Lady Gaga - 1000 Doves (Audio)


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    “RAIN ON ME”
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    Music video by Lady Gaga performing 1000 Doves (Audio). © 2020 Interscope Records

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    1. Luis A.


    2. jhon carlo alejo

      Mood 👍👍👍

    3. Jesui San Luis

      listening to this is like a musical blessing

    4. Justin Alcantara

      OMG This song is crazy Good "Lift me up a small nudge "❤

    5. Armazi Monster


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    7. Armazi Monster


    8. Armazi Monster

      The Best!

    9. Lucas Neto

      This song is sooooo emotional! AMAZING!

    10. Vitoria Serafim

      Olá, gostaria de saber se vc eh deus?

    11. Davinson Jaya

      Voten por Lady Gaga

      1. Ana María Quispe Flores

        Gracias por el link, vote por ella como 10 veces por ella en cada categoría en la está, así haré todos los days.

    12. Armazi Monster


    13. Zkažený Čaj

      I dare to say this song is more underrated than Gypsy on ARTPOP....

    14. Fernando Daniel Grande Gonzalez

      Master piece !!!!!! 😍🤩

    15. Kyleigh Parnell

      Honestly one of my favorite songs to listen to and stretch to!

    16. Armazi Monster


    17. Armazi Monster

      Underrated Art!

    18. Armazi Monster


    19. Armazi Monster


    20. Armazi Monster


    21. Armazi Monster


    22. Armazi Monster


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    24. Delight Loves Movies

      I love Lady Gaga.

    25. Rek Em

      Why am I crying

    26. Nn H

      “I am human invisibly bleeding” diamond lyrics omg 🥺

    27. Armazi Monster

      Dope 💜

    28. Armazi Monster

      Underrated Art!

    29. Cantare Ballare


    30. My Helena

      The Mother of Doves

    31. Derik Eatsbrains

      She took us there

    32. Hernan Morales

      1000 doves it's the next single OMG! a little video leak here:

    33. Matheus Willian

      I love this music

    34. Crisnatiel Corporan

      This song makes me feel something I can’t describe nor explain..

    35. Carlos Velázquez

      Program #3 can't wait

    36. Jeric Allen Alfonso

      This song have an emotional meaning. Gaga is such a genius artist. I love you gaga.

    37. Isaac Solano

      There could be 1000 doves in a room that don’t believe in you...

    38. Isaac Copto

      I Love You Steffani

    39. Isaac Copto

      I love you GAGA

    40. Edson henrique da silva

      Lady Gaga foi indicada a 7 categorias do prêmio EMA2020 E vamos votar. Gaga tem que levar esses prêmios

    41. Juan Vitor Miranda

      I love this song, currently I'm reading The grandmaster of demoniac cultivation and this song, for me, tottaly has the energy of WanXian 👁👄👁

    42. schonensommer

      This one is actually a sad song 😭

    43. Jesui San Luis

      Can you feel the injustice? This is literally Gaga screaming for help and not even the little monsters appreciate this masterpiece

    44. J N

      Gaga: i made a very deep and emotional song about how much hurting i am on the inside, but if you have a little bit of faith on me i- Stans: *BOOOORIIING* worst song of the album! Give us babylon haus labs remix you jerk

    45. Milkyway Galazy


    46. The Del 61


    47. Shang ging Chai

      anyone who think this is anything but the best song in chromatica is not in their right mind. the lyrics are freaking sad.

    48. Baby Boy

      This is for intellectual gays

    49. Mariana Cioffi

      Sounds like my alarm is going off at the end of the bridge...

    50. Camilo Chávez González

      One of my favourite songs from Chromatica. 🥺💕

    51. Treytino

      I hope this gets radio attention tbh its one of the catchiest songs on the album!

    52. Guinstin. Y

      Lady Gaga is the first Queen that I like when Chromatica came out.

    53. George Wang

      Is Gaga ok? 😢😢😢🕊

    54. Маша Кожевникова

      After pain, blood and suffer. After my tragic story of rape, abuse, lies I managed to love one more time. I’ll do anything for you to really see me and my world. See how beautiful you are in it. I adore you. Your arms when you work, your hair when the hat and a rough day turn it into a crow’s nest, your eyes when they are so warm and welcoming and sparkling, your laugh when I make you smile. Your excessive smile... it’s one of the most beautiful things I’ve seen in my dark and gloomy life. Yet you don’t seem to need any of it. It’s ok. My heart has bled and will bleed more. I’ll keep it deep inside where you can’t hear it’s cry. It heals and bursts back into a red rain each time it sees your excessive smile...”

    55. R G

      i was nervous about moving out of my hometown and starting all over but i got the job after months of unemployment :( and im feeling very hopefull and happy now 🕊🥰

    56. Cristopher Alejandro Bustamante Sandoval

      Esta es una de mis favoritas de chromatica

    57. Storytelling by

    58. flapjack octopus

      this sounds like something we'd sing at the Church of Gaga or smth

    59. Skeletonguns9

      People who think this song is bad are simply just tasteless.

    60. Karim Senaici

      justice for 1000 doves

    61. Emmely Brion

      She tries to make 2020 music but the style doesn't fit her

    62. Daniel Morris

      #1 Bop from Chromatica.

    63. Hazar Canal

      Listen this Rain On Me demo version !

