry. I wish you good luck and strength.

    17. boy fdl

      Nunca antes me había sentido tan identificado!... más allá de un gran talento, toda una historia de atrás...

    18. Kelli Wallace

      maby i tried to tell but my mom said if i did then id look like a fool an so nothing was done

    19. GLM 5983

      Yes,,,,, i was the men ho was raped when i was 6 After 7,5 years of treatment i wil go to my final treatment in the middel of the Netherlands by Psytrec in the Bilthoven. Fore 8 days. I trust them. I hope to finaly solve my rape and my Police PTSD

      1. Nika Horváthová

        Wish you good luck and sending you a lot of love ❤️

    20. _Wolkentanzer _

      I didn't know this song existed...

    21. Darko Markovic

      Beautiful song on such delicate subject. You can feel anger and pain in her voice.

    22. Calum Doyle

      Why couldn’t I do anything? Because two different times two people touched me. The police wouldn’t do anything for that. I escaped before it went farther. It was also two people me and my mom trusted.

    23. toxicwaste *

      You say I'm a liar till it happens to you. We were just friends. I was 13. Why is it my fault? He's way older why isn't he held responsible. Why don't you care until it happens to you? Why do you believe him when he has previous accusations? Why is it my fault when I said no.

      1. Nika Horváthová

        @toxicwaste * I am so, so sorry. You're welcome. Sending you a lot of love ❤️

      2. toxicwaste *

        @Nika Horváthová thank you so much. I need this. Even my mom doesn't care

      3. Nika Horváthová

        I believe you sweetie. And it's not your fault. No matter what you were wearing, whether you were smiling or flirting, where you were, it's not your fault. Stay strong ❤️

    24. CuteCutie Cucca

      you were asking for it i was 12 in my bedroom asleep.

    25. Welcome Paradise

      Ella no sólo habla aquí de la violación...también habla sobre la fibromialgia.

    26. Badjao David

      what is the name of the lesbian girl?

    27. Kaaayloo The dinooo

      can someone please give me a roderick time stamp..

    28. Mary Donley

      It’s been a year 5 months and 11 days since it happened to me and people still don’t believe me

      1. Nika Horváthová

        I believe you. Sending you a lot of love ❤️

    29. Егор Журилко

      LOVE YOU GAGA! Icon!

    30. Mishina Iivokuwau

      Everything will be fine. Just talk about it more and it'll feel better. My head: I wish it was like that but I'm at war in my head at home and at school and abuse happens at both home and school. Someone help me heal. Someone help all the teens that suffered the same thing I have with a schizophrenic mother at home. Someone help "us" amen.

    31. A

      i cried im so sorry for those who been through it im so so so sorry

    32. Voided Angel

      i was only 7, i trusted you

      1. Phoenix Clarion

        @Voided Angel And btw........angels aren't voided. It's not possible. You are what you are. Nothing can change that. No abuse, no torment, nothing. And one thing certain is - your enemy in this life knows that and the one thing that drives "them" is fear...........of you. So get yourself healed and get back up on your horse. You have things to do in this life. Cowgirl Up.

