Lady Gaga - Venus (Official Audio)


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    1. Jorge Godoy

      i can't with people. so many amazing albums wasted because people couldn't appreciate them :( artpop and witness deserve an apology

    2. Jacobo


    3. Louis Ba


    4. 장태준


    5. Jackson Alves

      ARTPOP continua sendo a melhor era da Gaga e pouco me fodendo pra quem discordar ❤️👑🇧🇷

    6. Joshi E.

      That cover gives me chills… 😩💖🙌🏻

    7. markosgraveyard

      This song gets better the next time you hear it for me...!!!

    8. Οrioness

      Anniversery for chromatica here’s a unrealesed chromatica snippet

    9. VIDEO MUSICvevo

      I l u ❤

    10. Felipe Caprini


    11. Buse Tuygun

      I fucking love this song

    12. Matrixie Kitty

      This song would absolutely rock so well in the Panty and Stocking soundtrack!

    13. Zesty Club


    14. ognjen bera

      i lisen this songin2020

    15. angelo .of2007

      7 years later....if u are still here u are a LEGEND

    16. Charlie Quinn

      Rocket #9 take off to the planet (to the planet) Venus Aphrodite lady seashell bikini (garden panty) Venus Let's blast off to a new dimension (in your bedroom) Venus Aphrodite lady seashell bikini (get with me) Venus I can't help the way I'm feeling Goddess of love, please take me to your leader I can't help, I keep on dancing Goddess of Love! Goddess of love Take me to your planet (to the planet) Take me to your planet (to the planet) Take me to your leader (to the planet) Your leader, your leader (to the planet) Take me to your planet (to the planet) Take me to my planet (to the planet) Take me to your Venus (to the planet) Your Venus, Your Venus When you touch me, I die Just a little inside I wonder if this could be love This could be love Cuz you're out of this world Galaxy, space, and time I wonder if this could be love (Venus) Have an oyster, baby It's Aphrod-isy Act sleazy Venus Worship to the land A girl from the planet (to the planet) To the planet I can't help the way I'm feeling Goddess of love, please take me to your leader I can't help, I keep on dancing Goddess of Love! Goddess of love Love Wonder if this could be love This could be love Goddess of love Wonder if this could be love (Venus) When you touch me, I die Just a little inside I wonder if this could be love This could be love Cuz you're out of this world Galaxy, space, and time I wonder if this could be love (Venus) Neptune Go Now serve Pluto Saturn Jupiter Mercury, Venus - uh ha! Uranus! Don't you know my ass is famous? Mars Now serve for the gods Earth, serve for the stars! Source: LyricFind Songwriters: Paul Edward Blair / Sun Ra / Stefani J. Germanotta / Hugo Pierre Leclercq / Dino Zisis / Nick Monson

    17. Siti Zalina

      DJ Zedd produce this

    18. Zoey Arriana

      THIS is Aphrodite's song, but in reality ex's and ohs is Aphrodite songs

    19. Tokachi Morunoma

      Lady Gaga walked so Billie Eilish could run

    20. 노래하는거니

      Always an addictive Gaga song🤭

    21. The Space Dandy

      the sample is Zombie Zombie - Rocket Number 9

    22. Wade Torres

      Is it just me, or do I hear the classic 70's music of ABBA, on the background vocals??

      1. Wade Torres


    23. OkThenProductions

      *2010: I want your love* *2013: I wonder if this could be love* *2016: It wasn't love, it wasn't love* *2019: I'll never love again* *2020: All i ever wanted was love*

    24. EvilCupcake

      I low-key want to die to this song

    25. i dont like your smell

      omg not that it needs a remix but britney would be really cool on this song too like that would be awesome

    26. Bonfire


    27. Ana Paula Gurgel

      Literally there isn't a single bad song in Artpop

    28. Ioan Gabor

      Si-apoi tot la 4 planete construite apare fiscul , adica monsieur Caesar care nu te iarta , una trebuie sa i-o dai lui , doar ati vazut lista divina , acei oameni , nu neaparat toti , e posibil sa- adune pe toti împreune de pretutindeni pe o planeta sau mai multe , e o selectie din cei selectati deja de noi , noua ni s-a promis o planeta de fiecare daca provocam jackpot-ul si de unde le-ar putea avea daca nu de la noi , de la altii etc .

    29. Reydem Key


    30. Intellidroid

      Signal of Life in Venus

    31. Series Animadas

      Una musica muy poco valorado la verdad kk

    32. Billie Narssis

      The best song ever ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️🌎

    33. Marcelo Morais

      Álbum perfeito Perfect

    34. Andres Martinez

      1:55 Lady Gaga predijo el Coronavirus

      1. Hernan Morales

        Parece programación predictiva jajaj

    35. nicocola1

      We're all in 1 world now, gg ♋

    36. Sailor Moon Eternal


    37. jorge r


    38. soramitsuwu

      I can’t believe Lady Gaga invented Planets.

    39. Chrystal Slootweg

      I thought she said abc sea shell bikini lol

    40. Yus Ri

      Welcome to Venus Hooman.

    41. Matcha Frape


    42. Shy Bitch

      “DON’T YOU KNOW MY ASS IS FAMOUS” This the last thing I told to my ex

    43. Sophia Reichl

      i dont understand why artpop is underrated

      1. Siti Zalina

        @Daniel Ruddy I don't know. He also produce GUY, manicure. But most of gaga tracks are produce by DJ Red one.

