Lady Gaga - I'll Never Love Again (from A Star Is Born) (Extended Version/Official Audio)


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    Music video by Lady Gaga performing I'll Never Love Again. © 2018 Interscope Records

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    1. John M.

      We will all love again.

    2. Albert lany Humambi

      😭 😭😭

    3. Elis Sandera

      lagi rame ramenya film ini, gua putus dong sama cowok gua wakakaka padahal sebelum putus lagi pengen banget nonton ini berdua eh gak lama malah udahan hubungannya 😂

    4. Audra Hanks

      Okay guys this is it... I cry too!!! ❤️💝❤️

    5. Jana Zelikova


    6. Coco Chanel

      Très beau 😍❣️😍


      Muito lindo parabens

    8. ade sri kuncoro


    9. Лариса Соколова

      обожаю Леди Гага за музыкальность за танцы за новые клипы за большую работоспособность и за любовь к нам зрителям! Здоровья ей

    10. Maysa Alayya

      i cant love anymore my heart has been broken .enough

    11. Twin cain

      I love this song.... l lost the father of my 2 oldest kids in 2011 and it still feels like it just happened. We still haven't got over it

    12. Mega Ifle

      I miss u sooooo badly bebih 😢😢😢 💔

    13. dita debby

      Sedih tau ga sih.

    14. dita debby

      Siapa yg iris bawang

    15. dita debby

      Lucu banget

    16. linda weston

      Beautiful song

    17. David Abrassart

    18. Leah Kebede

      I love this song, am not sure if this remind me that one good person I broke his heart or am thinking about him cause am single lol

    19. Jessica Vitiello


    20. Ijnia Detiana

      Don't want to feel another touch

    21. Promethean Dev01

      It really is the most beautiful song ever imo. Cry every time hear it.

      1. Bianca Moya-Winegar

        Just found it, so far I've listen 3 times and cry every time. My husband has a heart condition...never know when it will stop.

    22. Anna Pierre

      Chanson Magnifique, je suis Française est j'ai traduit les paroles et je dois dire que j'ai été agréablement surprise par l'intelligence du texte . Avec Céline Dion, Lady Gaga fait partie des plus belles voix .

    23. Maryann Cruz

      I love you Edward Escamilla from SanAntonio, You know I tried my best too keep us together, but you never believed in our love, I had to leave because you broke me and my heart.....don't understand how someone can be so....CRUEL. but I forgave you, so I could heal....God bless is all I can say.....❣

    24. ZBYGLUS - Beautiful Places In The World

      Absolutely amazing impressions and music quality. I am amazed!

    25. Angela Marie

      I love this 🎵 song has so much meaning . U can feel it in ur soul . 😍💚💯

    26. Edson henrique da silva

      A música perfeita pro final do filme

    27. Lecrigniez Stéphanie


    28. ohyeah

      Just finished watching the movie and Lady Gaga was so natural in her acting not to mention her GREAT CHEMISTRY with Bradley Cooper. Yeah im kinda late and i dont expect the ending he will... but i love the ending so much

    29. anna vella

      6 octobre 2020 je viens de le revoir pour la 3ème fois. A chaque fois, ça me prend aux tripes. Ce film est tout simplement un chef-d'œuvre. Merci au coup de génie de Bradley et à Lady gaga impressionnante et tellement belle et touchante.... 💖💖💖🙏

    30. Neide Matos


    31. Neide Matos

      😥Linda Demais..

    32. Kajsa Hafström 5 Gantofta skola

      I ❤️U so mats❤️❤️

    33. Berglind Omarsdottir

      I wonder if it is better to love and loose or never to love..... I am so sorry for all those who have lost a loved one.

    34. O D Trifling Bugg


    35. Morgane Champeau

      Je comprends j j'était victime de cette même amour

    36. Hotaro Tomoe

      Atlast very good love story after Bodyguard

    37. Ian Gray

      End of the Movie! Beautiful...

    38. BrainInvasion

      Holy shit! I love her pop stuff but why does she sing that when she can sing like this?!!!

    39. Roizel Diez

      stan someone who can make songs like shallow and 911

    40. Roizel Diez

      i dont trust those people who prefer the film version... *do you live for pain?*

    41. Jobelle Salenga

      Whenever I hear this, I can't help but felt heartbroken 💔😭

    42. David 1690

      My partner of 3 years left me on valentines day because she couldn't cope with my mental health problems. Because I let the darkness of illness run my life for 2 years. Now shes gone iv defeated the darkness and iv took back control of my life. She told me before she left that sometimes you need to fall to learn how to fly again.. well my baby i learned how to fly and that was boring lol now im aiming for the stars with the heart of a lion.. just a shame ur not here to see me now.

    43. Laura Lazzarini

      Fantastico il testo e meravigliosa la voce di Lady Gaga. GREAT!

    44. Julia Wayne Trujillo

      Por una estupida razon, el amor de mi vida y yo estamos separados, las cosas ya no tienen un arreglo... despues de haber pasado por esta separacion, no he podido dejar de pensar en el como el primer dia en que lo vi, me atreveria a decir que estoy completamente enamorada por primera vez... a el le gusto mucho la pelicula, llegamos a verla juntos, ahora cada que escucho esta cancion no puedo parar de llorar y de pensar en el... espero que algun dia sea feliz aunque no estemos juntos nunca mas...