      2. Phoenix Clarion

        @Voided Angel Awww! I am so very glad!! You just made my day as well!!! I love loving on you guys, it is my passion in life to do so. Look up EMDR, it's a technique used by therapists that really works, helps alot!! And is a great website. I love these two, just adore them. They are brilliant. You my little peep... are going to emerge a butterfly. Do know that when inside the cocoon, the wings only grow because they are constantly beat inside the cocoon to get dry and strong. Resistance to evil afoot. I can see your spirit, I know you without meeting you but I am an intuitive so that's what I do. You just needed a little spark to light you up and so happy to do so. Now go burn brightly! And if you need to talk to me, I am here. Just write something here and I will answer promptly. You have a most beautiful soul, can see it from here. Our abuse doesn't define us. LOL! Oh changes us but let me tell you something - what grows out of it far stronger and far greater than any of the evil they could do to us. That's a fact. You look at yourself in the mirror, sit for awhile doing so and tell your troubled battered self that - you are going to walk out of this forest in a straight line. No more going around in circles. No more of that. And you let nothing and no one keep you from doing that. YOU are a force to be reckoned with so you go - be that. Take some martial arts maybe, I suggest Akido. Learn how to dance. Understand that your body has housed so much as far as your pain is concerned. See how best to release it and then nurture your body back to health. What goes in must come out so make that path a little easier and have compassion for all that you have locked up. I can give you some self help websites, books, if you like. I have a library of them. So consider yourself very hugged and appreciated because like I said, I see you....... I do. It's time to rewire your brain, get rid of the nasty self talk character in your brain that really isn't you at all. Angry, fearful, blaming little creature. Your life is your castle so throw that thing out on it's ear and be authentic from now on. You hold every thought hostage and throw it up on the wall and say is this me or is it someone else? So what if you end up with an empty room? Then everything you bring into it is authentically yours. Inspected and qualified as "yours", no one else's. Time for you to stand up tall, straight and embrace who you were born to be. Life here is dangerous. Shit happens - to alot of us. We didn't deserve it, nothing like that so we become - Warriors. Much love to you!!

      3. Voided Angel

        @Phoenix Clarion this honestly made my day, I have now started talking about it with people and my counselor. I am still working on my self love but everyday it’s getting better. I hope you are doing good too and I am proud of you for your bravery and your strength.

      4. Phoenix Clarion

        That's the worst part, isn't it....when you trusted that person or loved them? Are you getting help for this now? I hope so..... And when we are little, that part of our brain that reasons and uses logic isn't formed fully yet and won't be until mid 20's so it's hard for a child. Most just automatically think and feel shame and guilt, things the perp won't feel or can't because they have no empathy. But getting things out by talking and journaling is very important because then we can see and hear what's running around in our heads all the time and talk with that part of ourselves. When we are emotionally stunted early in life, we kinda get stuck at that age when it started happening. We might be able to hold down a job and all that but we are not engaging the emotional side so much when doing it. So we have to grow that side of ourselves up. I have known several victims who do just fine in life but when it comes to intrapersonal relationships or their own self image - things are not so good. This is why. Self love is a journey. We don't have to wear what they put on us. I love the saying....Fate whispers to the Warrior - you cannot withstand the storm and the Warrior whispers back - I am the storm. We are stronger than we know but we have to be very gentle with ourselves and our healing. We didn't do this.....they did. People have said to me well, even though it was your father who did this to you, you still have to honor and respect him because he is your father. I laugh! Ummm....noooo, I don't "have to", are you insane? For one, anyone can be a sperm donor and you have to EARN the right to be called a parent by me and you have to EARN my respect. People start out with a little bit of trust from me so that at any time, I might have to take it all back. Be patient with yourself. You are so much more than what happened TO you.

    33. Bdbdbf Dvdjdjd

      I love this song but it’s too hard for me to watch the actual video

    34. Samara Morgan

      This song really helped me through some shit. I was 5 years old and I had to see that person everyday for 8 more years. This song really helped me understand it's not just me, that it's okay to not be okay and to get help. 💖💖💖

    35. Tshe O

      Best song ever i always feel it in my soul, my mom think i forget cause i was a child but no i remember every fcking thing.

      1. Phoenix Clarion

        @Tshe O Trusting is hard after a person does this. There are people who can be trusted but with me it takes time for me to do that. I have to know someone for quite awhile and they earn trust with me a little bit at a time. When I was younger, even after my abuse, I would give too much of my trust out too early. It's like my lever switch on trust was shot. Either I gave too much or wouldn't let anyone in at all. Our radar/intuition thingie we have however - works very well when we use it.Pretty much every time I listen to it, that small voice is spot on. But when I haven't listened to it and overridden it, bad things and choices have happened as a result. I'm glad you make you're own happyness!

