Lady Gaga - Dope (Explicit) (VEVO Presents)


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    Lady Gaga performing Dope live at #VEVOartRave in Brooklyn, NY on Nov. 10, 2013.

    © 2013 Interscope

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    1. Robin tell

      Who came here for Toad?

    2. prt d

      When I tell you I BAWLED

    3. Luiza Panobianco

      Cork's off, it's on The party's just begun I promise This drink is my last one I know I fucked up again Because I lost my only friend God forgive my sins Don't leave me, I Oh I will hate myself until I die My heart would break without you Might not awake without you Been hurting low, from living high for so long I'm sorry, and I love you Stay with me, "Bell Bottom Blue" I'll keep on searching for an answer cause I need you more than dope I need you more than dope Need you more than dope Need you more than dope I need you more than dope Toast one last puff And two last regrets Three spirits and Twelve lonely steps Up heaven's stairway to gold Mine myself like coal A mountain of a soul Each day, I cry Oh, I feel so low from living high My heart would break without you Might not awake without you Been hurting low, from living high for so long I'm sorry, and I love you Stay with me, "Bell Bottom Blue" I'll keep searching for an answer cause I need you more than dope I need you more than dope I need you more than dope I need you more than dope I need you more than dope I need you more Need you more I need you more than dope

    4. Valerie Tower


    5. Gabriel Castelo Branco

      She touch my soul like nothing

    6. John Mateer

      This isn’t just a song to me like it was in 2013. I lost my best friend. I don’t blame her. I was addicted to drugs and being very cruel. She was there for me through everything. I messed up so bad.

    7. Rosemary Leo

      Is it just me or Lady Gaga looks a little bit like Millie Bobby Brown

    8. Patricia Moodie

      Great music the finest and the best artist here on Your Tube All no hold bars here Thanks You tube Your The Besr .finest of the finest of all artist . What more could you be. Nothing it’s all here on You Tube Thanks for Sharing these collections something for everybody. Love it.

    9. leticia ok

      Es muy hermoso lady gaga es lo mejor que tiene el pop la amo!

    10. Gerhard Cantzler

      So exciting and emotional!´!!!!👏👏👍😘😘

    11. Victory Abibang

      In every video I watch of her I fall more nd more in love with her I'm so grateful she exists

    12. Storytelling by

    13. Cristy k

      I dont know who sounds better, her or toad everytime she pauses

    14. Leandro Müller Vieira

      Gaga, I cry every time I listen to this song 😭❤️

    15. John Caos

      la única artista que ama más a su público que a sí misma ♥

    16. Ruan César

      Jesus, que perfeição 😍 Essa mulher é maravilhosa!!!

    17. Cactus

      you can also hear toad at the begining

    18. Giovanni Orozco

      Wait 2013 was 6 years ago?

    19. Giovanni Orozco

      Damn you can tell even animals love her music there's a sheep in her crowd.

    20. LadyJay333

      How are people walking around and talking to each other? I would be paying rapt attention.

    21. Oscar Rivera

      Amazing song

    22. Super Kooper

      Was that toad at 6:25?

    23. Salva Lll

      Its been 6months I haven’t taken any drugs just listening to artpop live performances 🖤‼️

      1. iamtheforeverboy

        @Salva Lll i'm proud of you, keep pushing

      2. Annika

        @Salva Lll 😍😍😍 you goooooo 💓

      3. Salva Lll

        iamtheforeverboy thanks am soo happy too :) stay safe 🖤☮️

      4. Salva Lll

        Annika 🖤🖤🖤🖤☮️

      5. Salva Lll

        Annika 7 months 🖤✨

    24. Kiamo Sky

      I was crying and then toad from mario ruined my crying mood and made me laugh my tears out

    25. semi-symmetrical


      1. semi-symmetrical

        @Harry Knowles but toad- *RESPECT TOAD*

      2. Harry Knowles

        girl, everyone is.. appreciate the song and her words

    26. Rob Moore

      forgive me monsters, won't you fucking BROKE me. you don't have to ask us to forgive you. not for anything.

    27. Aaron Woodward

      She is absolutely great...and I am not pop fan. I dig old school punk and the wicked shit(if you know)...but this women is the shit!!!!

    28. Stephania Carreño

      My dad was an addicted and alcoholic, I didn’t grew up with him, my mom leave him when I was a baby, and each time I heard this song I feel like his talking me through it, telling me that he needs me more than dope

    29. Leah Bond

      Crying before she even starts singing. She is a gift. 😭😭😭

    30. [WUT] Adam

      Who came for Toad screaming?

    31. Carolanne Boulay


    32. Carolanne Boulay


    33. Helena de Albuquerque Psicóloga

      We can do it without the 'dope'!

    34. William Savage

      Lady Gaga I love you

    35. Felipe Brockveld

      I am sorry For losing my star

    36. Rick Hurst

      Reminds me of Billy Joel when she hits the piano. Wish she would do a whole album.

    37. pinballman pinhead

      A true artist orginal refined, perfect, that voice is unbelievable Behold the perfect voice ,

    38. Payaso Feliz

      AUG 13th 2020 ❤️

    39. Htut htut

      Perfect song and performance,

    40. Tater Tot

      If you listen closely you can hear toad screaming at random times throughout the piece, lmao

    41. Jayr Yip

      She sounds like Lana Del Rey

    42. John Ornelas

      This song is too sad to list too

    43. Chas Dean

      I tend to lean more towards country music and classic rock. VERY few pop artists can catch my attention. However, Lady GaGa has had me since the first time I ever heard her. Her talent is pure and raw. And you can tell that she genuinely loves her fans as much as we love her. And I truly believe that she is for today's generation what Madonna and Cher was for the generations that grew up listening to them.....a beacon of hope, a voice for the voiceless. We love you, GaGa!