    45. JIL DALI

      très belle chanson touchante et émouvante

    46. dim

      (⑉• •⑉)♥️

    47. Laise Kelly

      Rainhaaaaa 👏👏👏😭😭😭👑👑👑

    48. Storytelling by

    49. Dayan Rodrigues

      Eu choro toda vez mds

    50. nguyendinh truongvinh Music

      if the emperor had a text to speech device

    51. Jo

      he led her on in real life during the movie production because he wanted her emotions and acting to look authentic like she was really in love but he dumped her after the movie was shown, what a genius player lol

    52. Kimberly Yarbrough

      Love this movie and I wasn't a lady gaga fan but I am now

    53. top story


    54. Jerson Melgar

      0% autotune 0% nudes 0%bad words 100%talent

    55. Christian Vance

      This movie hurt me soooo badly.

    56. Cristina

      my mother died in april / 2020 due to covid-19 and I couldn't say goodbye it was all too fast when I hear this song I think a lot about it and everything I would have liked to do before It left

    57. Cosmoslogic

      Wow that was about as far over the top as one person can possibly due as a singer , this was a epic performance as soon as here vocal cords vibrated with the song that resonates with all of humanity.

      1. Marion Gabriel Dingal

        I just watched the movie last night. I went in blind. I didn't search anything up, not even songs. And it's was worth it! I am still in awe, the movie was just beautiful and heart breaking. I'm in love with lady gaga even more!


      Qgaigauish 💋😭❤️❤️💌💌

    59. Poeta Felizpe

      I loved a man for 13 years.

    60. cj palma


    61. Grace Carvalho

      😭it make me cry this song😔

    62. George Wilson

      this is real testimony of a spell dr ITIKu who helped me bring back my fiance, who left i and the kids for 10 month. i had lost all hope about my fiance coming back home again. if you're going through a tough time in your marriage or relationship, or want back your Ex. contact Dr ITIKu on email or use to contact him in WhatsApp +2347026151606

    63. Arfa Adib Khan

      These lyrics talk to my soul.😢

    64. Gail & Nick Graves-Galloway

      Keep crying

    65. Randi Mae

      This song deserves every music award out there and an OSCAR Absolutely beautiful. ❤

    66. Patricia Bennett


    67. Fe Delos Reyes

      I love my life 😘😘😘😘😭😭😭😭

    68. Amigos Dá massa

      Uma artista completa que linda canção nunca vi tanto sentimento numa canção !!!! Lady gaga parabéns!!!! Tatentosissima

    69. Ana 17

      El dolor es inevitable...el sufrimiento es opcional...!!!🎧🎶❤️⭐🌅

    70. Gheissa Obiang

      This song is just amazing. ¡Maravillosa!

    71. Kimm Marshall

      I feel everybit of this so deeply within. Ill never love again. ~ miss him 😢

    72. MBDEREY

      GOD BLESS YOU ❤❤❤❤

    73. Dawn Clay

      My Michael was murdered in 1990 this song hits me hard! Brings down the tears everytime I hear it.

    74. André Rieu Fans

      Master piece 😢.

    75. teresa caliò

      Stupenda, mi fa piangere, mi ricorda il mio amore che purtroppo non c'è più.

    76. Ginger Taylor

      Truth ❤

    77. CG STAR


      Anyone else crying?

    79. Warren Docherty

      Absolutely beautiful song and an amazing voice i am going to this song

    80. Thu Trang Bùi

      I and my boyfriend broke up few months ago. I had had a crush on him when we were in high school, I had told him that I love him at the end of the final year, before turning to the university and he had not agreed. I continue kept crushing on him and finally, after 4 years, life brings us together again, we became very close, and he said he loves me, at that moment, I cannot believe that we can be a couple. He spent time with me, shared every moment of his life to me, talked about our future with kids. That was the most beautiful moment of my 20-years of life. But finally we don’t have a nice end, he left me, I realize that he haven’t fallen in love with me, he‘s just touched by my love to him. Now I have become better every day and stop thinking about our memories every day, but inside my heart, I feel so thankful to him, and maybe I cannot fall in love again unless him. I know 5 years is not long, but it’s already created me a habit that cannot be changed

    81. Jessica Dias

      So so so beautiful 😭

    82. Diana

      Maravillosa Lady Gaga!! Una voz única! Gracias por esta canción e interpretación en A star is born.



    84. Mª Montserrat Martin

      Dios como me conmueve esta canción.

    85. Richard Gieling

      Gaat over Viola en mij.Relatie staat jammer genoeg ook op klappen.Dan hakt zo'n nummer er wel effe in.

    86. AM

      Com'on to 100M!!! Her second audio certified!

    87. Vitria Arumsari

      Really do love this song ❤️

    88. P H

      Lady Gaga

    89. Neva Winther

      My husband died a year ago...the pain is like a huge lead ball in my heart..this song is my heart speaking...i don't wanna love again.. i will wait for him...

    90. younes moumou

      Miss, the pain in your body is build up emotion. Need to release them for you to go beyond and down.

    91. luhki heranisvari


    92. luhki heranisvari


    93. Pepi Caballero

      I have just watched this movie and I have discovered Lady Gaga as one of the bigest artist! Actually this movie has showed another part of her that I really love! (I know she is different to Ali, but this look and songs really make me feel nearer than before! I can not stop crying listening this song - all songs of the movie are great, also Bradley's songs - but this one really break my heart! Congratulations both!!

    94. normala deron

      I just wish I never love.....

    95. Earl John Francisco

      who watch this september 2020 anyone?


        EARL JOHN FRANCISCO me, this film is really amazing. Btw I just released a film on my channel about escaping depression it’s called Knives and wrists, I’d love to know what you think of it. If it inspires you :)

    96. Maria Socorro

      Fazia um tempo que eu não ouvia suas músicas 😍. Me apaixonei, só love. Y love you 🤩😍.