      2. Tshe O

        @Phoenix Clarion thanks, i try to move on and create my happyness i just can't trust people. Have a good life 😊

      3. Phoenix Clarion

        I always remembered alot, too. Some people do, some people don't. Memories can start surfacing when you are around 30ish, too. I wonder sometimes with myself - how much did I not remember because I was drugged through alot of it. I had many years of it. We need to use our lives now to heal and to make new good memories as well and to try and be "present". Much love to you!

    36. Junko Enoshima

      This deserves so much more recognition! I was sexually harassed 6 times in between 3rd - 5th grade. No one helped me when I asked for help. I was never raped, but I know that it hurts people so much. I support every person who is a survivor. You're beautiful! You can do this!

    37. Baby Boo Playz / Springily Playz

      I heard A rude HUfastr named Lisa Gaming Roblox added this in one of her videos...

    38. Sara Nikolaisen

      strong song

    39. Jessica Alexander

      “Why didn’t you report?” Because he was my boyfriend and I thought I deserved it. Because I was afraid of retaliation.

    40. Rosey cray

      someone you love relationship you think you are going to be stay in. Does long of horrible things. Break me destroyed me drained the life out of me to the point I didn't know who I was. I now understand that wasn't love that was abuse. I'm getting stronger now he'll never hurt me again. Emotionally, physically or sexaully.

    41. Camille Pelletier

      I love this song and I think it's great when artists take a stand. Maybe as a next step or for future videos I think it would be great to include references to more subtle acts of sexual violence. I think there isn't as much representation for acts of violence that aren't specifically rape, and I think including those specifically in the movement would be beneficial. Not all perpetrators recognize themselves in this type of video, and I think explicitly calling out any kind of sexual misconduct would be a step in the right direction

    42. Chloé Gomez

      When this came out five years ago I was in a teen treatment program going in and out of all levels of care bouncing back and forth form hospitals back to residential and even a few years after I was out of even outpatient I couldn’t watch this because it was so triggering. I am now able to watch the full thing and it is beyond sad but this is the reality and many people don’t want to accept that sometimes people have issues with men because they don’t want to face the fact that so many men are awful and do things like this to people. However not all men are awful yes many of us know but we are sometimes treated like crazy psycho girlfriends when we try to have relationships in the future when we are trying to move past things. I wouldn’t take in information my therapist was telling me because I was stuck on you don’t know what I’m going through, and some will never understand the pain and only know from textbooks, however many have been through their own therapy. However It is beyond important to let yourself cry and release those emotions even if they are ones we are trying to avoid and numb out.

    43. Karim Naboulsi

      Ces lady gaga chansons sont une remède de tous qui souffrent

    44. keepin the faith

      😢 TRUTH.

    45. Beth T

      Reading the comments hurts. Ugh

    46. A1izen


    47. Lex i with a heart

      My teacher heard me cry in the hall way but id always cry when I was getting bullied so she ignored it ...ig what they called bulling was really called rap

    48. kraze fag

      This Music Video deserve to get a 100M Views on HUfast

    49. Immortal Star Haven


    50. Min Min

      Hay qua trời mà ít sao có cả dislike thế

    51. Marr Lance


    52. selenesaudios

      sorry for my bad english im 15. im sitting here. im going to try to kill myself taking drugs. my life isnt normal. my thoughts arent the normal teenager thoughts. the person that abused me is now sitting in the living room with my parents. he greeted me a few minutes ago kissing my cheek. my parents know nothing, they have always known him and would never expect it. I was 13, not fully aware of what was going on. i hate him. he made my life an hell. and i dont want to see his face anymore. i dont want to live this life anymore. im so sorry for this. maybe i love life, but definitely not mine.

      1. Nika Horváthová

        @selenesaudios Im sorry. I have no words ... I just want you to know that it was not your fault, that you are worthy of love and life, and I'm here for you if you want to talk privately.