    44. Cirugia Centro Medico

      Toad a real lil monster

    45. Lampartski Cartier

      6:26 yo CHILL

    46. Bepisman

      Good to know that toad got to see a lady gaga concert in person.

    47. Anthony Chungus

      6:26 toad says “omg she’s so good”

    48. Maggie_LG

      Gaga we need you more than dope

    49. paula carmona

      Toad’s having a blast you can hear him every 5 seconds

    50. Sierra Lee

      Love this

    51. Haj på daj ?

      2020 and I still cry like a baby every time i watch this performance

    52. The Scott Sisters

      Damn. Didn’t know I was gonna cry before 7am with this

    53. Isilda Grandini

      Muita luz pra você, i love you ❤️🙏

    54. Isilda Grandini

      I love you Lady Gaga ❤️✨🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼🎇🎇

    55. 50K subscribers challenge

      Imagine if she released this as a single? It would have been so much bigger, the fact that it peaked #8 higher than GUY and Do What U Want. Gypsy should have been releasedas a single too.

    56. Alea Philpot

      I cried at this for 20mins

    57. lorenzo calderon

      This song helped my dad recover from drugs

    58. rod malanao

      when this came out 2013 it hit close to home now its 2020 and it still does. Love you gaga

    59. Cassidy Yermal

      This song is one of the best you have ever written. I never get tired of this song. Please don't stop making music. You have helped me through any issues I have had throughout my life with your music. Stay clean, Gaga. We love you. We need you. We want you to be happy. You do not have to be high to be creative. You are a masterpiece of a person, even if you don't always feel like it, you are. You have changed my life.

    60. flaminstay


    61. Jasmin Hess

      Hey Guys what did Gaga said about 2:01. Sorry I'm from Germany. Did she said : " I can sit with my thoughts and not feel crazy??"

    62. Gaetano Giordano


    63. Higher Highest

      Yes you did it! Very proud of you! Please never come back of using drugs please.......

    64. Edgar Ríos


    65. Harry Harry


    66. Luke Dion

      The music Lady Gaga is making is not simple Pop, it's ARTPOP.

    67. Andi Monroe

      this song has such a special place in my heart

    68. SeKc Mamakwa

      Where’s the Toad comment

    69. Robert Müller

      Love you Gaga. Most beautiful songs from you for us ❤

    70. Andrés Martinez bravo

      I love song gaga queen!!!!!!!

    71. Lucas Alcântara

      eu me sinto tocado.

    72. Daniel Almeida Custodio

      my old friends arrived, and I can’t belittle them. I will help you, even if you are not from the family.

    73. Tammy Peltier

      Thank you 😘

    74. Imy Abby

      I have so much respect for her after hearing this song- the way she portrays the notes and the lyrics 🙏🏻 these notes are so hard to reach but she builds perfectly. She is a musical genius even in her lowest time...

    75. Anni Sherlock

      I cry...

    76. LoveNafeeza

      When she said "forgive me monsters wont you"....I broke out into tears...Gaga, there are a few people this world dosent deserve...and you are one of them...THIS WORLD DOES NOT DESERVE YOU.

    77. cold freeze

      Turns out toad and Mario first met at lady gag as concert

    78. ―こうへいBanana Brando

      Toad is in the crowd im crying-

    79. Billie eyelash

      So nobodys gonna talk about in 6:26 😂😂😂😂

    80. Yan Santos


    81. Andrew Forrester

      Anyone knows me knows my song n lost boy

    82. Erica Lauren Horn


    83. Andrés Martinez bravo

      I love gaga !!!! 😍

    84. BadAsh Bomba

      I have seen Gaga 7 times, hopefully 8 if all goes well this summer and she isn’t forced to postpone/cancel. Once with Tony in AC, First hand experience from being in the room with her and everyone should know, this girl SHINES behind the piano, love seeing her in her glory. Forever a Little Monster. Paws Up 🙌🏼🙌🏼

    85. Antoniel Silva

      I live for this performance. It's so sad that Gaga went through so many bad things. She deserves all the love from this world.

    86. aa bb

      my all time favorite so far and for good

    87. Michelle G

      I love you Gaga ! This song hits my heart tremendously!

    88. jeileebean

      The vulnerability and rawness of this song hits me 💔

    89. Passing Through

      Is she trying to imitate SIA? Amazing anyway. She's a legend!

      1. Ghasem Manouchrhti

        that wig is Gaga's signature, she used it before sia debut

      2. ethan cianfarani

        Passing Through Gaga had that wig before sia lol

    90. fluffy apricot

      I'll never stop crying when I listen to this song.

    91. Your FBI Agent

      If it don't make you cry, it's not art

    92. Mateusz St


    93. Andrew Forrester

      Taught me so much

    94. 50 ways to eat Cock

      Did anyone else hear toad screaming

    95. Han


    96. angel_esc

      the way she pointing to her fans when she sings "i need you more than dope" we're here for you Gaga

    97. elysean

      I'm late but I love you, Gaga. Thank you for giving up drugs. We need you more than you know.

    98. Ed Rodrigues

      A letra dessa musica é tão forte 😥

    99. moon river

      you can also hear toad at the beginning