Lady Gaga - Aura (VEVO Presents)


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    Lady Gaga performing Aura live at #VEVOartRave in Brooklyn, NY on Nov. 10, 2013.

    © 2013 Interscope

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    1. Junior Costa

      I Love IT

    2. iamtheforeverboy

      was she drunk?

    3. 피의자손

      ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ기괴함의 끝이다 진짜

    4. Rotten Rainbow

      Correct me if im wrong but is she wearing pool floaties?

    5. Storytelling by

    6. Nuku Niku

      I assume that the suit must be inspired by the Michelin man, astronaut and the alien mix together in the pool. The face cover looks uncomfortable but she can sing no problem with it.

    7. Em z

      This is the demon at the end of my bed

    8. yeshua_ matteo

      Verses: Iron Maiden Chorus: Spice Girls

    9. denziiey

      i love the variations in her i just love hearing her live. definitely her trademark.

    10. Awake 7

      Such underrated bop, deserved more. Sad what stupid and comercialized interscope did at the end

    11. João Alisson

      Wtf is this costume omg

    12. HIMESPIT

      Wtf?! Only her, and I love it.

    13. Santiago Samperio

      August 2020?

    14. Rodnarok

      Full pop music made with live instruments... No other person does this today, she's pure art

    15. Joe Y

      1:25 UGH. EARGASM.

    16. Ulhises Ch P


    17. Kevin Schultz

      I love this electro country style

    18. Rosethemad

      That costume reminds me of all the floaty armbands my mother forced me to wear for my swimming lessons as a kid. I never did learn to swim very well though. xD

    19. Cinnamon Rose

      why isn't her art warehouse thingy not filled to the brim with adoring fans is beyond me !

    20. gagapop

      queen said 🤖🥼

    21. Joanna Smeele

      I’m wheezing at this performance 😂 this is so funny and excentric

    22. Vitito

      circo dos horrores

    23. boredom 98324

      Love the theatrericalness of this performance...e.g not pure notes more screaming the first verse

    24. youtube account


    25. Noa Demartini

      This perfomance scared me when I was 14 xd

    26. Nash Wagemakers

      1:38 OMG BURQA😍😍 (Was the original title of the song) listen the demo track lol

    27. ary surya

      at the beginning she was like a kid saying "hey look at this giant statue? thats me!!" while dancing 😭😭💓

    28. Matt He

      Hahahahha she can just hire someone else and act, noone will notice it was not her

    29. Abhijit Sardar

      what is that lol i love her sm

    30. Ivan Amper

      She looks like one of those car crash dummies

    31. Īlena Īreyøn

      *How is this not a meme ?* The end is me going to the fridge at 4am to grab a snack.

    32. casimaa

      she kinda looks like a cybermen

    33. Blaine Fiasco

      Everyone has this phase, ARTPOP was that phase XD

    34. amytyville

      this is album that fucked gaga's sales

    35. Gustavo Contrera


    36. chan로렐라이

      0:29 looks like an F.O.E from that Persona Q shadow of labyrinth 😍💯

    37. República de España


    38. GlowedUpModz

      Could have been Lina Morgona 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😔😔😔

      1. Silva

        Is bc Lina Morgana have the ideo of making a conceitual album about reversion of Andy whorhol teory with colaboration like Jeff Koons, Bobby Wilson and Marina Abramovic. Do u have an brain???

    39. kercia queiroz

      quarentena me fazendo retornar ao art pop

    40. Sebastián Abril

      Sh*t that's a high.

    41. Mocé

      She scared me 😂

    42. Noah Jackson 20

      I still cant believe I just found out the original demo for this song that's as good as the real song

    43. Fiorella Nima

      GAGA PERÚ❤❤❤❤❤❤

    44. Streta Luntena

      Greetings Gaga, artpop is amazing

    45. Freezing Cherry

      This custom is everything

    46. D F


    47. Luiz Moreira

      Ainda não superei esse “flop”... 2020 e tá eu aqui.. Gaga te amo porra ❤️

    48. Cameron Longknife

      Omfg it’s “aura” the point is to hide herself and it’s Gaga you dont expect her to dress crazy

    49. Luz Moran

      0:37 My brain at 3 am... 😬

    50. Fqke Smile

      This Scared me.