      2. selenesaudios

        Nika Horváthová no :,)

      3. Nika Horváthová

        Hey.... Are you okay? 😔

    53. Sabrina Alvarez

      When I hear this song the hair on my body stand up. Maybe it's not my favorite song but it means a lot to me, it expresses exactly how we feel. Unfortunately in the world there are many victims and that squeezes my heart. It is something that change us but I am really happy to be alive.

    54. No other Like my own skin

      Can you make song with Lady Gaga? With Jeffery Star Main Singer Lady Gaga ft Jeffery Star "On your life style". Lady Gaga

    55. something about bacon

      The dislikes definetly don't know how it feels

    56. something about bacon

      I haven't told too much people bc I thought it wasn't big deal and that HE made a mistake bc HE took me for a girl so everything was a misunderstood

    57. Assassin Scorpio

      This reminds me of how when my grandma and I were talking about what my brother did to me (he had to stay with her) she tried to convince me that I should forgive him because it wasn't his fault it was my parents' fault somehow. She said maybe if I had fought back or said no than it wouldn't have happened. I was so young and scared, why was she blaming an 11 year old?? Thanks Grandma for all the support I got... This also reminds me of how my dad didn't believe my sister about his friend molesting her because she waited until the next morning to tell my mom.

    58. Abby Brock

      dear mom. when i told you he touched me you yelled at me and acted like you cared but you didn’t. you did nothing. now he got away with what he did and i can’t get the image of him pinning me down out of my head. and you let him GET AWAY WITH NO PUNISHMENT. WHY . now i’m stuck with this.

      1. Prachi saini

        I am sorry sister, it will go away ask for help please!

    59. Im like two Mentally

      This hit really hard, I’m a trans man who went through this it started when I was 11 officially happened when I was 12 and ended at 13, I still try to make it sound not as bad as it is/was. I’m 14 now. I’ve never told anyone the full story.

      1. Prachi saini

        I am cheering for you!

      2. Prachi saini

        That's why you need ask help and out of that phase. You will be okay.

      3. Prachi saini

        And it's not always it was not that bad or not intense it was traumatic and that's enough your boundaries were broken.

      4. Prachi saini

        @Im like two Mentally you can do it! I am there helpful people are there for you, trying telling someone even a friend and please try to get help.

      5. Im like two Mentally

        Prachi saini im trying but I grew up in a abusive household were I was taught not to, it’s hard but I’m doing my best!

    60. DanLeigh Gartman

      Why didn't you tell your mom right away Because he was my step dad and because I thought it was my fault

    61. Prachi saini

      Wish I reported first how could i do they were my classmates and surrvent and senior. now I am in theropy and it' doesn't help much. Help! Please

      1. Prachi saini

        @Nika Horváthová I will, thanks

      2. Nika Horváthová

        @Prachi saini that's okay. Stay strong ❤️

      3. Prachi saini

        You are a nice person but sue to some circumstances I can not talk wish but I can not.

      4. Prachi saini

        @Nika Horváthová where?? I am not sure

      5. Nika Horváthová

        @Prachi saini 😊 do you want to talk privately? Feel free to refuse.

    62. Ella

      “Why didn’t you report it” Because I was 4 and didn’t have the words. “Why didn’t you report it” Because I wouldn’t be believed because “mothers don’t let their daughters get abused for money”

      1. Ella

        @Sara Jalbert no nobody helped me I’m now in my 30’s and still suffer every day I had two children to one of my abusers and I now live alone with them I’ve got no family and I can’t make friends. I’m very isolated but I’m also lucky I’m alive and have two children that I raised alone, they are fantastic and my reason to live x

      2. Sara Jalbert

        this is so sad. i have no words. how are you doing today? did someone protected you after that or at some point?

    63. Ella

      I know how it feels..

      1. Prachi saini

        @Ella I am sorry for you too, stay strong.

