Lady Gaga - #VevoCertified Part 1: Award Presentation


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    #VevoCertified Part 1: Award Presentation
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    1. Rupert FDR

      Remember when 100 Million views is such an achievement lol. They should do this to a 1B views.

    2. Guillermo Limas

      2020 💖

    3. Doug Pierce


    4. hamdi madani

      remember when she could barely have 100M views in her videos and barely could have 10 certifieded videos and now she becomes a streaming and a youtube force and has gained 4 vevo certification so far this year.. with a video about to be her second billion ♥ she's right when she said don't give up !♥♥

    5. HE HE HE


    6. Radio Gaga

      The award reminds me of the DWUW Artrave Hand Chair

    7. BLUE SKY6373

      One word that describes Gaga would be BRAVE

    8. Yugvijay

      Why not *Marry The Night :(*!!!!?

    9. Jordifreling

      Why are all the boys gay?😂

    10. Venus

      I cried so much omg

    11. Louis Felice

      12th January 2018 : 3 Years !! 555 035 Views 14 392 Likes 446 Dislikes 686 Comments

    12. - That'sSoKatie -

      I feel like they just hired people to be fans...if I was there...

    13. Milagros Alvarado

      My fav video is Alejandro. Love this video so much. Congrats mother monster. We love you.💝💝💝

    14. Philip Moore

      Do thy still do these interviews?

    15. telbi yano

      The Edge of Glory is my favorite Gaga song and now it's certified too!

    16. Μαθα Μαρμαριδου

      πος άλλαξε έτσι η λειντι γκαγκα καφέδες περισσότερο πρίν 😤😤😤😤😤

    17. Johan Thunberg

      This is so adorable! :D

    18. ARTPOP Canon


    19. plammy gaga

      love gaga

    20. Raphael Melo

      cara, a Lady Gaga é bonita, mais do que com as maquiagens extravagantes

    21. Louis Felice

      12th January 2017 : 2 Years ago !! 537 869 Views 13 813 Likes 438 Dislikes 734 Comments

    22. Francisco Javier Medina Altamirano

      muy hermosa Gaga

    23. me and l

      + You and l , The Edge Of Glory she have 12 videos with 100,000,000 views! and Perfect Illusion music video is comeing to 100 milion! 🏆🏆🏆

    24. 25lover25

      So...Melanie Martinez almost has one for Dollhouse?

      1. Sten

        LeithPlayzGamez no because Melanie doesn't have a vevo

    25. muhammad rizky andi Rizkyandi


    26. muhammad rizky andi Rizkyandi

      eh eh(nothing else i can say)💕

    27. muhammad rizky andi Rizkyandi

      do what you want💕

    28. muhammad rizky andi Rizkyandi


    29. muhammad rizky andi Rizkyandi

      perfect illusion💕

    30. Steve Key

      are any of the guys in this video straight??,,,not hating just it's kinda hilarious....lady gaga is the new Kylie...none of her fans are straight!!!

    31. juan germanotta

      gaga love

    32. MoeSo Natural

      she is a weirdo. I cant

    33. Humberto Toro

      yo pensaba que nunca le iban a hacer esto del vevo certified

    34. God Loves Gay Bosco

      The two boys is gay ^ ^

    35. Renato

      Miss this 😓

    36. hyuna lover98

      omg the basic bitches in the beginning made me lmfao lol

    37. Cienna Martinez


    38. Fernando Avilar

      minha mãe linda perfeita Rainha do Pop. # QueenOfPop😍😍😍😍👍👍💖💖💖👌👏👏👏👏

    39. Til

      this video made me cry, i miss old times... :'c

    40. Catra Tea

      I like to songs when I was very young like 6 years old

    41. Interpidgamer675 Zamaan101

      go lady Gaga 🎤💘💝

    42. ARTPOP Canon


    43. ARTPOP Canon


    44. Island Tic

      This is so fake LOL

      1. Ahek Ahekk

        Indeed, not having anything against this. But it made me cringe so bad >.

    45. San

      Damn It!!! I will be crying rt there in front of her if i was there..............

      1. Mailan Nguyen

        truyen ma

    46. Vevo Gag


    47. Tea Boy

      TBH I think it's rude that she's wearing glasses is she high or is she just trying not to show how much she don't give a fucked about her fans no more

    48. 김이레

      Where are the 4 hrons on her face?

    49. Nat Nat

      YAY .. take your glasses of.. . .and i love your P!NK MONEY.. LOVE.. yay

    50. Account One

      I love Lady Gaga!

    51. DARK MEN

      Take care of business! Lady Gaga Bury open !

    52. LPS lover LPS cat girl

      I love your videos your favorite singer

    53. Anastasia Kardara

      She is so talented i just love her♥

    54. chelsea


    55. Stef Dems

      Aww Gaga is so sweet I can't even!

    56. Alison Victoria

      This made my cry

    57. Jerry Carney

      They are all way too calm

    58. MyHoloAddiction OK?

      Why am I so jelly?