    64. Henderallz Marquez

      Necesitamos una presentación en vivo de 1000 pichones

    65. Henderallz Marquez

      Q canción tan hermosa toda su letra te llega al alma

    66. Park Chaeyoung

      "I wrote this song as a cry for help. This song is a promise that i will continue to try just as i did in the beginning when it was hard. It acknowledge that we cannot do all things by ourselves. Sometimes we need help. Thats ok" - Lady Gaga Ps: She said it on spotify

    67. Will

      This song is perfection!

    68. Jhon Cuenca

      Next singles : 🍬 Sour Candy (oficial video) 🐇 ALICE (promo) 👽 Enigma 🔄 Replay * 🙏 Sine From Above* 🔚 Babylon * *songs that's probably come out with sure.

    69. alaina jadee

      i can feel the lyrics gaga. stay strong, keep fighting and don’t stop. LOVE YOU💗

    70. Geyzi Virgolino

      My favorite

    71. Geyzi Virgolino


    72. Geyzi Virgolino


    73. Adriely Lima

      New single ❤

    74. Yzyzhukiu Penitrio


    75. Yzyzhukiu Penitrio

      Gaga discovered Birds. This Song Doesn't have the views it deserves. Most Underrated Song on Album

    76. Jessica Wheeler

      This song makes me cry

    77. pedro afonso castro

      Sine from above e 1000 doves pra mim são dignas de grammy

    78. pedro afonso castro

      A melhor do album véi

      1. Sophia Silva

        Com replay e alice no álbum? Jamais

    79. Raimonds Zakis

      this is so underrated, so many people can't see the magic of this song

    80. Die Z

      Amo essa musica.

    81. Amanda Constantino

      this song touches my heart in a liberating way, thanks for that lady gaga

    82. doug thompson

      I so much hear music from my childhood in the 1960s here. She's reached back and snatched the likes of Barbra Streisand, Dionne Warwick, Petula Clark, and so many others...Motown. It was a sound that got lost in the bigger Motown girl/guy groups and Rock n Roll. But there was this whole other genre that the moms n dads were catching, and some of the kids. Sort of a roll over from the 50s musicals/post big band jazz. This pool of adult handing to the young what they liked, and how that affected even the Beatles and all that. I am hearing 'Girl from Ipanema' era, Herb Alpert ('This Guy's In Love With You'), Beatles 'Yesterday' and ''Norwegian Wood', and all those broadway and film musicals. Oh, and the Tony Bennett album, too. This was Tony's era genre. That Jet Setter stuff. I am also hearing that genre in more of the songs from "Chromatica". Whether Gaga realizes it or not she really grabbed that era/genre and made it new and real and relevant...incredibly relevant. But knowing Gaga, and her growing up with her dad's music...well...way to go, Gaga. Way to go, dad. Literally every song on this album is a bop. Every one. Just when I think "How could she out do that last song?" she goes and surprises us all with something equally as incredible. Well, Born This Way album was like that, and as far as I am concerned "Artpop" was. Really Gaga is just that all the time. 'Joanne' wasn't my fav or hers, but when I hear it I am pulled in to each song, and am left thinking, "Are you crazy? Look at you, Doug. Are you not amazed with 'Joanne"?" i freak when 'John Wayne' or 'Angel Down' or 'Dancin in Circles' plays. On that tour I sat right at stage 3. "Circles' took me to another moon. And truly...I mean the gods sent me that album/tour...really. I am a midwest gardener by trade. "Joanne' and the tour was done with me in mind. I see midwest gardens in the themes of that era. (And then she goes and fucks me up in St. Louis concert with a snippet of her singing Led Zeppelin acapella, laced with the comment "I understand some of you like Zeppelin. Here's some Robert Plant shit", after I had said something in a comment or something about how sometimes her shows remind me of huge power rock acts like Led Zeppelin)..Why would I ever even think anything Gaga does isn't equal to everything else? See...we have in our brains this categorical tendency, which can hamper what we think we're hearing. Well, you guys know what I am talking about. If we don't want to miss life, we have to stretch outside of our circles and open our minds to the stuff we don't identify with. I mean, it's ok if we don't, but just sayin...there's more to experience that way.

    83. Alby Star

      Dancing with tears in my eyes type vibes with this Song its so Beautiful but so tragic at the same time dam it gaga You've done it Again!

    84. Richard Cruz


    85. Nathalia Varis

      For me, this is the best song of chromatica.

    86. Thaymaris Xiomara RIVERA SEMINARIO

      yasssssssssssssssssssssss mom

    87. Nicole Theunissen

      Open your eyes in the last days.. For What is the deal if you gain the whole world but stil lose your own soul..⌚💣🧠💪😏..wake up playtime is over....Repent ⚠️ idols

    88. Dino Chic

      This is the best song of the Chromatica album. Fite me

    89. Dr Toni

      Queen of Ornithology

    90. 19 76

      stay strong gaga!

    91. Aldair Oviedo


    92. Adi

      We want music video of this😍😍

    93. reputation forever

      This needs to be a single.... Plz lady I need it desperately....

    94. Súper CZ

      I think this album is ARTPOP 2.0

      1. Súper CZ

        @Javier Blanco why

      2. Javier Blanco

        No wtf

    95. Tiago Pereira

      Cant believe this is the least popular song in the album

    96. Tavares Leonardo


    97. Duka Smor

      911 video is coming tomorrow

    98. Cristian David Díaz Muñoz

      1000 doves is the best thing that Gaga did for 2020

    99. ThePlutoairlines

      best song on the album

    100. Emerson Fusiger

      I imagine the music video with she flying with doves in Chromatica world