      2. Prachi saini

        @Ella thanks got them :-)they are nice and warm

      3. Ella

        @Prachi saini I’m so sorry you “know” too :( sending big hugs x

      4. Ella

        @Nika Horváthová thank you that’s so kind of you

      5. Prachi saini

        @Nika Horváthová thanks,you are really nice person

    64. M. Morgan Way

      it is so heart breaking, it´s a devastating amount of women. We women have to be together and support each other. Every person has to warm their heart and be against abuse and stop blaming victims, no matter who they are.

    65. W O

      💔💔💔 too true... you won't know. The injustice eats away a little each day.

    66. Yaman Pangkam

      I had faced many hard and bad situations in my life. There came a point where I was lonely and helpless. There was no one with whom I could share my problems . My family members had never understood me even though they love me so much. I almost fell into depression that I wanted to commit suicide. I felt so worthless. I thought there is no point of living in this world. I used to cry every whole night . But one day all of a sudden, a friend of mine sent me a video. Which in some way gave me a message that even if you forget God ,He never forgets you and He still loves you and is with you. I suddenly burst into tears and I kneeled down and prayed pouring out my whole sufferings to God. As lord Jesus says " give all your worries to me because I care for you". From that onward I begin to experience new life, a life worthy of living. I realized my worth is not in my body but it is in Christ who lives in me. As lord says" behold old things passed and new things come". Today I'm able to face that man who is a distant brother of mine who took away my childhood and I said to him " I forgive you". Sometimes when I see him coming to my house ,my heart burns with hatred and sadness. But there is always the spirit of lord telling me inside " let there be peace in your heart for I'm with you . For I see everything and one day every mankind have to give account of their sins. But just I forgave you , you must forgive him." And I really did forgave him. My heart is at peace now. My depression is leaving me as I always kneel down to pray to God to comfort me. Lord I pray for all my brothers and sisters who are suffering to comfort them and to give them your peace . I know the world is full of suffering but your presence will always encourage your children to live on. Bless my dearest brothers and sisters lord.


      Why didn't you report it? Because I was 5 years old

    68. The Beds

      "Why didn't you report" Because she would tell the whole school my secrets

    69. Jen Alexa

      I'm only 15... But this is an eye opener that no matter what's your gender, or sexual identity as a woman - you will still experience this kind of crime... And it hurts. This makes me realize that I need to be careful - not just me, but everyone because people in the outside world don't have good intentions.. This song is deep. I keep listening to this on Spotify for some time now but only watched the MV now

    70. Josefin Högberg

      It is a fantastic song! Very sad lyrics if you listen, but it makes me heal a bit more everything I listen to it. Many people don't know how it all feels to all of us. Love you lady gaga, you inspire me❤

    71. Aj Loomis

      this made me cry.... thank you for making this song

    72. Hannah R

      after 5 years of hell, I am finaly taking them to court. I want my comp. No amount of money will ever be enough but to have that hammer come down on them instead of me is the dream I am living for

    73. Alex Prado

      I was sexually assaulted when I told no one believed me I reported it to my school's vice principal and the guy tried to say I did it at the time everyone knew I was part of the lgbgtq community and believed him and I just felt ashamed of myself ever since that happened thinking it was my fault

      1. Nika Horváthová

        I believe you. I'm very sorry for what you had to go through. It's not your fault. Stay strong. Sending you a lot of love 💞

    74. Borbély Dénes

      i just found my comment here from one year ago when i said it made me cry. i did not remember commenting that, but it made me cry again. this is the most meaningful and important video i’ve ever seen. thank you gaga.