    59. nicola burton

    60. 1 2

      I would drop dead when she walked in how are they so relaxed

      1. Daniel Tan

        They're scripted...

      2. AsHLiegh STeVie MaRie-HoPe

        You can tell they are freaking out inside lol.. they probably knew if they lost their minds they would never get to do things like this. I would probably cry but hey they did their job lol

    61. مهدی حسینی


    62. Geneviève Breton

      She is the artist as the most VevoCertified Congrat my queen i love you

    63. PLUXA


    64. Madison Wilder

      I'm singing Applause right now

    65. Thaeer Hakki

      gaga I love you you super star amizeng

    66. Stefani Germanotta

      I LOVE YOU

    67. Omar Sanchez

      am your fan1

    68. Susan Ackerman

      My favorite is born this way

    69. Amy Wyer

      i love u xoxoxxxx

    70. Tash Price

      i love u gaga

    71. jakey boiii

      lady gaga looks like she's in pain😟😟 hope she's ok😊😊😊

    72. ralert353


    73. Austin mattis

      Love you gaga

    74. nacho muntadas

      she looks like jhon lennon, probably he is a big inspiration

    75. Sabryna Germanotta


    76. TheLadyMalaka


    77. Thanh Thanh

      i love you so much 😍😍😍lady gaga

    78. Gen-Pa


    79. the lanarchist

      can't see your eyes

    80. Linda

      This video made me cry. I love her so much. Lady Gaga is for life and she isn't going anywhere anytime soon. Little Monsters are here for her forever.

    81. oussama hani


    82. Rhoshada Pitts

      Loved it so much

    83. Mme traore

      Jean t adore Gaga

    84. kam green

      Gaga i love u !!!!

    85. Jose Miguel Monterrubio Hernandez

      love Gaga😍😍😍😍😍😍

    86. Dan Christian

      gaga i love her

    87. Супер - Свинья


    88. Rares Toncian

      Can't wait to see you in ahs. You're the best singer or actor who can be as good as Jessica Lange

    89. aliescha denali

      Lady gag 100 percent illuminati

    90. XCX Universe

      This seemed so ungenuine, almost scripted...

      1. XCX Universe

        @***** Where can I get a life? I've looked all over eBay and Amazon, but nothing :/ I'll check Craigslist xx

      2. XCX Universe

        @Fabiola Gonzalez "have yourself a nice evening, don't expect me to reply to you after the fact that there was no need to in the first place". Well you eventually gave in AGAIN and replied not just once, but MULTIPLE times trying to prove something once again further proving my points by giving in, but i'm not even going to bother wasting any more energy on an irrelevant argument on HUfast. You're over here behind a computer screen telling people to get a life, yet you don't even know me. Little do you know, I DO have a job, so your argument overall are invalid. You can leave your little (and I used "little" loosely") arguments for the pressed souls that bothered to reply too and bothered to write a novel for you, because i'm not even going to waste energy reading some sad bullshit from individuals who are SEETHING behind a computer screen. I'm glad I was able to provide some entertainment for ya'll, but go write novels for one another somewhere else, because I sure as hell ain't gonna read them LOL.

      3. Fab

        @***** Couldn't have said it any better.

      4. Fab

        @***** It's been a fucking waste of my damn time from the get-co. I had to let people know that just because this is cyber space, that doesn't give them the right for an attitude, as you can see in the beginning... (when I was being sarcastic and he/she claimed I was upset by a comment that has nothing to do with my life) - watch him police me on every single section of my comment now LMFAO!

      5. Fab

        @***** I agree, thank you.


      Vcv Vgghgu

    92. Jesus GO

      Queen ♡♡

    93. Mohamed Emad

      i'm a boy normal boy who run through his body blood and minreals and also arts i'm addicted to designing art pieces and creations i'm waiting for a chance to express myself with different ways of art that you can think of speacily singing designing clothes and making cartoon movies to the whole world maybe you don't know me well but someday you will remmeber my name "mohamed emad" shinng in multi colors and lights sparkling in every big letter of my name when i come to the fame world be hold i'm coming SOON ☺

      1. Mohamed Emad

        i appreciate that so much and your little words gives me more hope than what i have 😁

      2. Kesha InMyCasa

        Good luck! I'm rooting for you! ☺️

      3. Mohamed Emad

        thanx it's really nice from you i really wish to meet mother monster and to make your dreams real too 😉

      4. saint mendel

        Good luck to u!! Hope u can be as big as Queen Gaga😄😄

    94. Salma Elidrissi


    95. Ruan Fabres

      I love you gaga


      i love you lady gaga

    97. Kesha InMyCasa

      Ive watched loads of vevo certified shows and so far i think Gaga has the most with 10, katy has five offical but with prism she technically has 10 too, selena gomez has eight i think so does chris brown

      1. Kesha InMyCasa

        @Kesha InMyCasa obvisously people have more eg rihanna with like 23 but she aint recorded it yet so its not completely offical yet.