Lady Gaga - New York, New York (Live From Sinatra 100)


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    Lady Gaga performs “New York, New York” for the Sinatra 100 All-Star Grammy Concert in Las Vegas (December 6, 2015).

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    1. miminandrei

      No quiero ofender pero nadie puede con Lady Gaga es magnifica

    2. Rafa Simancas Blas

      ".... And New York gave us Stefani"!!! 💖🗽😘

    3. Jean-philippe cestmoi

      ..cela me fait oublier sa clique d imbéciles..merci Lady

    4. Alcira Teresa Hernandez Carpio

      Start spreading the news I am leaving today I want to be a part of it New York, New York These vagabond shoes They are longing to stray Right through the very heart of it New York, New York I want to wake up in that city That doesn't sleep And find I'm king of the hill Top of the heap My little town blues They are melting away I gonna make a brand new start of it In old New York If I can make it there I'll make it anywhere It's up to you New York, New York New York, New York I want to wake up in that city That never sleeps And find I'm king of the hill Top of the list Head of the heap King of the hill These are…

    5. Andy Benge


    6. Caroline Moses

      Amazing beautiful GaGa is LIT 🔥

    7. Isobella Monroe

      What a woman! So talented and with such a good sense of humor! Moreover with self-irony!

    8. Thomas Halizak

      Lady Gaga I want to apologise to you sincerely for having a uninformed opinion on you, when I first heard your songs I didn't / don't care for your pop music it does nothing for me I found it to be vulgar to my personal taste in music ! It was not the clothes or music videos but just the fact it felt very polished cookie cutter plastic edgy music pumped out. Listening to you sing the HELL out of these Standards completely changed my opinion on you as a singer and Performer and artist, I wanted to man up and admit I was Wrong and I am sorry !

    9. Dara McDowell

      I keep coming back to this video because it is so dang good

    10. Federica Rose

      Her voice is made for jazz music... just amazing

    11. Luiz Carlos


    12. Dean Chong


    13. stupidusername

      Lady Gaga pretending to be Frank Sinatra is so much hotter than Frank Sinatra

    14. rene adinaro

      She has the un gatz. Gatzzo. The thing. Love you kid. Love you woman and thank you.

    15. capri cat

      Damn she the best. Forever your baby monster

    16. capri cat

      Damn she the best. Forever your baby monster

    17. muge akbaba

      she can sing ANYTHING..

    18. DYL - DoYouLike Music

      She did a great job

    19. carina sowieso

      I can't say that i seen a lot of this World, but think that this Video is the perfect thing on our Planet!

    20. cuptain Marr-ell

      Can you imagine the crowd... the clap might not be that strong, I think they are mesmerized, at the end......Bravo clap!👏

    21. cuptain Marr-ell

      Very talented creature.

    22. Barbby Louis

      her tone isn't really that match w/ this song..😐

    23. Cande Irigoin

      estoy enamorada

    24. Cande Irigoin

      fuck antidepresivos, este video libera serotonina

    25. The Billion Box Olivier

      On veut vendre tes produits et tes compétences partout dans le Monde @

    26. Zelinka Pérez


    27. Thiago Aujoara

      She can single any kind of music so well; this is trully a real artist! She's complete!

    28. Triairius

      I am repeatedly just blown away by this performance. Every little detail was right. She _was_ Frank Sinatra on that stage.

    29. Marlon Fernandez

      One of my favorite singer playing one of my favorite songs....Just AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    30. Leon Guyot

      one million likes 2 lady gaga

    31. Jerwin Dapitan

      I feel like I owe her money after watching this

    32. Tara Greene

      a wonderful cover of Frank Sinatra's classic. Those Italians sure can sing.

    33. Steven P

      I get emotional every time I watch her, she is incredible.

    34. pittroadsixzeroseven

      For all you thumbs down I would like to see you up there and sing like that.

    35. Daisy Buchanan

      I just love her

    36. Maria Pilar

      This is just so beautiful. I can't get over it

    37. Maria Pilar

      My Queen singing my King's song

    38. alex edward

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    39. Mayra Sá


    40. Cláudia Cestari

      💙 Sublime ...........................................

    41. Angela Koch

      I love the sound of Sinatra/Bennett lounge feel. Love to see Gaga do that.

    42. Karma .Bitch

      I have chills such an incredible talent

    43. Mike Burns

    44. Min Criss


    45. Grumpy Bastard

      IN 2020 it is difficult to find new female crooners. It is a proven fact that new artists that sing a crooner son, if they have talent, wins the competition Crooner music is basically the the music of victors. Crooner music promoted a nation into victory during difficult times. We need new female crooners!!

    46. Renante Rebojo

      best perfomance ever!!!.,i love you lady gaga!!!

    47. Eduardo Suarez

      Long Live to Frank Sinatra!

    48. Frost Fire

      Keren banget sih nyanyi nya

    49. Defne Altıok

      lady mercury

    50. Jhon Edgar Viclar

      This is Jo Calderone.

    51. Carina Pearson

      God what a legend.

    52. Ana María Tapias

      Lady gaga fits so well in the "Jazz gentle woman" standard, and I love it

    53. MSK

      One of my all time favorite performances

    54. Donna A

      Who gave this a thumbs down? You need to have your thumbs removed.

    55. Dale Sexton

      There's nothing this gal doesn't do well.