    75. Jones Family

      When I was in college, a group of us went to a bar to listen to some live music. We lived in a small, homey, dorm and became very close friends. We took care of each other, and always made sure we were safe. This was 1982. The bar was small and most of us knew each other. We were all there for the music and no one was drinking excessively. Some of us left early, leaving one of our friends behind. She wasn’t drinking, was enjoying the music, and had other friends there that had a car to drive her home. Back at the dorm, it was getting later and later, and she didn’t come home. We weren’t TOO worried. We left her with friends. Remember, we didn’t have cell phones and barely had any phone communication because we lived in a dorm. Morning came, and she still wasn’t home. Finally, someone called the bar and amazingly, someone answered. (They weren’t open yet.) Our friend was still there. The bar employee found her outside near their dumpster. Her pants were no where and her underwear were around her ankles. She could remember nothing of that night. She refused to go to the hospital or the police. She was embarrassed because she had no idea what happened. We know for a fact that she did not get drunk or take any drugs herself. We think someone put something in her drink. All she wanted to do was to have a fun time, listening to some music. I lost touch with her over the years, but I’ve never stopped thinking about her. I also never stopped thinking about the monster or monsters who did that to her. Everyone there was a ‘friend.’

    76. Soe Moe

      Reading comments sections make me teary...

    77. Gloria Nazareth

      A Huge hug and lots of support to all of you, men and women, opening up. That is beautiful. You are so brave.

    78. Jessie Chan

      "Omg why can't you just report it and be open with it?!?!" .....because this person is a family member who I still see often and my family tells me to stay quiet about it. And yes, I was a freaking small child when it happened and it went on for a long ass time.

    79. Paigeo

      “Why didn’t u report it?” I was 7 and my older brother watched it happen and did nothing...

    80. kraze fag

      Road to 50M Views

    81. Steven Sheef

      One of my evil flat mates from student halls sexually assaulted two people. He of course got away with it because the justice system lets the victims down, but when his dad came to help him pack I put this song on loop at full volume and locked my room, then went off to work. It was not something I planned. His dad looked like a ghost when I saw him take the final item to the car.

      1. Prachi saini

        You did great thing that guy must listen to this song. They should know how we feel

    82. Солнечный Тортик

      Can’t stop crying while reading the comment section. I am so sorry that it happened to you. Praying for your harmony and health. Hope you all are very happy now!

    83. Eliseo Corona

      I love you. I really do. I mean it with every fiber of my being, up to a point of desperation because I need you to see how incredibly valuable you are. How beautiful your spirit and mind are. How amazingly strong you are for coming this way and not giving up. I need you to believe me when I say that you have a lot to offer this world. I know it's hard to fight all the voices in your head telling you everything you're not, but you have to remind yourself that you are valid just the way YOU ARE. You have to see that you aren't dirty, or stupid, or weak, or ugly, or worthless. Bad things happen to good people, but your events don't define you. You're baggage doesn't define where you're going. And I know in my heart that you'll get somewhere. You'll get THERE--right where you want to be. And I really really really hope you just give yourself the time, patience, and fortitude to make it happen. Until then, I'll hope this message lends you support. Support and love. All the love my heart can muster going straight to you.

    84. Bright And Woke

      I really think it’s important , to know sexual assault isn’t your fault and for everyone to be educated or not whether they’ve been through it or not , I have a video talking about this on my channel , please please check it out , I wish to spread awareness to a significant topic

    85. RQ.Awkward

      I was six how could anyone do that to someone so young

    86. Nenen Silva

      Lady minha idola não minha cantora favorita que sensibilidade que resposta para o mundo por essa causa do estupro. Só quem passou por isso sabe o que sente. A mensagem que vc passou para o mundo é muito forte. O telefone no final eu sei que é dos estados unidos. Mas a mensagem foi clara no inconsciente das pessoas. Denuncie se vc foi vítima de estupro. Procure a lei do seu pais. Seja forte. Te amo❤️ sempre minha cantora favorita.