      2. Daniel Ruddy

        @Siti Zalina but what does DJ Zedd have to do with ARTPOP being underrated

      3. Siti Zalina

        @Daniel Ruddy he did produce this. Look up on gaga page. It mention DJ Zedd. He produce the beat

      4. Daniel Ruddy

        @Siti Zalina I don’t think he produced this song.

      5. Siti Zalina

        @Daniel Ruddy but people can't hate DJ Zedd. Cos he produce this

    44. inelda judith hernandez tellez

      Justicia para Artpop

    45. Kirstine Brosoto

      Chorus - (COVID-19 version) : When you touch me I die, just a little inside, I wonder if this could be next, this could be next...

    46. A.I. the SIGNAL

      *Donald Marshall* wrote this song for her during his time at the dark CC... Don't kid yourself, now.. 😐

    47. KOFASH 123

      1:55 I remember when I first saw that, it scared me so much

    48. Hanne Gautefall


    49. Nicola Zagni

      Gaga: the 1 in 100 years music genius you were looking for.💕

    50. Abraham Daniels

      Can't believe Gaga knew that there was life on Venus before anyone

    51. Mariel G. Hernández.


    52. Juan Ardila

      Queen of teaching us astronomy!

    53. Edilson Acevedo

      911 es la nueva venus omg

    54. Sonic the Hedgehog


    55. Niazkilam 98

      artpop aged really well omfg

    56. Katherine Kass

      September 19, 2020: STOP wearing my Walmart backpacks

    57. Junck


    58. Flying Cucumber

      Who went out for a Lady Gaga marathon after 911 and their current stop was this masterpiece? (sorry for Bad english)

    59. Ferchoraver

      Quién viene después de ver qué hay posible vida en VENUS.

    60. Rośliny Egzotyczne

      anyone is still here xD i love this song

    61. Gavin Renna

      Oh god this is not about Venus 😂

    62. Amir Grant Hilario

      Who knew that there's life in venus Little monsters be like: it's aphrodite

    63. Wyn Ignatius

      i think this should be on Chromatica

      1. Wyn Ignatius

        @boqak Bet Chromatica ball is really dark, cyberpunk, galactic and grunge kinda concept. Like Born this way ball but Cyberpunk vibes

      2. boqak

        @Wyn Ignatius ikr i would love that

      3. Wyn Ignatius

        @boqak i hope she perform this on her Chromatica ball. it really fits for her tour motif

      4. boqak


    64. no way

      she predicted life on venus, we stan.

    65. Hans Fxrhx

      Imagine "Venus" in Chromatica. It would fit so well as follow up to Chromatica I, then Venus as 2nd track, Alice the 3rd track

    66. Zyphyr Sahagun

      When she sats 'Venus' i misheard it as 'penis'

      1. Niazkilam 98

        same lmao

    67. Raul Santana


    68. Reydem Key



      posible prueba de vida en..... VENUS.

    70. Not Gaga


    71. Eddy

      Scientists in 2020: “We found life on Venus” Gaga in 2013: “Take me to your planet, Venus” WE ALREADY KNOW THAT IS LIFE ON VENUS.

      1. Siti Zalina

        DJ Zedd produce this

    72. Joan Felix

      Who's here because apparently there might be some type of life on Venus?

    73. Emmanuel Thompson

      who's here after new evidence that there might be life on venus?!!

    74. Zamuel Ribón

      Now for the possible life in Venus, we should make trend this gem 👽

    75. Marcelo Souza

      Life in Venus. Better than Simpsons.

    76. Carlos Cabrera

      Who’s here in 2020?

    77. Pluwi

      the national anthem of venus

    78. guilherme oliveira

      Vim aqui depois das evidências de possível vida em Vênus

    79. Pedro Carvalho


    80. Joopy Jellopy


    81. Holy Majesty

      When scientist Discover possible life on venus.

    82. Noah Dunlop

      Listening to art pop is an absolute treat. The transition from aura to venus is so satisfying... Such a shame she was so before her time.

    83. Antonio Centurión

      Possible life on Venus

      1. Hernan Morales

        We know what Gaga has done in Venus🌚

    84. James W

      The artwork is what scientists will see under the microscope after scoping up some of Venus' atmosphere.

      1. Siti Zalina

        DJ Zedd produce this

    85. Craig The Killer

      Today we found possibile life on Venus... ok Gaga

    86. Caique Leal

      The best of ARTPOP

    87. Anderson

      Quem veio pelo tweet do RDT? kkkk

      1. Emily

        eu kkjkk do nada eles postaram

    88. Nathan Araujo

      After it was confirmed life on venus

    89. Mscape 7777

      Who's here after it was confirmed that there is life on Venus?

    90. Problematic Bitch

      She knew venus had life on it before everyone else

      1. Siti Zalina

        @Blue Watermelon DJ Zedd produce this

      2. Siti Zalina

        @morticia beauty DJ Zedd produce this

      3. morticia beauty

        I can't believe gaga invented extra terrestrial life

      4. Blue Watermelon

        If that's true this song is gonna blow up charts

    91. Kendra Kay

      Who woulda thought many years later we would find out that Venus has life on it?

    92. Calico Dumbass

      Is this the new Sailor Moon spin-off theme?

    93. Rick Lowkster

      Take me to your planet …I’m done with 2020.

    94. Bruno Chaigneau

      For me: 1. Born This Way 2. The Fame Monster 3. ARTPOP 4. Joanne 5. Chromatica 6. The Fame

    95. i3

      A gay anthem indeed

    96. King Rodriguez

      The VIBEEEE

    97. i3

      *aphroditi lady seashell bikini*