    51. fra

      kkk is really getting weird

    52. Smiler

      Lady gaga is racist ?

      1. alexe.

        Smiler no?

    53. charles

      0:39 the guy taking pics is a little bit scared

    54. Rebecca Caramigo


    55. v1rtual

      the amount of money i'd pay for that ARTPOP statue....

    56. Richard


    57. Dakouo nelly

      She’s so ridiculous but i like her😭🥺

    58. aura rainey

      My name is aura ha ha ha

    59. Joan García


    60. Dan Oliver Galace


    61. fabry 06


    62. Ana Clara Araújo Santos


    63. Holly Wilson

      Why is she so hard to get to and see around Texas no one knew she was in atx for sxsw I cried it made me stop liking her. Also the thirst of fame and that dog she got..

    64. DearFm Astor


    65. fabry 06

      Aura 😊😊 good

    66. Will Foster

      Her outfit is so Bauhaus inspired it really is Art and Pop

    67. Fabrizio Tular

      2019? 😍👏

    68. Feltfugazi

      I’m actually fucking speechless tbh...

    69. Dead account.

      Remember the pillsbury dough boy? This is him now.

    70. Jordan

      Flop tour there were 10 people in that audience

      1. alexe.

        Jordan no

    71. Way to Mars

      I love that costume, it's stupid and hideous and just the reason I liked her

    72. World Of Rocks Official

      This some cult shit

    73. Realm of the Black Shadow

      Diabolical crap! What happened to the Bur-q-ua song? How come people don't see through this agenda? The Anti Christ agenda! "Behind the curtiain"? Yeah, what is to be found behind THAT curtain: nothingness and emptiness?

    74. Will Foster

      The Bauhaus influence is so interesting

    75. Aaron Bridges

      How is the beginning of this not a GIF yet? TY @Zedd for sharing this gold.

    76. David LAid


    77. Gus Diaz

      Happy 6th birthday, Artpop! 🥳 @Lady Gaga

    78. Emi Ruiz


    79. Ripla flame

      Umm wtf did I just watch?🤣🤣🤣💀

    80. Kenneth San Jose

      Ayo! Look like im going for a swim

    81. Luiza

      is that yovska?

    82. yasss Vol

      Me encanta pero me da miedo 😨😂

    83. Kevvin Oliveira


    84. Antoniel

      Behind the burqa, Behind the burqa...

    85. Rena Unnie

      Wtf. Why one of my favorite singer is such a weirdass! 😂😂

    86. youtube account

      Amo essa música ♡

    87. TheRepublicOfChofo

      Art - Pop will always be misunderstand, and loved by few and that is all that matters, its empowering.

    88. Hepo Slis

      0:37 dude on the right was scared LMFAO

    89. L i o _


    90. Asya

      Iconic 😍

    91. CSpan1993

      This will never not be funny omg

    92. Mizrain Garcia

      this is my favorite song

    93. José Cortez Bonzi

      She looks like a cyberman from Doctor Who 😂😂😂

    94. Carlos A. Ramírez

      I was like " Hey, what's going on dude?" when the guitar came up first. The guitar reminded me to Machete Kills

    95. Fredy Meneces

      I love this performance, she's so unique!

    96. Aga Fan.tasti.que'

      Thanks HUfast for recommending me a different Artpop song every single day for the past days. 💕

    97. MirrorMacabre

      No clue what's happening but yes me too

    98. Samuel García Gonzalez

      Drogas... Pero me gusta

    99. Bastian Duarte

      0:13 wtffff