    87. Kayla Jacob

      Why didn't you report it? I tried the cops blew me off they told me it could take years to be seen in court and bc the guy was mexican he was probably illegal and even IF he was convicted he'd just be deported and be back in 6 months that's what a police officer told me on top of how I'd be tore apart on the stand, And he wanted to be sure that i was all in on it. I had to go through a Rape kit with a MALE dr. they wouldn't get me a female and then NEVER sent it off, i was told they weren't going to unless i was SURE i really wanted to go through with it.. A rape consoler even said you couldn't have faked that trauma, that cop made me feel like i was nothing and i walked out, I get home everyone now knows and i'm asked Why didn't you report it as i'm curled up in my bed sobbing, i tell them what the cops said and that it just showed they didn't believe me. Then i was looked straight in the face and told that maybe it was consensual by someone who meant the world to me and my Bf at the time constantly called me a whore and told everyone around how i cheated on him, and anytime his friends seen me they would bluntly talk about it. Anytime my family talks about it TO THIS DAY 11 years later i'm told i shouldn't have put myself in that situation. (Going a place that everyone my age was going too) I was so Mentally and Emotionally fucked up. I couldn't sleep with out reliving it, i was the one in the wrong though. I wanted to kill myself and if i hadn't found out i was pregnant (by my bf at the time) i would have. I was Labeled as a Whore when i had only been with 1 guy. All because someone raped me. So you tell me Why does rapes go unreported? I regret every telling anyone.

    88. Ashley Lily

      My cousin was killed i was blackmail and groomed by 2 different people I just want to be happy in life for once

      1. Ashley Lily

        @Chinmayee Jeyapriya you're very sweet but I'm alot older than you and I don't feel comfortable talking about what I been through with a someone really young but don't loss that since of kindness to help someone you may save someone life

      2. Chinmayee Jeyapriya

        @Ashley Lily that's okay! im right here if you need to talk, and i will support you no matter what you choose. i don't know why, but i visit this comment section every day, there's always people that want to feel loved. simce im only 13 i can't help much other than being there for people.

      3. Ashley Lily

        @Chinmayee Jeyapriya America i don't feel comfortable telling the State

      4. Chinmayee Jeyapriya

        I'm so sorry!! What country do you live in?

    89. Celine Star

      Underrated song 😭😭😭😭😭 they don't know how it feel for sure

      1. Chinmayee Jeyapriya

        I don't know how it feels but I'm so sorry ❤️

    90. Edgar Francisco

      "why did'nt you looked sad or didn't see you cry?" cuz I was in shock and felt ashame of my self bealiving everything was my fault.

    91. Lacey Lawrence

      “Why didn’t you tell anyone?” Who listens to what a 5 year old says about what her step brother did?

      1. Lacey Lawrence

        Chinmayee Jeyapriya, you fighting for others is what keeps this messed up world turning. Because there is people like you, who fights and install hope in others lives,people like me who has been through sexual assault and other terrible stuff, have a will to live and a reason to fight. Keep fighting and helping others. What your doing is making a difference. 💜😊

      2. Chinmayee Jeyapriya

        @Lacey Lawrence i am not a surviver, and im only 13 but i swear i will fight for you. and others. for now, that just means coming to this comment section and attempting to install hope, but eventually I promise i'll be making a bigger change. my friends all think s/a isn't serious and my family doesn't have feelings about it, but i watched the hunting ground when i was 8 and i realized how fucked up it is. you deserve the world ♥️

      3. Lacey Lawrence

        Chinmayee Jeyapriya, thank you. 😊

      4. Chinmayee Jeyapriya

        @Lacey Lawrence I'm happy for you ♥️

      5. Lacey Lawrence

        Chinmayee Jeyapriya. Thank you So much. I’m a lot older now and it doesn’t bother me any more. I have people by me that won’t hurt me and I got adopted so I’m away from all the hell. I just wish that the others are happy too and what happened to them doesn’t take control over their lives.

    92. Adam Robinson

      i have been raped 13 time i been in foster care for three year during that i been abuse i tried to kill myself 26 time and i dont know what to do

      1. Adam Robinson

        @Chinmayee Jeyapriya the USA im in Missouri

      2. Chinmayee Jeyapriya

        Whicn country do you live in? I'm so sorry, you don't deserve any of this bullshit.

    93. mack pasco

      I have never cried harder at a song. I finally told my mom. She is sending me to talk to someone.