    56. FJ VM

      This performance was so flawless!

    57. seiji iwaguro

      Beautiful song🎵amazing👏singer💐 and💐 wonderful👏❤video📹❤

    58. B9Bot 1

      Lady Gaga, keep up the jazz singing, you are amazing and a very talented young lady. Nobody can take that away from you.

    59. Xavier Isangedighi

      Pretty good but frank Sinatra always stays as the champ

    60. Brandon Brooks

      3:25 “I LIKE JANET JACKSON!”

    61. Александр Трембач


    62. m.

      Splendid performance. But what happened to her face? why is it inflated?😳

    63. Scott Guilfoyle

      when she says "go on down, take your spot" at the end of the song, was that a mistake on the part of the dancer?

    64. Meansy 77

      I personally don't like any of Gaga's own music, but when she does a jazz number (with Bennett) or her tribute to Julie Andrews, I'm really impressed. Bravo.

    65. No Name

      Best voice tone !!

    66. Umut Ozel

      Bullshit girl ! I wish u could have enough strong voice for the song. The song is unfortunately not for u.

    67. ddkoda

      It's too bad Mr. S never had a chance to see her perform. I'm sure he would have appreciated her talent.

    68. Nabila Putri

      Start spreading the news I'm leaving today I want to be a part of it New York, New York These vagabond shoes Are longing to stray Right through the very heart of it New York, New York I wanna wake up in a city That doesn't sleep And find I'm king of the hill Top of the heap These little town blues Are melting away I'll make a brand new start of it In old New York If I can make it there I'll make it anywhere It's up to you New York, New York New York, New York I want to wake up in a city That never sleeps And find I'm a number one Top of the list King of the hill A number one These little town blues Are melting away I'm gonna make a brand new start of it In old New York And if I can make it there I'm gonna make it anywhere It's up to you New York, New York, New York

    69. j qui

      “I’m just an Italian girl from New York.”

    70. Carmen Rejane


    71. Luis Gutiérrez

      People at HUfast must be worried for the amount of views I give to this video every day.

    72. Seb 713

      I love this song but more importantly, I love Gaga

    73. Franco Roberti

      Gaga good singer but this one is only for Liza minnelli.

    74. John m

      Liza Minnelli she is not ,,,

    75. The Wanderslut Jucaso

      How could I've missed this is amazing!

    76. Mikel

      Performance = Lady Gaga 💖 Vocals = Beyoncé 💖

    77. Oliver Juria

      Perfect package this lady is.

    78. Alejandra Garcia

      She is bad !!!

    79. 藤原貴子

      本当に…何度聞いて、観ても、かっこいい⤴️🆗🎵⤴️💕 本当に…最高です⤴️💕 お気に入りの動画です。発信者様に…ありがとうございます🎵🎶👍

    80. Arica Megg


    81. Maeve Finn

      She's just the G that's our generations Bowie or Freddie, can sing, dance, act, be an original gangster, creative, beautiful, sexy, loves the gays, equality, jack Daniels drinker, queen of our times, THE BEST, doesn't need any help to be her just is a legend ❤️

    82. Nellie Rowe

      What key is this in?

    83. Michael Tebo

      She is beautiful, incredibly talented can sing anything, a true entertainer!!! You rock Lady Gaga!!!!!

    84. Alfie Bart

      i love her sm

    85. Dakini I

      She is not lady Gaga!!! Absolutely


      Beautiful, as always.

    87. AussieSheela

      This is the very best tribute to Frank Sinatra ever done by any artist, male or female. Gaga, Mr Sinatra would be so grateful and very proud. Lady Gaga is the very best all round entertainer I have ever heard of anywhere, anytime.

    88. Beth Brittenbach

      She is for everyone. Gay, Straight. Persons of color. She is an American Original and she's ours.

      1. Maria Pilar

        @Felipe Espinoza ^^^

      2. Felipe Espinoza

        Humanity's treasure

      3. burnt potato

        America's treasure

    89. Amegakure no sato

      2020 ❤️

    90. Tom Tom

      What a fantastic talent!!! Love her so much!!! She heals my soul with her love vibe!!! Thankyou!!! ❤️

    91. car5car

      She is a good singer! I didn't know.

    92. Александр Ковригин

      Браво. !!!


      3:16 - 3:25

    94. Michel Dumont

      She cant sing every style perfectly! The ONE!

      1. Reny

        She can't or she can🤔

    95. Yon Lee

      She can Do everything and anything 👏 L♥️VE from Philippines

    96. Psychotic Thinker

      Like if youre having a GAGA marathon while waiting for MTV2020

    97. Cheryl Fayder

      No one holds a candle to Gaga. A great homage to Old Blue Eyes.

    98. Lord Gaga

      Pitch-perfect uniquely textured voice, sings every genre, plays, composes, directs music videos, arranges music, set & choreography, produces, dances while singing, composes orchestral arrangements and directs orchestras ... acts, is a fashion icon. This woman is a one-off genius in artistic performance history.

    99. Doodle Vision

      2:14 That’s so cute, Gaga provides set direction as well as she is singing. She is so unbelievably talented and comfortable on the stage that she does the job of the regardless as well while she’s singing. You could hear her say “go down to your spot,“ pretty slick.

    100. suguru deji

      if i can make it now, i gonna make it anytime