      1. mack pasco

        @Chinmayee Jeyapriya thank you so so much

      2. mack pasco

        @UwU nation Thank you so so much

      3. Chinmayee Jeyapriya

        I'm so proud of you sweetie ♥️

      4. UwU nation

    94. Para Dice

      20k people don’t know how it feels

      1. Chinmayee Jeyapriya

        I don't know how it feels but I promise I'm right by your side and I will fight for you.

    95. Para Dice

      Thank you lady Gaga! Oh my god I’m speechless. I do know how it feels! And it’s the worst thing ever to happen.

    96. Annie Paulsen

      Dear ex its not ok to do that to someone that's asleep

    97. Annie Paulsen

      "What were you wearing" baggy clothes because I had already been harassed by my dad at age 2

      1. Annie Paulsen

        Its okay

      2. Chinmayee Jeyapriya

        I'm so fucking sorry.

    98. Paula Nariño

      Why didn't you stop him? Because I was drunk😔 the next day I thought that I deserve it, it was my fault for believe at the wrong people and put myself in dangerous. Just was dancing and have fun with my "friends" at the club 😔 yes I deserved it

      1. Chinmayee Jeyapriya

        I don't know how it feels but I promise I'm right by your side and I will fight for you. It was not your fault. Sending endless amounts of love.

      2. Nika Horváthová

        @Paula Nariño it will get better. I promise. Sending you lot of love! ❤️

      3. Paula Nariño

        @Nika Horváthová Thank you every day I fight with myself trying to accept and I can't sleep thinking about what I could have done then, and people give me encouragement and in the end I think the one who should have stopped was him. But is circle and my thoughts coming in all the time 😭 thanks for your words take care yourself😍

      4. Nika Horváthová

        Listen to me. IT WASN'T YOUR FAULT. It doesn't matter how you were dressed, where you were, or how you behaved. It is never the survivor's fault. Only person/people who hurted you. And I'm proud of you.

    99. Trista Williamson

      I was 10 when my sisters boyfriend first started, he blackmailed me... and it went on for 2 years... I hadn't even lost my virginity yet. He took away my happiness.. my innocence. I didn't even smoke... He got away with no charges because of what I was wearing... My mom didn't believe me, my dad and sisters and nobody else did... I'm now 13 and she has been with him almost 5 years now.. she lives with him.. they are trying to have a baby together... He admitted everything to her, and she didn't care, her own little sister. She chose her boyfriend instead... I'm now 13 and still crying to this day after attempting suicide over 10 times 5 mental hospitals almost a year of therapy. I watched a good few of my friends take their lives right infront of me.. the one time I had the balls I pulled the trigger and all it did was click. I want my family back... I became homeless and got on drugs. But I am now clean and thriving in a healthy relationship. I still think about it... I still cry and think about how things could have been different.. but I will be okay. I have made it this long and I will live the rest of my life the best way possible. And to my sister if you are reading this, I miss you, but you knew he was doing that stuff and cheating on you with different girls and everything. You knew. And you didn't care. Fuck you and your boyfriend for making me this way. I hope you have a beautiful wedding and beautiful children. And I hope I never see your face again. To whomever took the time to read this, Thank you for listening to my story.

      1. Trista Williamson

        @Chinmayee Jeyapriya Thank you it means alot❤

      2. Trista Williamson

        @Nika Horváthová Thank you. It means alot❤

      3. Chinmayee Jeyapriya

        I don't know how it feels but I promise I'm right by your side and I will fight for you.

      4. Nika Horváthová

        Proud of you. You are a great person and you are worthy of love. It wasn't your fault. You are very strong.

    100. Jakes Farm

      I dont know what to do.... my girlfriend as well as maybe 10 girls in her grade were were touched by 2 students.... 8th fucking grade.... and the counselors and principles havent done anything about it. They've said "I'll help you on that" and just left them..... help, I dont want their lives to be ruined more...

      1. Chinmayee Jeyapriya

        What country do you live in?

      2. UwU nation

        do you think there's any way the police might help? do parents know what's going on?